Kelly Clarkson on the show

Wednesday, January 10th


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Yeah it doesn't kill you next. Clarkson is I facts and she's a pro spanking she her parenting style she shakes my parents spank me the united front of life and I feel fine about it really heard about this yet. We our society is yet. So about that is Good Morning America. Kelly is she making huge headlines. Yet. He's so. Nice piece don't think she is an all around. Nice person you never hear anybody say anything bad about her stoned I would assume that she means just a little tap on the career not up. Yet this morning who loves Osama singer is making headlines for her not so. Soft stance when it comes to spanking. I'm not above its banking which people aren't. Yes barely into the army like hitting her heart had been a bank. Now cat Harry and I say there Kelly. I catch. It really honestly now. If you're gonna do you think. I'm surprised she didn't send that out laps to an elegant unspoken thing even if you'd for instance you. Unless unless you are numbers aren't markets ended regular everywhere and is leg. That's politically incorrect not even say that she didn't say that's who. Hold until this moment you had no idea Kelly Clarkson opinion. On spanking or discipline your kids now now I just found it. All you have to now. Why you lie to everybody who to a deal would mean this is the first time you hearing anything like this from Kelly Clarkson and yeah. While your life. We're not lie you are the cart according to Good Morning America from the cook I just played yeah you guys are the ones that did the interview which. During a radio interview with 99 the buzz in much terror. Did the SE disciplines are kids and that she's not above spanking when dealing with temper tantrums thrown by her three year old daughter river rose. I warn her feeling that I am gonna thank you want to bottom if you don't stop right now like this is ridiculous honestly it's really helpful if she doesn't really do. Content that's. Talk to her. Jerry mother talking to Kelly good. So I'm Erica another nagging nine Rochester. And I'll just add up itself. Not according to get Americans as rapidly from there right at the ratio of about twenty minutes ago. Your radio interview with 99 the much. Eskimo. Absolutely ever call doing and it is absolutely. Adore her so much she was fantastic to Iranians. I wasn't during a recent interview with 99 the buzz in Rochester. Yeah. The weirdest community are so yes. Yeah I do every they are listening to our interview and absolute lines some and you have the private interview. Opel and oust his. Yes it's good to do good.