Natural Solutions for Migraine Headaches

Friday, September 7th

Many of us suffer from migraine headaches and chances are if you are one of the many, you've probably experimented with several medications to relieve the pain.

BUT, is there a natural solution that can encourage the body to repair itself?

Several research studies suggest that getting to the cause and correcting the underlying stress or injury associated with migraines leads to better short and long term benefits that may including;

decreased pain

frequency and intensity of the migraines

and can even lead to a full resolution of the problem

This allows people just like you to be more productive at work, enjoy personal and social activities again and protect yourself from dangerous side-effectives of some of the most common medications used to treat the symptoms.

Blair Upper Cervical (upper neck) Chiropractic care has been shown to do just this, with no popping, twisting or cracking. Through a detailed evaluation a Blair Chiropractor is able to precisely measure and correct the misalignment and nerve pressure that irritates the trigeminal nucleus and brain stem, which often leads to quick results that last.

Dr McDade joins the show to explain

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