Marriage is like bengay on your....

Friday, September 22nd


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Any item does is as any heavy try to or kick up the weekend coming up in just a bit but today I got this weekend. Signing. 81 tomorrow eighty dry sunny Sunday almost ninety and sunny war all what agree weekends who we as we go this weekend it to the shift. I can not a problem linked to ED some pain problems an obsession and I. Let's get a problem she once you get to zero and at thirty because this is a reason you're doing and you know you are doing it because. News you don't Wear bureau and your girl about buying a ring in new lead time. I guess it's nice tidy here well she's a paper you read a putter and a shot up. The consumer anger. I their own business boom I'm I'm I'm once you achieve that really angry about how. Hearing that from people didn't put a brewing I just sold symbol does. There's a ring knowledge like 101000 dollars note I commitments for the rest of your life and don't spend program. What I'm saying is it's not just it's just plop down arrow there on the finger and that gig gig let them do Olympic a little regular milk bread Arafat doesn't get a ring. Eggs cereal with the payment plan might and a ring 0% interest. Don't mind your business. Does. He worry about it it's people are happy for you doing does this barrel old and in my marriage. Yes I definitely think. And of other and you actually get into it and how many shore we edit fringe fast here the anti marriage comedy fest we. Guys all think like that you know even though we love our lives in them being married has always. Okay you're neutral. We don't know it's still okay well Amy is the same way this is. Like it okay and the middle school at a sleepover when the big prank was to get a the other boys in the sleep over the putt Ben gay on their area because. It burned the crap out of the joke was had put designer Erica feels really good visual feel really good and then you finally gets them into an M and go allows okay. That's birdies prank that's what I feel like marriages. Marriage hey marriage has been getting your ball yeah. Yeah. The you want Gilligan a lot of laughs bwic after you've done right because grades yeah. So little lost with us it is unbelievable. How we value we found out and we. With the loss you. Guys comes out through the. Hello awaiting sentencing result yeah. Yeah and they aren't the mass media man I remember Matt so. You cry when Scott and when Nigel moves to answer right okay futile it is right where complete I think these. Vasser before Meredith pandered to your life you don't yes. You have completely. Best a whiny and coincident oh really okay because you lived 27 years and now the coincidence happens when Meredith steps and yes thank you clean your stuff up. And it's all because of her all hope you have a sensible yet sensible purpose there's another guy that's you know. Since deeper hole now is this I'd have to waste I'm going out in trying to get lean. An intense scene okay that's earth. Okay she is not her. Her no she just has an honorable friend or a U pageant is now responsible for a little bit of the credit because I have I would like to think it and B you've got enough about finances. I'd rather give you credit and her. Only because I'm the one group staying up all night and serving drinks and put my hands and a toilet and suing you for your future your meeting both the U. You are you guys future. You may not know but she bar and tap. You would be possible you could complain about their job a lot and complain making jokes make your bag gay jokes that that's really reality this is. Ben gay on her. That's that's really great and so it is so that's exactly I don't know Arlen when we know that our guys are about trying to not. That's the that's the big George pretend it's a great time when your doing and I. When your hand is dipping into the Ben yea it's great we're all bloods well getting dressed up in our suits and taken pictures and in that hint SARS travel down towards the waistline and that's locking down dialed in and and by a Chinese say idea that's slim because it does it's. That's the area and then after the honeymoon is when he goes from cool sensation to burn. 30 yeah. I'll get and then you lose sensation from about a half times there and see me on the bus.