Not one neighbor came to save Konya

Thursday, October 5th


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You're going through stuff we've all been saturated colors you you say your smoke alarm off your for all and yes and my apartment in the years ago my apartment I'm saying less than five years ago I believe it was maybe let's listen to NBC if there was a big fire on the roof. Of the building this and then now yes that eleven now Lebanese repair upgraded everything's good but the the biggest the biggest focus that they have is make sure like they test of Ireland's every lake three weeks and in a very big deal to have them working and and efficient fire alarm system and it makes you feel safe I'm sure yeah tonight cook every tackle with the cast iron pan thing. A fire alarm goes off. I hearing assistant need to. You don't have a giant. Point they'll suck like you know a thousand pounds per square inch like your kitchen does is its cast iron panzer. Awesome good fueled some which he earned the best to cookware. Even when I broiled things then please tell me this is a very common occurrence of the smoke alarm goes off when your tracking. Mikey it's so common in my house that win it was fire safety week my kids in. Kindergarten and raised her hand and told firemen piqued. My mommy set up the alarm every time she cut. I played every time I didn't cast iron I mean I didn't get it. That didn't turn the stand on the air finished just been part of Erica got to turn this the the event on this one. Stole again in the windows wide open with those greens doors open. And still. What bomb took a lot. There's this it's inevitable this alarm goes off Padilla did the fire alarm goes off and the smoke detector hundreds or separate it in my. I understand that's OK so you have what all the smoke a lot of the smoke detector is on the ceiling right. Yes that one hard wired and yes and drank no what does this fire alarm bell it's almost as you probably have the same thing through your security system ridiculous in EDT secured all the cash it's it sounds like the alarm. If you go through a fired org and like a public building by accident it was who aren't. Goes off. So yesterday. And cook and the snow and Capital One two punch it smoke detector for like half a second in the fire alarm goes off some comrades so Robert today little keypad looks like your small security pat onshore. And I'd get off and the firearms stops him. But the smoke detector continues. To. For ten minutes. And make windows and it goes on trying to figure out how to I guess you need some kind of password for the keypad to shut the smoke detector this off like you do for the fire alarm. Susan sufferer who. Insist that there's you have plenty of smoke detector what are the I guess I'll. It's instead of big we we get a ladder ago could you got high in my address the high ceiling yeah I got into waved to dish towel like everybody else I did I had to get on a chair and into next two and a patent I've Agatha upon Norris hit the smoke detector with a broom the try to knock. There that. Cut the damn wires that doesn't have an Arnold battery and he's in and this is my this is merit my girlfriend snapshot yesterday and it from the hole. Slipped from outside it is they're going inside the door apartment. But. In the department. And explicit. Well how. And president. Soft he really in order. Felt like tell and it's in this video that I just played. It does a more smoke that's how long it was from the point it was going up when it was detecting the smoke to that video does smoke is completely can. Play your crew should I did all of Rochester city of Rochester sure yeah with the held and noise is. Well that's my point. How. Valuable are are your neighbors are your good neighbors then living your neighborhood Larry I mean good neighbors. It yesterday. How my neighbors reacted to this this fire alarm going off in my apartment for ten minutes. Maybe you wanna move out instant. Five when he was by Tony. 529 in the last of the one minute so eggs exactly who's more than ten minutes is having called maintenance relates it was probably more like fifteen. It. And it's your smoke alarm was going off in need you to stop right instead every neighbor at your door. Yeah no longer it takes is someone knocking your your your door. Still waiting for knocking not one person. Not one of my neighbors came over to make sure I'll wasn't. You faced down in a pile of smoke we went terror they was this 5 o'clock 530 in afternoon at night why is this little little hallway. First this is my girl from walking in the hallway. Open in particular time. He. How how let's I yeah. Where. One next year they did and how am all learning Mitzi you're alive and not since. It just in case does that make it this Indy Lights and music go off all the time lakes and east as. It doesn't this got crying wolf what is do you smoke detector was crying wolf fifteen minute doesn't pathetic attempt and one of the time that's it in months ago in eight. In his suburban neighborhood. The neighbors are out trying to snoop on what's going on no matter what Utley the littlest thing. Right a fire truck tries buying disclosed downing your house elves and you see a swarm of neighbors come out just people who attacked who you gonna I don't know. Do you think it took. Yeah he's not I think he's cheating like I think it's an old thing could jump to it but for some reason those neighbors are always cold though it did all the yes thank you. This does I could. I carbon monoxide detectors this is before I knew that it has a lifespan of well I was seven years rather OK and so goes off and would like a common pattern like a little B he's in the house on a mixture of things okay fire truck shows up. The fire may indeed even walk up my driveway. To knock on my door and I had the brief phone calls from neighbors she is everything OK we are right. Yeah. Senator now I'm burning up right now so island playback I would love to have would have been one person not at the door good okay you are right there when the yeah did you look so I was here. I know we now know everybody's schedule whether it's the schedule walking the dog the schedule having though do young kid ride on the little young kid toll on the in the apartment above me for the schedule of you know the happy time and I. I squeaky squeaky yes I know everybody's. That forget it that's funny the closer you live in an apartment building the more you this and distant you are. Mean I mean the I never knew any neighbors would never ever lived in the apartment. So crazy are you offended that no NC it's not like me for I had not that I would care wouldn't lose sleep over but is it just because they simply don't like me. Maybe these re all out of the buildings stood in the park and I thought. I.