Leaving your kid alone in the lego store

Friday, July 14th


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Does it love the Lego store at east feel you don't have to be kids who enjoy it right but if you do have a ten year old kid. Would you do with this one Pittsburgh mom did. She's in big trouble for it it's 99 abuzz examines sandy. It's her mom. Faces child endangerment charges this dramatic pause there after pits her mom with a bit. Because their life she'd dead with her sign it at the east team all like oh start Arctic. Now first let's back up a little bit you know that your your world changes when you have kids everything changes. A trip to wegmans is now a heater in mini vacation. Or it's a huge hassle to get everybody in the complex urgent and yes dash and our yells yeah safari Alfred. They are scared him right whichever way that. So it is just Cheney challenging to get things done and get aaron's done when you have kids. So this Pittsburgh mom you know when you see here the story of somebody who. Being charged a child endangerment. You have this Beijing in your kid right like you know they're trying to juggle with like heroin needle thing right scabs and accretion to keep this nominee is a beautiful woman she seems like had a very nice person she knows how to carry herself when she could win I won't watch the video virtual walking into the courtroom rock guy. She left her ten year old son. At the lack of store. Now they're saying they're not sure you're right at the end of this. The themes and story. She had parents to do it east he mom Brian percent wants to go to the Lego star can you stay here mama's gonna go run some errands to stay here at the Legos star got right back he's ten years are now. So the report says that she laughs at him there for about two hours long enough for a mile security to get involved my now this is where we're at home like I now she sees his child endangerment charges because she laughed. Percent that's that's. I guess this isn't the first time a kid has been left alone for the Lego store employees to babysit. Because there been a seven year old child left alone in a Long Island mall. Am sure others even more stories. It's like to. And that's story go to and hang out right. There's no difference than going to hang at that remember at the beaten the mall. On the used to be a place called time out where yeah at the arcade games and stop in the video machines like come on. So you you feel this in mind she shouldn't it's s's I didn't control does. I think our I feel that she should be fighting this number one obviously number two Lego store is probably a magnet for people drop them off the kids that's where dual sensitive to a knowledge he'll leave your tenure and I would leave my ten year old stretching it's a boy I mean if it's at ten year old son my ten year old son can TP could take care of himself feed and there Dudack. Now if it was my ten year old daughter. And I mean not. Just she can't take care it's just that if she cannot hurt so responsible thing yeah let's let's they're there morbid victim. God. I you know Indianapolis stories that the more appealing for Summers in the more appealing for kidnappers. Emerald out of our yeah yes yeah so that's my goal hallway and more vulnerable by. I get a lot more more vulnerable like they're out of toughened scary little girls are scary the race from what I hear I mean there's there and it's a super guy. From what I hear if your dad it's scary to raise a little girl compared to a little boy but. As far as kidnapping goes I think there's more appealing to kidnappers. So therefore urge an intent is not bad of a young age to. You know yeah but ten isn't like ten lake wonder. You know ten knows not to wander. Ten knows not to walk into traffic while it's you know going you know like dairy what's that Sonoma. Pittsburgh mom left her ten year old play at the like oh start east team on now she's facing child endangerment charges would you leave your kid at the Lego star value grandparents. When we our kids. Our parents did it all the time to play and do. Your parents left us in our blood eight you can do that. The car at the park in the arcade was a great example. There are a little work their other just a little late. A little kid center set up at the Apple Store for you to set on those little plaque. On chairs and play the little Apple Store kid gains like Iraq was to set up for that. But we need. We don't live in 1975. Anymore. We live in 2017. Now. Can't do that you cannot do it you know went. I get it's I understand. What she was thinking when she did it she needs to get. Her mom had to do list done and checked off yes. Which you can't you gotta do it on your own time and and your team lately when you go into the Lego store. The coolest thing to see is his dad and his signer dad and his. His daughter mom in the kid playing Legos together in the leg of stores it that's not a day care. Restore their I don't know either a walk out because they're bored or they're gonna make a master of the store which is now disrespectful because no kid is neat button. Egypt's king do you want your. And it's it's not a it's not a drop off place it's it's not my area again disrespectful them to the employees. If you're disrespecting anybody it's it's. Your kid and their future I think I mean. Maybe this situation is unique but situations like this should be way more common if your kid is gonna have a special skill. That every human being should have. But human beings are losing. Think as years go on as generations get older. Survival skills. And I'm not talking about like OK here's. Here's a sport and a can of soup go live in the woods for three weeks helping I kind of vital is because that would just like. Figuring it out independence if something goes roar how to fix it without calling mommy or daddy. So you're saying for the people who think it is wrong to leave your ten year old alone at a Lego star and. We are doing a disservice to our children are costing them I don't skill. I'm gonna agree writer on this because do you. Kids need real world that. Experience and it comes to I don't do what's in the works or viable but just be coping with. You know attend. The people on the street or or out of yeah. Art can. Is fine I know where it isn't right eat any different than what we were ten. We have to established and all agree that 201710. Year old is different. Then in 1970 tenure no same age seemed tent just different with SeaWorld is a little less LSD. You can I have my. Erin is super tacked. And sure I live in fear a little bit just enough. To make sure is that I am on guard and protecting my children safety and there's too many stories around where a there is no way in how I'm gonna leave my tenure world. Or even now she's almost thirteen stilts. And if the am leaving her home alone and using that now ended. Do her a disservice in the future. But we left right now at the millennial write my generation of that men let's say guys first and then you can't change a tire who can't change their own Tyler immediately call AAA the second day of the ball to the side of the road they only try to fix it. I'm right after those guys them. Only a worse. I feel worse and worse it can and because her mama super stardom too much I because nobody is giving them a little push the fall of the nest. You're raised and juries protected that you've become the protecting parent you can you know. I am I'm like like for instance I'm just saving in my world I was raised my mom was teacher she's busy busy busy. I'd free rein and anywhere and everywhere all day that I'm Leon Guerrero when the yeah yeah but but I'm the same way my kids. Do you thing. Whatever I'm not I'm not harboring him not helicopter ring or not they're certainly AZ instantly become more worldly because of that. There are certain things can simulate right. Like life experience you didn't you keep. You can show your kid how to balance a checkbook you can do you know you can not to make them just figure out how to balance a checkbook each job market is where you take this topic is how much money you have left the department of of the art computer bright. Oh yeah she'll think its own that you can't simulate. The panic in their stomach. And then then calming down when they don't know what to do when a situation and then then figuring out you can't just make LSU go to like one of those blocked things that we it was. Yeah maybe apple that will come together those rooms that you go yeah. Kids often yeah that's our rooms are yeah that's the solution that because there's no way I can. I I'd hit I can't watch my kid struggle or fail and not now and I said. That's down shall they learn how to lose though like imaginary boyfriend at sixteen. And then. Getting doable symbol for getting. And getting divorced at 45 from that same look for from sixty beyond devastating it's going to be help all let me and we immediately you have to learn how to lose. Lose it at any and that everything. You have to really. And ships Ian idea that you got to go through Colombian news really hugely popular in our friends she'll jobs you've got. That loss in order to be columns. More of a better person does tie into I mean just wanting to make sure that my kids they're OK so he's not you it's it's not about that like your daughter should know how to Carter's state. You know a long time ago and I now why else. And this is much Koch and click the star race is currently a part. Let's just from being alone plus the right doesn't to a middle course in America should say they're countless others that this star or if you hit it right. It's when my mom. I I bags and I was a boy scout I Baghdad is like 1213 years old my mom for Jack knife or wanted to pocket knife. You know ahead Swiss army knife and I don't easel things. And kind carpet away happy hanging out and I you know why I've learned how to you know respect now at least you Harrisburg I learned how to handle the night I play as and I'll never forget that that scars they're four and I debts hiring one of the few things or remember my childhood. Is that scar or dishonor my hand. Where is trying to punch through some peninsula to what went dead in coming so that's the kind of thing our kids need to know those survival skills rate he considered. Time eventually not going to be around so if you never taught her how to cutters and a she's not gonna he'd statement I mean it's just gonna come. That we follow all the out options of things she could do a thing. When that time is right team you have to I don't think we spent enough time with our kids and then teaching them these lessons they don't have to learn them on their own. You're saying just rolling them out. Haven't figured out. And then to pray they come home in one piece. It perfect example. And I don't think you know that I know this but. The situation you were put him with a soccer tournament last weekend. Yeah it's this race now you talk about how you were coddle. Basically again I was you know ever turn up in I didn't know that I. If you know I gotta tell you this. But perfect example as to what your kid is going to turn into a worst version of view and what you did over the past week at the soccer trying to and it's petrified. You're test subject sandy sandy you know now you are coddled much like. You coddle your kids right. And yet. And part of the reason why I still kind of my kids and supervise them as much as it is because my parents are still around and me punching distance from it's bright. And picture you want me to raise my can only be raised me pictures a kid and then helicopters and then a bigger helicopter about that. That's her that's her life and they're forcefully yeah exactly what those like the double blade is behind you I hit it. Didn't know me as a kid it's in knowing I mean I never snuck out of the house because god. I believe my dad's friend when he said he would change the locks yeah. I I don't like it it's fine I don't have as many cool stories of everybody. But then again because it's so fine. Numbers here and you're bigger each huge chunk of being human being in which his hobby. Considering how about running wind so if you your husband's on this story let it leave out some details because it gets kind of using unless you've lived it. So. All of you you're you're gonna soccer tournament at a top five hours away last week right. Yes Lancaster PA shore typically your husband you and your two dollars and drive together we like to make this a family thing aperture. And sure that it's been up we're dedicated parents were at every games yes the specific weekend. You guys had to be it two different places at the same time one daughter was going to add your concert on Sunday while your other daughter was staying to play soccer. The tournament with Saturday Sunday Friday Saturday Sunday at Syrians on Sunday so we had to do what all parents of multiple kids DO. What do abiding country you're talking about that Monday when when Reid may restore vision you you're gonna explain the whole thing. Now your finalists to drive separately you're gonna drive there and it was gonna drive there try to vehicle with two vehicles to Lancaster PA prime hours away and he mom. But that didn't happen did it now. What happened. I hit started the definitely with the problem. Now why did you really hitch a ride home while you valuable all drove together whole family be your husband left with a one daughter to go about sharing to buffalo shore and you left UN year old daughter behind. Now what's the real reason why you didn't take a separate car. To gen drive back don't like most like most. Adults would do. This and yet yet a lean on each other takes a village to raise children and I don't know and I know exactly like. A scary just about an hour right you you've never probably driven fibers in your life all by yourself now I haven't OK so that's why at 41 years old you. All of all of the all of this is what we're gonna get a very different take a road trip by myself. But you have your daughter with your brain. I have a thing with falling asleep like Eaton is a vehicle with. Two other kids into other moms. I'm in the back nodding off because I fall asleep chore it's because you've been and cradled in heat and every time you guys were in the car and you have narcolepsy which you had enough. You couldn't cradle all the things you. Normally naturally like I got nothing to do doubt it. Sort of I mean it's gonna go to sleep defaulted on the way there. Yes and I try I try I'm telling you I I know our collect the eyes of the condition because you're scared. To decide between left and right. Well I am not very good that we direction either error one that's iPods that is shy. You're replied I don't know not like X genetically people he wanted to be hunters and gatherers okay yeah. Yeah. You silly you you might get even go to Atlantic City every year that was their family vacation in every year he would get lost at the same exact spot. And blame it on my mother for reading the map wrong but really it's because he was why your them blame must. The directional America okay so it can you know it's Christopher Columbus got a map cancer just to stars like yeah. It's pretty neat to actually trailing all combat Netanyahu saying make sure it's you know I think directly directly challenged person I didn't if your team doing nine and I listen we're content heartbreak can survive. Due and you could and should ever now. Do not challenge majority's view without a GPS you could get home. East he like had share. Marketplace what do we putter 196. Instead of the expressway I'll forget it which is goes by you so MR IQ and what it. To sing beautifully this is this is the product this is our prototype of the generation what's on the kid who was not allowed to be left the label store. Take what you are. And expanding that one more time helicopter over helicopter over what's there product of that that's what Kanye is giving Jews who. How worried about. I don't see anything from contention around with another mechanism arc. Zero to book edition naked that you announces yeah.