Konya gets hit on at the bar

Friday, June 8th

Should Konya tell his girlfriend that a girl gave him her number while he was bartending?

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Well after 8 o'clock. As you're gonna kick on the weekend cared dead couple minutes we. We've got a nice day to holy city 75 degrees Rochester red wings coming in with a brand new what took Rochester plates coming. Put them away it was were also. But again 75 to the highs in the mid fifties right now. It was last time. You declined. One of the biggest compliments you can get and the social situation and that's getting offered a phone number or being asked for your phone number. What the last time that happened. Never out of it I guess sarcastic tone in your voice to ambulance last has it been in this millennium. It's all. Or railway. Now that a really. Who gave my thick pink aisle if so why Michael and I we both work at the same side hustle and work over at that in the super house she serves and I am part and so the other day I think it was on Sunday. Bomb bomb like certain customers and one guy's just kind of wait Nair and McConnell will like to serve and got an excellent serve and angle to the left him. And he's kind of just standing in the drinking a cinema what do you need like kind of like with a sense of urgency and we need. And he now he's talking to me in front of other customers who are also waiting you'll. And I decided I wanted to give the steeple right Brent. Some members as the guy giving it to me and it's a little piece of paper and its sense its it's as. Are you single yes or no if yes call or text this number stop. Sorry about the people still pass notes at the far yes or no it happens all the time is fifth grade. Mean we're talking about here. Anyway yeah and inaccurate senior trip came through the brewery tour forget I got like porno on number septic. I'm a peace keep her seat it's on it guys. From girl call consensus this guy was giving new one for his friend he said. So a lot like what gender is a friend to get it tells consist changes the story does that so a look at the slip and it said well I'm look I'm like kind of like all over the place is uncharted. Beta customers so they can get their drinks and stuff like that sells things are discussed her when the bank through YouTube. So lie if I look at him and I finally laugh and I'm like. I'll tell your friend I'm flattered but I have a girlfriend but seriously tell mom flatter particularly with up OPEC entity and I keep this slip and I'd put it on the bar and he walks away. So as we sort this slut and a little bit attitudes look up and find that worry is out of the corner. And he is at a table with three girls who once seemed to be either his girlfriend or whatever and the other two girls were just on the opposite side of the table. Some laugh in my Alley and I tell you know tell one or two people and how funny it is or whatever and then this happens this amazes me some awesome come to Edmonton. Little wonder I'm wondering I wonder whose whose table that is wonder who's serving those people alone no. And then L little who. Bond with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. Blocks over. And it turns out that my girlfriend is their server yeah. If it. So my girlfriend was waiting on the table. Into it's one of the girls sent her phone number over to me the bartender AK a herbal different. Howell the costs and I don't look how awesome wouldn't have been if one of the girls like. Q bartender give them in now at. The only activate this. You tell her will that's when I was faced with two was. You always have to tell your significant other when your I guess hate on for lack of a better as you that the US. Why not Richard I did not. It's it's it's it is nonexistent it was and it ended it didn't do anything number I don't know women's art so why jail. Because it there it's it's a non issue it's had its mid. Over early you're waiting and right now they want Greece we are. Head that you and then she you know looking at you like only had I am the lucky is Carole Everett look yeah. Yeah right I said. A new sales and when you get a photo. You're not so how winner I'd say you're flattered and and you see not an act done if you are now gone. What if I mean that's that's up these things just don't something's just don't say a got I would passively aggressively say kind of hand debt. Like I'll now he does their stamp on he doesn't it's just QBs numbers anatomy probably lending to business dipped but I'm telling my hope and allow so he knows that old yet I'm still desirable I got it. Can she beat you can get I think you know I of the lot lighter guys handing their phone number on her receipt. Also you tell them for yourself as reasons not very good their security in and jealousy reasons. Schilling has been no sector and this number of years of marriage you couldn't picture your husband knows. He's a lucky man yes. And you can tell your if your Mormon. You can tell your husband this stuff yet but his guys we can't tell you that will never live it oh yeah I told it's ever tried. Offer until every time I got approached with a phone number. I would never be able to text in a room by myself ever again. To be locked in like Superman shooting lasers at his eyes are myself everytime epic there was that. This month FaceBook does that do this booking. The double standards me sensitivity and a woman thing knows it's in your girlfriend thing is just the way your way away so there for guys. Don't see anything current I don't see anything we did well. You yeah one one Michael workers is like and can be the one to tell a completely. If that's the way you just kind of giddy go up about it she I mean I can't tell you know I had a couple that so. She went and we waited for the customer to leave him at my coworker went over with Nick Diaz won it happened. Q I don't suspect her. Walker to get Al giddy to tablets are high all the. I.