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Monday, January 8th

From https://www.gofundme.com/help-the-stearns-fight-cancer page:

Jesse and Katie Stearns ( and Evelina!!) need our help!!
Love was a long time coming for Jesse and Katie Stearns----but one day not long ago the stars aligned, and they were sent to each other. They married in the summer of 2015 and had the trip of a lifetime to Italy for their honeymoon. They emanate LOVE. They do the things that all couples wish they could do......they kiss in public, they are always arm in arm or hand in hand.....and they DANCE.....they once danced on a subway......totally in love and not afraid to show it !! The kind of love we all hope for. Not long after their honeymoon, Jesse was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has a tumor that is called a grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma. He endured not one, but two brain surgeries in the Spring of 2016. However, not all of the tumor could be resected. He has received both radiation and chemotherapy since that time and will now be looking at multiple clinical trials in the hopes that one will be found that will provide him with a long and full life. You see..... in the midst of chaos and real fear, an angel named Evelina was born to Katie and Jesse on June 27th, 2017--the first GIRL on both sides of the family!! How loved she is!! At one point Jesse and Katie were on different floors in the same hospital!! Jess was there with complications due to brain swelling, and Katie was being induced!! Even during that time, they were able to out-love the rest of us. Their kindness and thoughtfulness towards one another is inspirational. As can be imagined, Jesse is not able to work at this time. Katie will return to work soon. They have experienced significant loss of income. They will have not only daily expenses, but they will have the added cost of daycare, travel and parking expenses for treatments now and when a clinical trial is decided on, medication costs as well as multiple appointment copays. Please join us in raising funds to help lift the financial burdens for this beautiful couple and their new baby. We are grateful for the prayers of family and friends and for all who are willing to help with anything and everything! Your generosity is so appreciated.


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And hello thank you again for joining us. And it's as senior miners and its neighbors in need on the phone with me today and Katie Stearns who is. It needs a little love and a little help in a lot of prayers and Katie thank you so much for coming on here with us. And so Katie I I've been following your eyes you beautiful family and FaceBook actually do it and Jack that's how we can act and I feel. I know you so well Katie because it's based on the world of social media and the first time we're actually talking but I don't do this well. The cool part of social media that you can do this the power of social media can be so glad because. There is a lot of outpouring of love for you guys isn't there hasn't there been. Yeah I mean it's saying that app and people that we barely even know our people that we haven't even mapped the former purchased doctors social media has. Come forward and Africa how wet and it ordering up meals or would go on me and it and really it didn't see. It gives you out of warm feeling in Rochester the Rochester community is so giving. Is your husband has. What is the actual mental. Colts. It's called an approach kick ass strictly trauma and isn't that great street level brain tumor. How did he find out that he has this wooded they say would a doctor saying. Well he hadn't they migraine component which for restraint and it's sporty when you're at diagnosed and he would never had migraines before. Oh we were a little concerned. But when he started having trouble with being able to eat we knew that what's really wrong. I almost just brush it off as it's only okay it's a migraine a lot of us I think we ignore her. A lot of the pain that we deal with and we don't act quick enough. Right and I'd been suffering from migraine I suffered pellet need or you know I didn't really think very much other it was. He had New York a dollar where his this year started to block out and he was having a hard time finding work that corporate culture isn't normal. What makes and a hospital based I had to get. Probably overkill to do catch and what we're gonna do it anyway. At eight Ed. You have to push for that now they album we commend the strong and based economic. Probably migraine but look at your Kiki cancer to be sure. In campaign painting and so now what are they saying. Is he going through treatments now what were. Yes he had kids two surgeries in March and April of 2016. And states that have that much if they can safely carrot without gimmick and it beat Carner and arms he did. It tweaks to have radiation therapy. And he ban on ongoing chemotherapy tell congress aren't. Now Jesse grew up here increase in new did you grow up around here as well. You know how great this community is and now what can we do. To help you in your family KG just head a baby to congratulations by the way so you don't fall. He had cheated actually turned six months old and actually banned. The rainbow in the little part that we are raping and. Yeah yeah that's what I was gonna say did bid puts a smile on your face in and it keeps Jesse fighting I'm sure. It sure got it. Aren't you Chad some unexpected complications. Over the last week I am pancreatitis and I'm actually kind of blood clot. And I'll related to repair the arm. We have go on the kids set up. If you search. Jackie turned cancer I'm should be able to find out. That the bad about our story on our. It is very easy to find go find me dot com men and that that's how I found you guys just by searching on Jesse Stearns JE SSE Stern's ass TER and asked. And then you can see there's actually. A handful of other Jesse Stearns out there but. You're that you guys your beautiful family sitting there on the couch with your newborn baby so that's the one that's the Jesse Stearns then if you would be. So kind to help the family out. And I think that's aside a bit. When you hear that C word cancer. Obviously everybody is sympathetic and that's a word you never wanna hear but then there's all of this other stuff that comes with it that a lot of us. Don't even realize. When it comes to the little things the medical costs the eight is Jesse working easy able to still work Kern now. Now he went armed infidelity or march to me and expand not at parent only 1 work and I am. Yeah it's tough especially with the new born. Expand it to go up there aren't. In insurance isn't always fair when men and when he needs to be health insurance we all know that. So it was that the big thing that you need right now is just to help pay these. These medical bills or is or something else that we can do. Yeah they can expand the medical dark especially. Now that he's contact and that hospital will we don't know pondered what to expect when post acute when those don't turn on the end. In in letting your friends and family ire on our hard doing all this for you guys setting up the go find me in in in. Creating these events I know there have been some past events. That you guys have done fundraising events are there any in the near future that we can put in our phones right now market down. We don't have a date that yaks to we're talking about doing another fundraiser in February. And actually. I've been working with my instructor occurred at that few years so a lot of fun Leo it category tried to bash. That we okay so we'll keep an eye out. In February as in the fund raiser for then the Stearns family. Do you know anything more about this particular type of cancer is it her red interior the doctors I'm sure you're learning more than you ever. Knew he would learn about tennis. The way more than I ever want to know about the brain you know. I am very tight and children he has not hereditary and can. It. Our ability edit or content I I'll come but more likely that app arc. At forty years old diagnosed darted with migraines. Venues sense something new because of his eyesight in a speech and it just didn't feel right. And I saw your most recent post when he was diagnosed at the pancreatitis. You said you had a gut feel. It's not great nor your diet or would solitary trap and you can't read or played actually. Driven home even more. So when he gets out of the hospital on you don't know how long he's going to be there. Now they're thinking on intensive care. And they're thinking they'll vote him out of there in the next couple of days and hopefully within the next week curriculum to start think about bringing them home. Okay and then when he comes home when his when is his another round of Q now does he have another one coming up. He's been gearing oral medication. And he had to go offered an act. I actually get. Turkey creek check it under control but yet Tom will be able to restart I began. Marina the family needs a stern family needs a lot of love. Lot of prayer is so pro hurts and and in money because it's tight so if anybody can just help out I mean the law. Even just a few dollars of that's all you can afford sure it it'll just top it a go along way and I'm sharp. And victory in its spread awareness. Like he said people have headaches migraine all the time and you don't take any not a but if you start chatting migraines and ever happened before don't make that. Yeah I don't know I'm not a doctor and an offices of first serves but I feel like more women suffer from man. So win and when your husband your boyfriend is suffering from Amir rented it raises another red flag of arraignment this might not be normal. And the wonderful people a strong I mean we are pretty darn lucky to have that medical. Community that we do have. They were great courses on how we get and that can't string Albert Hughes unit eat out camera that works there and after our. One at. Neurological surgeon over Aristide took great care about past. Takes a special person. And where Canada the medical field. And Eric are such good care where are those Stearns family. Brain tumor eight dead Jesse is battling right now all the love and support that you can give the Stearns Stanley would be greatly appreciated go find me dot com. Is where you can go to hell about the family and to learn more about the story. Man and just donated ten you know ending Jim allowed allowed to the family thank you so much Katie four irons in coming on the air with us and sharing your story with us and delicate deal an hour times tells Jesse Lisa and I may. I love them and give a little baby is just from I hit show. And give her her degree her. Yes please do even now even though we just met today did you literally these leaders from 811. And.