Konya Does NOT Deserve His Man Card After This Grilling Mishap

Tuesday, July 10th

Konya almost set the house on fire because he didn't know the proper grilling technique

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We're anything. I was in general and guys. There was a our crossfire in hand Rihanna. That happened and what exists since summer summer did it. Because they're grill. It's possibly too close to the house slow boy how most of the same thing the G well I do not deserve to have my man card for awhile. On vacation come. Probably nowhere near being beat solos like renting a house in humble and I'm like we're gonna save money again as we talked about. Save money cook me bottoms like he'll skewers and stuff and vegetables and chicken and we're gonna make steak still. I'm in car I'm so embarrassed to admit this but I I feel necessary because that was attacked other men. Or not. You know being allowed to have their man cards so I feel I have to admit does. He do. I don't know how to use charcoal. Hidden. There's a science behind to do a difficult this is sandy to use charcoal no. I never had it's hard if you've it's one of those things they census toward the bag in the grill and then starts fired no tricks you've never been taught how to use charcoal. Our overall it's impossible you can't just figure it out order. Yeah science it's into that every weekend and you'll probably taught how to do it at one point no it was. Okay why it happened I'd buy a tried about but the mega charcoal and imagine the lighter fluid thing and I try to lie there and at the ichabods on and they just didn't cook. And apparently. There's a bit of venting technique that you have to do with the grill to keep the charcoal hot. And apparently useless to poll the crow away from the fence before you light the lighter fluid out principled footing. Silent Tim the tool time tool man Taylor you go home and Tim Allen while. The moment we're almost done with defense on fire so. We can you just rented someone's house yes it started to charcoal grill or almost caught their place on the whole thing well and it was the hottest. Temperature at San Diego seem like a hundred years of something. But I don't idol. I thought I can figure and he's a charcoal grill I didn't it was an embarrassing or ruin all the kabob that I made to save money on eating out what are we ultimately do have to go eat. Teach your children. These boys and girls had charcoal. This is another life lesson may shed made mandatory in schools this is symbol adults saying this is when you know you grown up when you got to do charcoal down. It's congratulations. I was joking around and that was that it was a fail so wasn't adult announcement and he instrumental. To Sonoma and gifts I give it sort of girls are really argues that the really really really hard US.