Mom and Dad, Let's Have The Talk- with Lisa Powers

Friday, September 27th

Mom and Dad, Let's Have The Talk- with Lisa Powers

Studies show that it’s mostly the daughters or the wives who are the ones to step up and take care of mom and dad as they get older.

So, if we are the ones acting as caregiver, WE are the FIRST ones who will pick up on the signs that mom and dad might need someone to step in and help with their finances too. Even more reason to have a good understanding of it all.

Today Harris Beach elder law attorney Lisa Powers is here with advice on how to broach the subject and have these essential conversations with your parents.

There are 5 important things you need to ask:

Long Term Care preferences. Where do they see themselves living as they get older

Finances- Where are all the important documents, passwords, contacts of financial planner, lawyer, etc

Medical Preferences

Health Care Proxy

Power of Attorney

We hope this episode gives you some clarity and peace of mind.

Lisa joins the conversation every month so if you have questions you want us to address in a future podcast feel free to email me or Lisa directly

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Cheers to being a financially confident woman!