Konya's costly apology

Thursday, September 28th


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I read and a bus or sandy so an apology might cost 200 dollars yes we can only hope that in the afterlife we can go back on nice. Like I had on Saturday night where maybe I was. Drinking beer old day but Hugh Hefner yes we can go back and look at the things that you don't quite remember completely new almost like the deleted scenes of your life. As Alan need to for the specially consult. I guess that'd be had been drinking all day and I'm wolf it was the drinking or the food but I was having. Stomach problems. With the book and found kind where there's this echo and the so my girlfriend and I went to our toilet and doing our friend's house and that's our wish. Oh friends and Webster earlier and I continue to had drink it continued to have stomach problems could you know what I mean. That's slower. I wake up. In the guest room my girlfriends in the bed and I'm on the floor oh dear. This you know with a pillow and blanket just wait guess for him at this other friend's house and he has stayed in and caring. Stomach still feel little Lola and thinking. So we get up we are readily to call a uber girl lift Hoover has been driving there. And we're making have been irresponsible of course too much to rest now. Now we're not worth a total bomb. And make the bed in the guest room. And now I'm not. There's some markings on the bed Bono or. Disgusting human beat. So there is sold to make the bed but this to human being so. Army are are we talking. They don't well advisors furniture products or clarify that there weren't pancakes bill late third and kicks. The Patrick sympathy though they weren't Pincay did you eat well boom just big. I markings cellular markings circular on a corner of the comforter. C got called that her son looking out my Dick Cheney Libby the sheets I'm looking at that's what he had the. It is. It so let's. Well like. No way c'mon twenty years old there's no way I might I say it's an ice sheet that has been good she did these did admit it could. That it took you awhile to. Go in a whole a whole night without your co ops yes I don't group mullets in Kenya and their team before a supplement what are you mad okay all right so this is a completely different animal right. Same here so I don't like no hole. Now we knowledge this is why it's the public is just terrible that probably got messed up comforter and a spare promised that no less painful is it a newborn baby two out can't tell me your girlfriend did a sniff test. After the sniff test. Concluded that I indeed. She's been dead for. Where she tremendous. She all but that day and saw like what the heck do we do so. I get. I like to get a clean this obviously so well. What do so she when he gets being remover she snuck into the laundromat in retro describe it out. Describe how you don't know that now don't scrub it out of Scruggs in the need to take you to ignore laundromat yeah. An expensive is this an expense of comfort I don't know what comforter split tossed his slider is an expensive are all expensive so I go and that we we do the stain remover angle put in the washing machine. Apparently that's not good enough it may. Henry so in the owners your friends yet owners of this comforter he. Has no idea that you're he's stripping the bat and throwing it in the laundry correct in thinking. So I think he put in the laundry is does this. Stuff comes out at the net that's too dull my dogs did it once or twice and I had a laundry right commit. My girlfriend now she goes no we have to get them with to give them with the pay for the comforter get a new comforter a hundred dollars she wants me descendant. A 100 dollar Amazon gift card to them so they can buy new set. Did go to this thing come out. Can they catch you yeah it takes a long time to wash and dry comforter. And you did it without them knowing. Well you know we will be left to go home and indeed they know about everything now all we put in a watcher and left and told him yes. Did they know what was on the comforter. Yes I'm. Have a newborn baby so it's that the media system like that I had to get something can look at Washington and put back on the bed and we're everything's fine and it came out completely. I don't know what I'll but he did see it anymore is what I'm saying. And I'll let the cinema at the pay a hundred dollars for replacement up that are. Her friends probably threw me in clean air yeah. Yeah and when. Wouldn't the ball look let's just that you threw up. As you always the raw okay at. You know what else did you did you have any girls but you know I'm on that hole that you tell them that I had yeah we exceeded that you did. You come out. If you Tony issues it's Obama. Ticket PGM light. You're Gatorade. And you banana and you are an insult everything. Since she you aren't going to give them under Dow dogs and I know. You should not have to pay them any money it's washed it's fine. It's disgusting if money hunt. I'm a little BB a toddler old stuff you differently and could really be out a little baby fire is so you'll always. But when they're taught me something and Zach did you ask yeah regs and especially a man with a big. He pulled the man so I can hold their baby so for problem I can hold. Little Clinton and he can throw all Kwame in my answer and it's. Boil down denial that have spit it'll all my shirt the rest of the day and I love the smell like I'm drawing. Usually say you love the snow BBB maybe anything baby feed babies little baby. Diaper baby everything just looking baby because it today to discuss that guy now every woman says the same thing it's so cute. Melissa you turn into a grown. Grown man who should be able to control troops home. You had your body sometimes things happen to join us and wait to get right now. Diapers you're a little about it I'm talking to two and should you have to pay for something that you. Technically ruling completely. But the bat and to fumigate the room. Think. We must hundred this is a hundred dollar embarrassment. Chip my pants right here chipper pitcher can you should repent right here. Is that. I'm sure my pants for free well I guess mission not camps yet ship you can't really you can check your pants too. Shall. I digestion my pants with very can be married can be. It's nice to ship my night the picture shipped well. And if you could get to a hundred dollars per one little honest mistake. Prices by as crews had to buy as you think I should buy a new comforter set. And your bad. As you have asked guest room you bet on that. You're gonna cost you more than a hundred dollars yeah. How are you know sort of mantra mantra. Before. Let's understand how it's not okay for me to do that. Did their bad but it's just adorable when the baby she looks up my shirt and I got to walk around all day with a future. All also may and the east sit up is so cute babies can help them. Yeah at a moderate weren't racked. It seemed that. Though the pattern.