Is the obituary an invitation for crime

Wednesday, September 20th


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Sitting him in the middle of the worst grief from your wife and funeral homes. And you write the obituary feel loved one from the lasting you're thinking about his. Giving an invitation to get robbed. And that's exactly what's happening. It's. Now come to light that there is so donate. A crime ring may call it. Has been scouring obituaries. Of people all over her Monroe. Livingston. Ontario counties. And targeting. The funerals funeral homes in breaking into cars. The other 39 year old scum bags some guy named Bruce Newton allegedly beat twenty year old. Girls Sierra Campbell and 23 year old Europe shall see your hair. Our colleague crime ring where they were ago they'd stake out. Mean look and see when funerals were happened and they go to funeral homes break into vehicles to people stuff. Purses. Credit cards. The ripple effect I mean obviously known can agree this is your business. It's a double awesome when people are at their worst. You know if there's there's just. Double awesome negative registered college when people are grieving that the worst time of their lives and they're saying goodbye to a loved one in incentive funeral home where no one wants to be. They come out to their cars their windows are smashed him. Mean obviously he should they should have a seat next and Satan down and help. But Saddam. Big gap. Which are McCall big penalty 101000 cash 20000 bond. They are in jail. But there's been a whole bunch of these things going around and they found out that these people were going around doing that big stake public parking lots ago malls you watch people leave their car. And then check the currency does anything left in and then break in. That's why you need to carefully right Europe actuary to deter these criminals. You know he leaves behind. John Smith leaves behind. A wife three kids. Vinny is made friend the mafia if German Sheppard Allen who always sits in his car. It's Canada. And people on the back porch loaded rifle with a toe trigger. The please army ranger navy seal that he has a quick at a craft loaded.