Konya gets stuck in an elevator

Wednesday, January 3rd


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What is your greatest fear what's the worst way possible. They could think tea. Gil you know I mean divorce lawyers. To blow to tell drownings there alive. What do you like the doors are getting a guy that's easier said you know reading murder against it and all hundred of our wrestlers sitting on tablets cast this as soon as I heard greatest fear that have received I don't know I. Political atmosphere this morning jet may have lived through your greatest fear think of your greatest yeah I'm in Atlanta may have looked at this morning and carry it well it's that the breakfast buzz here in 99 about as fires another one that's pretty scary when snake pit but probably my greatest fear tornado would be mine is nothing you can do about it. You know east hold on and well for the Bautista hit a you know that divorce is. RC I can like guys who. This out of your control let's compare every greatest fear to a divorce lawyer drowning yup the debt prayer and debt in. So I go I'd go to the mat in my apartment this this morning at the door of them actual apartment and walk on the hall and into left to my elevator. Again in the elevator doors close and I hit one to go down to the first floor I'm on the sixth for. So the doors closed elevator goes down and stops. Hell. My talk and all the way down I'm talking like half a floor down well all the lights. The buttons go off like usually you click like. Number one and it illuminates in my elevator orange Wednesdays orange until you get to the first floor doors open that lakers off. Light goes there's no light is Null what one the number one goes off. The doors don't open doors are about to close in the first among the fifth floor island on the six like in between geez some account. So I look and now you know it by the door in an elevator there's the arrow going up and now we're going down whichever direction your going now ones eliminated as well downs went up. Okay there are going down its it was just like I was filming a movie three matches and look at the panel with all the numbers a seeded number one lit up. Pink goes off moment okay so like you know naturally just turn over to the door. And notice the arrow going up are going down that are going down is lit up orange. Who now look at it that goes out. And here's. Not media writes I'm like okay it's not panic here so I go I hit the number one and it and it just goes. On as I'm hitting it late as may fingers pressing it down innocent Zeljko goes off a hole and knocked in. Me and he's done what kind of war in the morning something in the morning who who who. The morning. Usually the only person awaken the entire bill. That called fine. Is there any real anybody really and the other side of that eight your building advocates as an animal. Because typically it's in you know the security office in a big hotel there's always somebody out of what analysts expected to visit the fire department. Now we had a call button in the elevator mountain were ones when you hit it just rang a bell. And yeah I think it has today note here is this whoever hears it. It's just like not you can hear. On. To something somebody's office somebody's phone was something no war. Ring a bell. Car alarm that pays attention to the car alarms go off in the parking lot. Umpire the elevator bell going off a I don't know I don't know you are in are on elevator source dot com when the button in the elevator phone is published in the hell is automatically dial to a tool for 24 hour monitoring number. The it has to go to somebody just be you know what you like bonus central. This could be it it could do there isn't there's another button for the belt. Yeah there's another but the Wear a belt and maybe I'm the only person and all of you are better right. If I heard the bell ringing in gaelic. OK. And there is to keep watch and golden girls. We you'd call for I don't like. The diver Q are you to the elevator gonna you guys. And I owe it to the animator Buick you guys. May be your night sharing her way to. So what so it's a few and yeah right Alison briefly out now. Do you say goodbye video like of course they did I love you Waltz to the eighteen of course into a picnic patent act can make it out alive now that is on the buzz FaceBook page my goodbye video. Did you did you consider going up through the ceiling tile I was gonna die hard to figure out he says the only diehard. I was going I was going to go by. So on there on out I'm panic keying tell me grading did you cry it out at and cry and I and I did not cry consider eating my only source of protein which is my frozen egg sandwich since it's how you look. Apollo. The eighth for you to start to really panic I was sweat my palms sweating and sitting in the corner and going back and forth on the no rocking back and forth. And then and it finally painted face time my girlfriend whose wealth for all we not a sleepy. And I decided yet ball back as we seek to you know she bald round little bit London Upton. It's things timer in the you know the complete. Complete black screen of the electoral apparently notary public. He's not at all to let me out I I hit I ate for some reason. Number four. Fourth floor hit the I was going to all the buttons and big or engage sells an elevator started moved from. I thought I was gonna die. Elevator open up in the fourth floor I screwed up like that. Okay because you can kind of hear you know through a stairwell oh yeah that's something bad can happen within a normal floor. You gonna take the stairs noticeably on to number four is unlucky today if you're driving you see a license plate with the car and and and the number four in the end in the sequence get away from the car. We'll take exit for today. 64 lucky Hoosier escapism and the yeah I thought I was gonna die worst. Worst three minutes of my life.