Meet Olivia the Buzz Girl Scout of the day

Friday, January 19th


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See if taking care cookie business girls got timer it's devastating and that applies it to you gotta girls got out there. Your daughter's got a no engines failed right. I'd want not a girl's yes that's a Girl Scout Cookies oh yeah. No selling her this act Super Bowl squares whatever you could not that that's six. With you guys she did that outlined things that you were talking about kind through it like digital cookie or something digital cookie is the lips that I had to go to because. I said no to Mike Mike doesn't a little cousin because I was a New Jersey had a ticket out could be here when that he's come and get by cookies from you. It's okay here's take this slip. Here's my my digital cookies cider whatever taken away for you I'm a lot of good chip frontier house and my god convenient to this the buys. How and I am a parent can't. Thank you girls are rookies. Paul McCartney and that's correct you honey. I. So you can't sing around the link to your website to Olivia lag time is because you're in the. The in my in my eight cousins daughters zone does blogs say it's my cousin yeah. It's a whole new world when it comes from buying cookies on your mind are you going door to door and Olivia. You have these a lot of good he's yet. Let's let our ally and a box of Somalis yeah. Now. This kid. I'm pretty impressed Olivia for ten years old going door to door selling Girl Scout Cookies because nineteen we're scared to death to go door to door selling any. Oh you are awesome you are on your way. To being a successful salesperson. It's anybody's you know. Aren't our eye can see that ABC if at Atlanta. Personally obviously blade and she noted batsman and what's ABC tease his want to everybody knows actually just always be closing are always become and. And president elect me and any other sales tips for Olivia Dolan never take no for an answer. And the front port deal OK okay yeah yeah yeah. Ultimately decry can you fake cry Olivia that's a great sales technique. He. So weary you selling Girl Scout Cookies where you live. Arm and then. Mean. Yeah yes and no. Okay they'd done their vendor can and they were right you that's awesome good luck to you guys Olivia the girl scout were were apportioned Korea U. It sent this you and your link so we can post you land based but you'll be our girl scout cookie. Sales person of the day here's then I'm okay. Quite a lot compared him and it's funny by.