MOTORFEST is Back to Benefit Heritage Christian Services

Wednesday, June 27th

Presented by The Z Car Club of Rochester

Sunday July 8 at the Damascus Center, 979 Bay Rd., Webster NY

The charity car show will feature hundreds of vehicles of every type imaginable. Awards in numerous classes. Several special display vehicles will be on display as well as vendors of all types. There will be music, food, raffles, silent auction and prizes throughout the show.

The show will be held at the Damascus Shrine Center, 979 Bay Rd., Webster NY, 14580. Show hours are 10am-4pm, registration 9am-noon. $15 per car entry fee, spectator admission FREE. Many trophies awarded including several “Best Of” as chosen by our sponsors and the top vehicles in classes from around the world as chosen by participants.

Proceeds to benefit Heritage Christian Services:

Provides a living and working environment that reflects the love of Christ in action;
Support and respect for each individual’s gifts, strengths and needs;
Opportunity to mature, to learn and to grow;
A life of dignity, worth and expression to which all are entitled as God’s created children.
This is their rightful HERITAGE.

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Welcome back and seeing a lot of this is neighbors in need and we have some good friends in the studio Jillian years no stranger to dish out Jillian from the heritage Christian services things that are being hearings and a good morning and we have Jana from the motor fast show which we're gonna talk about a lot today the weekend of July 8. Big car show and tell me we hear is what it is and then opinions you a little bit about the heritage Christian services you guys do and then how you guys. Teamed well the show is us motor fest 2018. And it's gonna be at the Damascus shrank senator 9789 Beirut and Western New York. It's so hosted by the C car club of Rochester which I'm privileged to be the president of and we welcome any thing with a motor on it it's a motor fast. Any collector item many car that your proud of we'd love to have you bring it out and incurs the public to come out and done enjoy the show. Now can you just show up that day with your card and we have to register to get a spot in the. Pre registration is not required you to show up that day registration is fifteen dollars per car. And Duff for they get a really nice goodie bag full of nice items from our sponsors. And we encourage you to c'mon show off your right some. And the kids love things like that's right I mean you must get so many families are and that's what it's. Targeted towards families and justify and day out right. It's a total family friendly event and kids love cars adults love cars. We're gonna have a fire truck there we're gonna have tractors that do tractor pulls. Some huge diesel trucks are going to be there motorcycles. And of course classic cars from every era from the 1920s. The present day. That's come my dad in I rebuilt 1965. Mustang baby blue and we had it in one of those car showers and I thought I was like the cool it's candy Morris it was so much fun it was like a memory and will never forget so for a lot of these kids for a lot of the adult slinky sad. If these are just cool memories so. Is this the first time that you're putting and this motor faster. I know the Zeke our club has been doing a car show annually for our since the year 2000 actually act and every one of homes a benefit car showed help. A local organizations like to keep the money here and our community yeah that's and did this in in this form we've been doing it probably for about ten years Assad. Some. And it this year you teamed up with heritage Christian services what made you decide on helping these guys. Well we take recommendations from our membership in the public. And we were approached with Karadzic. And that they really perform a neat it's vital to this community. Helping adults and children and it hit every box that we love for to help in our local community it's a great organization were proud to partner with a this year. In it is cool world that you have probably am and you are part of the reason why these organizations like heritage. You know survive and thrive because of great community support great chilling you probably see all the time absolutely we have to menace communities apart hammered just found to be partnering with John and and and that person this year a great he had his get a refund is gonna find July 8 is the deed again. Let's look heritage Christian services what services do you provide. I am so we just celebrated our 34 anniversary. And we provide services in Rochester and buffalo for children and adults with developmental disabilities. And we we support people volatility Israeli. Our our primary. Carry now is and without people with disabilities. I am we provide a number of different services are traditional services how much are residential homes and they have programs. Four adults. But as we've grown over the years and has celebrating her 34 anniversary we have continue to grow. I'm with innovative program so that we can provide as much support as we can two people who need. And that last. And you were and I think we were talking about it that there is you know every day every year we learn something new and in new wave like you said innovative programs there's new ways to. Make these individuals feel like a cannon yeah. Your part of this community to what will it really is holding you back out. Absolutely aiming tack that community and is welcoming we welcome people abilities. Amen I think that's the great thing and at some of the AM. He knew where programs to heritage. You know it we partner with people with disabilities so that we can find camino what what is most meaningful to them. Our employment alliance program. Who Weaver with people to find out what is their passion and as their talents arm where we place you know where they like to work. And so we will our team spends a lot of time trying to figure out. Exactly what that is. Ends. Amazingly we've partnered with hundreds of that business has not Rochester and buffalo. To place people to my entry employment as meaningful to them being how many clients do you have. We support throughout thirteen counties more than 20000 people how. And an answer all of our different service has been touched you know. We also have a child care stunner with child care senators and those are. And number includes all of our programs and services. And employee overtime when he 400 people are on. And now what can we do besides aids you know going to be motor fast in supporting that is supporting you guys and the great things that you do in. Obviously donating money is always you know needed because you have to us keep the lights on but what else can we do above and beyond that. I think he's pressing out we have I am not a huge need for volunteers are always looking for volunteers at a great program and we had to volunteer coordinators who are. Looking to fill cord I am a volunteer positions whether it's a special event are ongoing events on this event the our show for instance. You know. They have a need for volunteers so if there's you know anybody has coming outs and the show is benefiting heritage Christian service says it would via a huge soprano to John and his team. But yes we have got to volunteer opportunities and even more so I think our biggest thing right now our biggest need is I'm finding staff we need staff are looking to recruit. So I think and and if you're listening India knows somebody who led that love to work for a great organization. Recommend and heritage Christian services beat at. A lot of positions open including and tech support professionals who work directly with the people adult developmental disabilities. I'm an hour programs and you know I I've heard a lot of people say that they're looking to do something rewarding. And when they come to heritage and then and let us they say. And they are getting more out of that men than what they're giving to others sound qualifications do you need for some of these positions. Am for direct support professionals I think I am everything is on our website okay heritage Christian services that are that's probably the best way to go. I'm all of the different how positions have different qualification OK but. You know for Drexel prep professionals need to have a license. So that's a pretty simple process but I'm definitely tech at the Wentz latency. Did you wanna help though. Whenever you're capable of doing you'll find there's a few flights of the for a little something for everyone I'm really. Lander found no John what is the best way to find out more about that motor pressed on July 8. If you go to our website www. GC CR dot net there's a link on the home page right there from 2018 motor fest. There will open up a page we'll give you all the details about the timing what it's a weekend event Saturday and Sunday it'll tell you what we're doing when we're doing in how to register. Okay and I dare the regulars to the car show the guys that always show up and everybody looks forward to seeing their vehicles. Oh absolutely it Rochester is is a hotbed of great cars you would be surprised up here in the northeast. Because they're tucked away most of the yet but Frey this is the time a year or some awesome cars come out and every year motor fest. We see something we've never seen before that just blows you away. Were expecting in excess of 300 cars this year wow so there's going to be something of interest for everyone. That's plenty of FA ran of course I've not partial to them that's Zeke is of course aren't. And just so you know out there the board of directors of disease CCR. Our cars are not eligible for awards the show all of that it's our show some okay. We we want everybody to enjoy themselves. That's awesome and to bow tie dinner headed towards. Its participants choice. Okay when you enter your car in the show you get a ballot and you'll be able to pick what your favorite is from. I think it's eight or nine different categories. Okay how explaining how fun and he said it's the whole weekend brain scam labor gonna. You know pray for in nice weather. And Gillian ethnic heritage Christian services. The best way we can connect with few. And take advantage of the services that you provide charity and so I'm in give us collar numbers I think I've three for a 02000. We have some folks on staff who you know can help talk you through. You know your situation. I'm NC in what way we can help common I think that's one of the great things about. And I mentioned that our services have changed adapted over the years I'm one of the things that we're doing is as funding changes. And we are looking to provide whatever supports it can provide to people. And so that if they can't for instance get into a permanent residential programs. We can still provide services for you ran in in the way that you need it I'm currently so. I think it's I was at a great opportunity to Colin and speak with someone NC how we can how we can. Do you like. In the school system there could be feel like they're becoming more inclusive than they really paying attention has him being proactive. And you feel like we're moving in the right direction I think so I think Saddam you know everyone seems to be more aware and our entire you know. Getting. Earlier intervention. And so I think absolutely people are more apparent. On inclusion is keen ain't welcoming everybody about abilities now. When they're fond did you minus violate some of the businesses who've been so wonderful with you guys in employing. And the people that you or saint PO. The first one who actually comes to mind which is fitting for this sad topic has hassled and auto mocked. On there a sponsor of the out our show and on they've been wonderful Dortmund and they haven't played. A gentleman there on Fareed. For years now and they are one of our first partners a house was not lines and the sailor Vieira. App recognition. Like women's. If that actually I am I wish I know the name of the there's at our shop and Webster. I'm and it's one of my fame mr. areas of Aaron I'm an alliance. That. A gentleman who was really interested in working is motorcycles. And applied there and it was difficult for him because he was able to use to speak while. And anti interview well so let's one of the top coaches did was actually videotaped and working on a motorcycle. And that's that they provided to the owner so they he likes it and you realize this guy has that great talent. I'm so he's was hired on as he was there working. Interest has skills he began working on all the cars there and I am. Last I heard in the schism pilot now the last I heard he was a Nintendo has announced apps so all my area below and other I think it's awesome story asked. Absolutely. That's wonderful Aussie know these are little departments of heritage that we didn't even realize the plane airlines has on America whenever our programs and and many people are familiar with some of our other programs that we have we have the Peters family center in Henrietta which health and wellness center open to people volatilities. And we had a second thought resale shop which is an east Rochester area that's a story that supports an international ministries and I'm not. And we have Springdale farm an act and witches on I'm in a company operated it services. I mention expressed of the innings child care we have three of those. And heritage Christian stables which the therapeutic riding a Pulitzer. Wander fumbled. Thank you for everything that you do think you know any heated John and we're really at generally excited department and yes and if you NN and Telus the next few car shows to look you have do you have plans in the future that we can follow you hackneyed stocky guys. You can certainly stock asset base or can be a great thing but. Motor faster on July 8 is our big car show that's the one that we focus on put our energy and and just wanted to remind everybody that it's on. Sunday July 8 at the Damascus transcend her in Beirut in Webster. A spectator admission is screen you don't have to pay to come in and just look at the cars must show her admission is fifteen dollars and there's music I screamed mood of all kinds of vendors raffles silent auction and there's something for everybody it's a great way to spend today. And help despite term lender falls thank you to the both of GM. Thank you.