Life changing reasons why you should be an organ donor

Thursday, May 24th

When someone in need receives an organ, not only is their wait over, their new life can begin. Organ donors can save up to eight people, and impact countless more. Join the organ donor registry

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Thank you so much again for being here I am CD writer it is neighbors in need it in the studio with me today is Elizabeth Murray the program manager at causeway of community partners. And Nancy Ryan from the Finger Lakes donor recovery that work. And it has life on dot org elegy to put that in your frowning and do some research on that after this interview but thank you so much for being here. Your welcoming here having us now you I'm pushing past the past year at this point. At the looming Erica now our plans to ask how her you in more frequently this is this no problems now to talk about its organ donation and it's kind of an awkward conversation nobody really just doesn't around the dinner table hey what stuck about donating our organs but it's crucial right. It is an actually sandy it's becoming more common I think over the last couple years honestly since the launch of this past life on campaign. Is his become. Much more common to talk about because of the stories that we're sharing. No we've been able to share Scott hats ghost story on the Almon the other video that we'll talk about a little while with a two mommies. On one being mom home of the little boy who passed away and the mother of the young her young boy who receives on the other boy's heart. On its these real life stories and that keeps conversations going. And to it's reflective in the increasing enrollment rates in this region. Com we are New York State current blame on hasn't enrollment rate of 32%. Which as you would ask me what our enrollment rate in the state was a few desperate couple years ago I would have told you 28%. Now so it's really pumping up and I are giving the reasons why I'll Wear those enrollments are coming from. In an arm region that we serve which is twenty counties I'm between points of Rochester and Syracuse and following north. To saint Lawrence counting down wish my uncanny on town south. Our enrollment rate is 40%. Which is much closer to the national average on national lean. 52% of Americans are registered. Or ninety she donors. Some are region on we have one at the more higher on enrollment rates Jefferson County actually which is an rserver Syria. Has the highest enrollment rates come county wise in the state of and so we're doing really great and it's because people are becoming a little more comfortable it is still a little awkward. But you know if you can't just have conversations like this kind of dispel a lot of the myths and misunderstandings. On it it it's a little easier if people talk about. So what is the reason why we've seen an increase. Isn't it great actually I think from. You know we've been working together and this initiative for just a little over three years. And that 'cause waves that we know we approach these Arab community impact initiative is taking a look at what are all those barriers. An and then addressing them through either massive change. Through the creative elements through programming. And in this case really advocacy as well and and when I say efficacy. You know in facts every every year a group of people from all over the state including from this region will go to Albany. And speak with elected officials about the systemic issues. That kit need to legislative change. That are preventing folks from registering an and so. Whether that is you know it's kind of clunky turret to register in New York State. Am so there'd been some great changes in the past year with at the beginning of online registration. I'm so net's news that's gonna have a huge impact. It's mind boggling that we didn't exactly right so bad also. Now sixteen and seventeen year olds are able to. Register their intent. To it to be an organ donor registry. There's so a little bit of a difference there when you're eighteen years old or older you automatically can Reggie ears register yourself and you've given your consent. For sixteen and seventeen your odds you know they're extremely excited fact we have a newly minted sixteen year old and has strayed now. And so she wanted to get her learners permit immediately eat. Went to right away and was so proud to be able to get Taylor's permit but she also came back inside and show me your picture inside. Ma'am I registers to be an art and donors while they couldn't do it before. And and you know we had that conversation are on the table and our family's been very open about this because we've done been huge you know personal advocates for organ donation. I'm by sixteen and seventeen yards you know that those sir those are kids that are becoming so much more involved in in humanitarian things and he. And they're comfortable hitting those conversations I think we older people sometimes are the ones that have difficulty by. I'm so big change in legislation allowing sixteen and seventeen yards sheet to register their intent and then still if you know heaven forbid anything happens. Their parents are the ones that would have to give final consent time Nat. But those are some of the changes that are really going to. The lower those barriers and make it a little bit easier for anybody in our state to go on mine to manage their registration and you know then I think those are the changes coupled with that messaging that we're seeing. I'm with those creative elements like these testimonial videos which other program aimed at conversations like this. Yet all is driving us in a very positive. Direction it's that good sign. With this sixteen and seventeen year olds do they need I mean they can go up into it on Iran they don't need any rental consent of any sort. They do not to come in and one of the main reasons why I'm we were really pushing New York State to going distraction is it's your sixteen and seventeen year olds are going to the DMV to get the learners from. Right so previously when they could enroll as organ ninety she donors. We lost them until they were in their twenties when they had to return to the DMV to renew their license can she can do a lot of those renewals when they when they get their next classification of licenses that call comes in the through the mail. So there just wasn't we were missing an opportunity when these youngsters when Indy got there you know get their drivers per ads they wanted to registered and now they can and it's wonderful we have this online registry. But still the majority of people will still enroll through the DMP noble always stayed you know consistent I'm probably close in 90%. A firm Romans still come from people who sign up at the DMZ so that's why that sixteen and seventeen year old enrollment com opportunities great especially works well with the idea that the case. Now this video of that. You released it last year rate was not Mother's Day last year. And cash what. I touching video in it is on the website cast light on dark or there's the video is still there it's just beautiful how to families were enacted by. Such a tragic event. But. It was around a child. For us parents. To clean neat T. Consider this thing about this have this conversation and put our. Babies on this listener. Well you know it's. I guess in the main point here is on it's very important to think about. And to have the discussions. With the adults and in the Champlain mom and that usually is more about to what what if something were to happen to yourself. What your final wishes would be. Com it's a relief spending your spouse or your parents come as adults to say. If something were to happen to me or we all know this. You know brain all know we're not going to be here forever so it's important to do this you know pre planning and and thinking about your other advanced directives people make their decisions on their health care proxy forms. How would they you know one extreme measures taken deceive their life's. This choice of 49 tissue donation is just another one of those and a flight decisions it is important to make so that your fee only doesn't have that burden. To make that decision on your behalf so it's a gift your families achieve Condit had made this decision for yourself then it's not. Common night I don't think it's you know we can't. Certainly ask anyone tunic you know have to think about losing a young child that. We all know that that happens I'm unfortunately but if he's major. Decisions you're educated and informed decisions about donation for yourself. It at least will make it a little bit. Maybe a little bit easier for you to make those decisions on behalf of your child you can't obviously enroll them in the registry. But at least two of RD thought about Tom and heard about what it means to be registered donor and a little bit about the process of donation. So that it might be helpful if heaven forbid that you have to make that decision. My child and went to a and who's a co women wealth and empowerment series so it's all about just this particular. Seminar was about preparing for the and I expect it. And a lot of it wise OK you have to have a health care proxy you have to have a way down all these things that you don't wanna talk about. But yet if you don't talk about it it will create such chaos and it could split families apart the decision so this could be one of those things and is so important and it once you get it done you check out your list okay. Now Filo. Good knowing no. Jack Dunn planned everything sack racing ended. The whole gist of our paso as current campaign it's all about living life to the fullest. And and then making your decisions about organ donation signing up if that's what you wanna do know and then go live your life knowing that. And maybe somebody can pass my fondest somebody else so. It's not as much a battle you know Yasser making them deflate decisions but once you've made them in your Donnie you've told your family you've put it in writing. Now go live your life because senile that. Honestly again that that that burden hills decisions are are dying I mean you can if you change your mind later you can always do that week. You know this electronic registry does allow somebody to the state change their mind and they decide maybe they don't want to donate anymore or they. You know we're very restrictive and just only wanted to donate corneas or something and then they later sent out by I wanna go ahead and maybe donate my organs to you can go in line and may dose on changes in your own registration enrollment self. You know and one of the things that that we've learned throughout the course of of this initiative and our last few years and also with these beautiful testimonial videos whether it's got hats goes. Or the one about that the two families that have been connected forever. Is that that people want to they want him to conversations. And warns people that have received. Transplants. Are so incredibly indebted to the families. And the people that made that decision and then those that have lost a loved one. And and they have made the decision to pass and they gift of life. Their loved one is forever hero. And he is really in some ways a more allies than because they have given the ultimate gift. What are the things that we're really excited about is we just finished taping the next testimonial video. And we have learned that one of the barriers that people and count around a time when they're considering these kind of life decisions. Is how does this coincide with their fate. Yeah and there's a lot of myths and misconceptions. About whether or not their religion. Is supportive of organ donations so when we started this whole initiative on there was a lot of data that was used week you know it's at a very research oriented process. And we knew though that over 80% of our New York residents are strongly in favor of organ donation and and yet why then was there at the 50% disparity between how many people were registered and that an organ donation registry and the people who senators support of while for many people it is those Mets or it is a lack of information and and sometimes revolving around their faith. And so they would default to well I'm not sure if my religion supports this and I'm not going to do it so we just finished shooting and Aaron editing process. Which are incredible partners at and my ex miners creative imaging. It was a a panel a roundtable discussion. From five different faith leaders and our community. And they were incredible and I don't wanna give too much information but they I sat down. And based on personal experience their role in their community in their church in theirs and I got. I'm Hyatt how it ties back to scripture. Every single major faith organization. Supports at least some part of organ donation. And Nate in May beautifully phrased. How their religion and and if they're feet. As support and so we're looking forward to be known in military recently this year. Okay silliest name is their target. TA well in November. There's a special donors say advanced it's a national. I wouldn't say how Lee a commissions and gas of organ donation and that's going to be a target for being able to launch that and then. Working with our partners are faith leaders in the community to reach out into their congregations. And he and hand these conversations as were remembering and celebrating. Incredible people who have passed and the gift of life. Using this video as yet another outreach to say you know this is something that is supported buyer religions and keep having these conversations. You know. And when we look forty using it to as a tool to have the one on one conversations with these leaders themselves. Because this you know again we very first thing we spoke about sandy was it's not a common thing to talk about. Well it's also not a common thing even talk about you know in new industries community. All major religions support the notion of organized and I were benign tissue donation on being urged people to to register com and by its. It's the face leaders and their communications with her own congregations. That will be so helpful and to we've been inspired me over the course of five years that I don't market was Finger Lakes is. It doesn't take long feed find somebody that you're connected to whether it's your neighbor. Your coworker or maybe a member of your congregation to say. I was tissue recipient or might my eight you know little brother was an organ donor so once you start talking about that come in in you know during these. Indies faith communities. They quickly find that this action is everybody you know touch members of their congregation if if it hasn't yet it likely will in the future sell on. We're we're looking forward to sharing it with these leaders and the community engine and. If UN find out more information and man we can do is keep talking immediately just scratched the surface so much to bring you back. Did Elizabeth Marion Nancy Ryan I'm. Past life and dad or encourage you invites you to look through that and seriously consider if you have not yet a lot of people think that they are. Organ donors and then they realize a way to end no one not. So really take some time in and make sure that you are in have conversation with your dreaming about it and think hew to the both of you for everything that you guys stand. Your house and use.