The latest scams to watch out for

Thursday, December 7th

We sit down with Leita King Scam Prevention Coordinator at Lifespan to talk about the most recent scams to watch out for.

Lifespan helps older adults and caregivers take on the challenges and opportunities of longer life.  Lifespan is a trusted source of unbiased information, guidance and more than 30 services and advocacy for older adults and caregivers. We also provide training and education for allied professionals and the community.


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Thank you again for joining us in his neighbors in need and the studio with me today and easily get king this scam prevention coordinator and lifes and thank you so much for joining us thank you very much for having me this is a very very important topic man you conduct educational presentations all the. Time for our older adults caregivers and professionals how to protect yourself right absolutely so so basically. First of all lice they Aniston not for profit organization and on that works with older adults. Armed we have thirty direct service programs. So I recommend for older adults if you have a question boring need. Reach out to us if we don't provide the service. We most certainly can make your referral for you or give you the information. You know is so remark well everybody who comes in for this program often times state. Refer back to you guys guys have a lot of work I near any Sergio edu and we cover a wide area my program this scam prevention. On program covers eleven count me out so I not only go allow in the community and do you. The educational presentations. But I also work one on one win victims. So with an older adults his spends a victim of a scam identity theft fraud. I can actually go right to their home and help them through the entire process ask okay. So it's good to know is that it's lifespan is a good place to start it most certainly yes okay so now let's zeroing in our focus. I'm the scam prevention. What do we need to know what year educational presentations focus on what are you seeing a lot of now a days. Well with the focus really is what to look out for okay. Red flags. To be aware of and and I try to provide some tips. OK so first of all if somebody contacts you whether it be via the telephone. Or the computer and its unsolicited. And they're asking you for personal. Personal information of any type you being very cautious and be very leery of that. So if you made a phone call or you move. You are on the computer and you tight in the information. You can feel a little more comfortable yeah because you know. Who you are calling but any time its unsolicited. All so if somebody is asking for your Social Security number your mother's maiden name. You have every right to ask why they need that information and what they're gonna use it for. It's alarming because. It sounds so obvious I just got a call just last week and went to voicemail because I was in familiar with the numbers and let it go to place now. In the voicemail was you have to reach out to was ASAP. Other Reza gonna have the police show up be here. It sounds so crazy and in all made up but people fall prey to that. That people fall prey to this more than we know. On this. These these ski hammers and he's identity thieves are very crafty. And they use hawks if you will. TU trick us into giving them information. Such as here. They wanna scare you so you you get that telephone call and somebody's claiming to be from the I air rhapsody US treasury. And they say you owe back taxes and he'll pay immediately. They'll be a Warren put out for your raps so they warrants you to be fearful. They want you to act immediately. So you don't have time to really process asks. And they're always asking for you to send money in a way they can't be traced. So why one thing is very important for older adults to know is government agencies do not call. So if there was a problem with the IRS. You would receive a latter you're not gonna receive a phone copped a government agencies are never going to threat and you. They're never gonna Sadie you have to act immediately. Caveat to that is. There is. What is called spoofing technology. OK so these reformers have the capability. Of changing area codes and telephone numbers so if you have caller right. It could come up the higher ash. Or the US treasury which is why I so important. To know and these government agencies. The police. Do you not call. And that is probably look to expand right and is it looks like it appears and sometimes it appears that it's a local area code Jack as god knows yeah sin is spoofing technology. That is remarkable how that is I guess that is illegal but it's hard to Trace the AT and it's it is very high. Urge to Trace again visit these scammer he would have incredible computer skills. On their off steam using it. Saint computer to send out thousands of robo calls they use burn phones. They and they used fake names. On silly it is very difficult to track people Daryl who are targeting on not just older adults. Let young people to death via. If the only applied to that effort to legitimate job right so they may be very successful. Or success or you are act and OK so now let's move on to I was pretty alarming deep costs. Each year absolutely it's it's an incredible amount of. If money on in the dead billions yes on eight and it's not not always reported. On because people are embarrassed. Especially if say it's a real man scheme around. On which means a lot and don't romance skiing down. It weird that social media FaceBook. Hollow of the single sites. On older adults believe it or not RE eight YE a target for the gap. On individuals will post fake pictures fake profile ills. On day will automatically east say that they're in love with this person and an end this person may be a widow her lonely isolated. So then the individual starts asking for money. On because they wanna come and visit or they're in the out of the country and now is there are having some kind of a health issue. And then under those circumstances often times. Individuals really are embarrassed and they don't want to tell their adult children. They also don't want their adult children to think that they can't handle their own finance. So. End and where we where we were beginning to talk. I was saying meant they use these talks so so fear is of course I want you. Our love for family friends and and this romance. Gone their another skin that we see. All the time is be grandparents AM. Com where in individual will call claiming to be a grandchild. Who's either hurt her in trouble. And NH they begged the person not to tell their mom and dad. On and asked them to send money immediately or they're gonna spend the weekend in jail or they have to pay the hospital bill. Still should not only are they use seeing the fear tactic should they have this this grandparent who is fearful for their grandchild. They have this did incredible love of course for their grandchild. This gamers keeping them isolated by not telling them not to speak with anybody. And and telling them that they have to act immediately. On and again and what date they do is they ask you to do any money transfer. On western union that is that's a huge Dresser red eye right there it's a rash flag. On if they're asking dissent pay cash. And then fit in two others are green got cards and believe it or not I tune carts. Also green dot cards are they're prepaid debit cards they're legal you can buy the many where. But these cameras will say will go to CD gas or Wal-Mart buy a package of green dot cards. Go to the service task put down the 500 dollars bail. And then they asked for the number on the back of that car. The minute that number is give an damn money is gone and in really it is not able to be traced. I'm now they're use seeing iTunes carts. And I spoke to iTunes. End and aid basically sad consider that cash. On so they get and they asked him the putt. Put money on this I tuned car ends and then they're utilizing knows. Do they do research. I'm the individual to find out okay dispersant is just been widowed or dispersant has a family or do they just call everybody with the same story in hope. That they gave their story matches up. Ball accurately. I'm but what they do is they troll social media so even if the older adult doesn't have a FaceBook or Twitter account. Believe me our young people deal. So they may post a picture of themselves and their grandparents keen. Or they may post a picture of grandma's dogs so they know the name of the dog. On and they get they have personal information and use that. I'm on my recommendation is making that phone call called that grandchild called their parents. PM okay so what are some other. Scams that we should be watching out or Scholl and there are the sweepstakes and lottery scams and those are always. A popular scam. You get a phone call or letter or something on the computer. That says you're the big winner you've won 2.5 million dollars and Emerson eighties. They often will use the name Mega Millions or publisher's clearing house. On what they do in note the wade you know that this is a scam is number one. Foreign matter Reese are illegal so if they say it's at Nigerian Horry Jamaican lottery you know that they act okay that's not legitimate. I'm number two if you haven't played. You can't win an icy gas please don't light because you are you're really not going to win. But then they say that you need to pay international fees and taxes upfront. And they ad his daddy your red flags you automatically know that is a scam you do not have to pay international fees. On you do not have to pay taxes upfront. You never have to pay money to win money or purchase items to win money. What they're doing now is again we're talking about how crafty they are is there actually seventeen. Latter Ers. On and it may eat shape publisher's clearinghouse and have their Al mom. But now what they're doing is staring closing a chat. These tax look incredibly real user they may send a chat for 101000 dollars and say. Go ahead cash fish chat. He 2000 dollars for yourself. Start living year you're good life send us back the 8000 in cash or western union however they asked for a back. Well bat chat is going to parents. Even if the money is available within three days it could still balanced in three weeks. All I know you're responsible for every bit of that money. And people aren't aware of that they think well they gave they gave me the money so it's my no that's not it is taking feature out now they can send you a 101000 out I absolutely packed absolutely. To peek at their money back or it. We certainly track a crash show is if they're setting money out of the country. It the chances of getting in your money back is incredibly slow and then. If it's a local skiing so say at contractors scheme. Other alleged contractor comes to your door and says. You you know I can do some work on your chimney or I can see it sure gutters for Yale. That's a local individual. And who we are going to get the police involved. And we're gonna do everything that we can to have that person arrested and to get restitution. How often do those scams happen here in Rochester the local scams. All the time really all the time that I break Arne is certainly yen and mostly. Preying on the elderly. They prey on older adults who are older didn't dare. Loan me they're isolated. So what happens is this contract terror. Will common and have coffee with that. How will bring them don't knots maybe will even bring them to the store near this we've he had contractors who have been filed with people for years. The whole time taking their money. Or heard date they are doing these alleged work in the cellar and the older adults can go in the cellar so nothing's ever getting done. And they continue to take money they continued to take money. I recommend if you need a contractor. Contact the better contractors bureau gas three quotes never pay up from occurring Kay ash. On if you're writing it Shaq YE the chapped TV companies. Not to an individual. Look at the individual owns the company it should still be made out to the elderly that the company may should be Nate made out to the company. On we also have a lot of utility skinny arms we hair individuals will go to the person's house. And all asked to look at their utility bill. Will that he has their personal information on it. So I can't stress enough number one personal safety don't let strangers in your home. On number two we don't adverse show them personal information of any kind. And in many times what is happening is they're they're scoping out your house. Do you live below. Do you seem lonely and isolated. Is there a dog. With cell phones if you think about cell phone cameras shaved their checkbook is on the kitchen table how easy it would be for somebody to take a picture of ten early hours your credit card. And so he's still being very cautious about not letting individuals in your home. If we have any questions we can always just reach out GUN anytime asks. Little League I young folks call me with questions if they've received something in the mail. On if they received a phone call on absolutely. And an end in regards to that my presentations I will go all over the state to do presentations. On the one I'm one where his the eleven counties on blade forgetting that the information how dare information is power. And you know we know we see those red flags to look for. In leading king some lifespan. Scamper wrenching coordinator at lifespan. We ran at a time and I feel like we still have so much more to cover so if you would be willing to come back in in and a future. And show them absolutely I would be my eye lash out and in the meantime reach out to lifespan if you need any assistance and do not be embarrassed by and there. These are very crafty people makes you sad ER they know. How to get through so thank you so much lead for everything that you do very well from saint Leo.