Marriage Can Be Good

Friday, August 25th


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Marriage is awesome Kanye you've been tainted Mehdi and the buzz is an insanity it's going to go to this club every Wednesday of guys who need marriage like this is just casual conversation in a bar at the grocery store on FaceBook etc. Every other guy adopted almost every guy talked who has the divorce story whether it's their own or a friend of theirs. But there art guys in there are women who think that marriage is great race to 222899. I the buzz. Asked a lot. Of women get. You know to do. It makes a man this separation no worse. I got out so we decided keeper own for a decade and a retirement things like that. It can't put my money I earned it and he earned his. We've heard about that the judges brushes aside you got the house well at one. I got on how. Because. Initially it was mine down payment Kit Bond that how to. Okay all right because she was more financially stable that he your buddy and Diana would say that she EU RR a unique situation right model by oh. Oh yeah and down so the guy never. Don't let other people's mistakes affects. Your outcomes in life he. Now says either. No ring ever able just be like those couples who just share a forever living together all our leasing pre nap is ridiculous or. Cautious which is a good thing nowadays. Inning and extended you know. And deeply believe merited it than him I mean they're very cautious third third third. They want a plan ahead they don't mind jump into something and it's probably a Smart thing to do nowadays. I don't like that why nowadays. I because now we're now willing to work through our problems like what. Yep okay because it's a lot different. Sad as it is that the non trusting world. Nowadays it's an act is now because they don't trust each other is because you just have to be on guard and much everything now it's just a different world. It's all just statistics that every if you watch the news and every third airplane went down would you fly anymore. Would you vote would you buy the extra parachute wins that's with the case and situation but I say marriage is like you may or may not have a parachute and exactly parachute bringing up this bubble started peace. I'm not sure I would do a pre nup but you know it's your it's your money it's her money it gets the people took on both are doing and then do it by. You know I I know you guys a brilliant at getting married because. Here great couple. Seem to know right I don't know locals think you look at I had a great today. The buzz. I'm aqueduct but I agree with you whole heart and maybe it's a woman to right. It didn't it. But. I agree I would want I would not want my. Boyfriend to a girl and I ate something that has a lot of meaning let a much. He was ready to make that commitment. OK but when you going to be ready kinda. I don't know who's whose answer that question a lot July 29. He used that they don't really like you already moved in together right here already helping each other be successful people. You're each other's cheerleaders are completely different person than I've ever known you should be. It's steele's right well Niger ready. To. They did and that. Everybody out duet but just because like a lot of money doesn't mean it's kind. I like about it diesel much. I have great egg that's the song. The lows. Our Gerri. I don't have got about a hundred. Like Elvis is gonna had a student in the way he's started a pig but a. I've been married for nine years I've been what the war I've been more of my wife's murder obviously breeders' wire. Okay. We I have been through how impact. Because I've been out of work two years I was out of work for a couple of years prior to that. I was in and out of work but she's spells out what me and an interpreter was muddy here where we had Mahdi or not because you don't have money. And it's not based around money it's based on how much we care or each other and yes. Barrister is hey. It is a job. At a market job you know worked at it. Yes as senator Nelson that's the only way. I don't know frustrate him. And there's people are out there that total to eight that time and talk with each other and that spot ends up in divorce. Because they don't have to be well on our. You know when the pressure. It's it's that in its selfish you just when your marriage we have kids keep it you'd have to pitch. It's not all about you it's about you guys to get it or not Anderson and I are carried out I agree with all that but here's Rhonda is. Where if it did we do the pre nup saying that completely takes money out of it then it's never about money. Well it then you're saying you know what the turnout bigger hearsay and wound up in our approach was there. I doubt. Yes do you have dental insurance dip health insurance. What you have health insurance. Are. Okay so yeah cancer it's turning kids you get sick. And Casey gets sick right at you all are you counting on breaking your arm next week now we have health insurance I look covered if you dill. I think you're OK with it is that your idea but if you if if Meredith thought of this you would be hurt. It would if it was her idea if she did on Carolina I don't honoring and no one has to be. No problem with the ring or buying a ring for the wedding or being with one person forever it's obviously I'm such Fuller motion right now with. With finances anybody's slow you do how well I thought oh one's own body. To have the power to do you know kind of one half of that I don't wanna be with you anymore she went into it I wanna travel Europe I've only had to wait for my whole life I've seen the world wake up and be like I'm glad to hear and then take up my stuff. I think in Connecticut husband if she does. Who are out there that you're not yeah that's yeah it was Europe that the great dude. Did you ignore governor. Thanks asks a very good merit for years. It would happen to those we won't ever have that inning what exactly do you want reduced it. Is don't. Yeah there are a bottle yeah that's what I'm saying the way everybody's okay that helped me. So your parents married fifty years that is like oh my gosh that's so great because it's so rare so why would I bet on goals not instead of the post though he is young kids you. It didn't work and it didn't work yeah. They'd been a girl I mean my father has ten times worse you wanted to straighten my mother boys you know lack. And walk away from you all I'll commander impact if they're not the body orange. I need a guy with a horrible divorce story I never thought I'd say this but I was present I was here right now. Alaska is a billion woods opposite it's true yes I just. Thought. Did it detained yes I'm so glad you called have a great day. Art art.