JUUL, Vaping, E Cigarettes Oh My! (The real dangers)

Thursday, June 14th

Electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, vape pens, JUUL and ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) are interchangeable names for the same or similar products which appear in many forms. These products have become increasingly popular among teens and young adults. According to the Surgeon General, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Center for Disease Control and others respected national and statewide organizations, these products are not safe and may pose a serious risk to short and long term health.

Great resource fo rparents: https://ncadd-ra.org/awareness-campaigns/e-cigarettes-vaping

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Hello thank you again for joining us in is that neighbors in need I am seeming routers and in the studio with me today is Jennifer Sarah injure from the end ZADD. Thank you for being in today pleasures are sent to waste in Iraq and no. You are just a wealth of information and Meehan we need you today is a very important interview NASA and they aren't. Always but today specifically because there's so much confusion around. Invade being first and as at the same thing east big fade being the other term in my ears and news. Electronic nicotine delivery systems aren't closely EC taping one in the same OK it's all the same pop arrangements and in jewels is a word that I hear jewels as the newest kid on the block so that's the real high tech version of EC since. Altera op potent and it comes in the form of it is looks like USB drive took can be easily concealed if it's youth carrying do it would look like any other US the year if a question. He gets scary it is the tenth this topic is scary because you never want to thank your kid is participating in meth I. And even if you tell them OK you know be care for all loans that they are being of course they're gonna tank and I mean. And anyway under way to read in there really fine do you really understand the dangers of us so we geared to educate everybody. And watts are the dangers. How can we talked to our kids and make sure. That there knots experimenting with yes yes yes so let's start what are the dangers is it safe because a lot of parents Evander I've heard. Think it's safe. Right because it do its way it's being promoted especially he thinks inequality variations is being promoted haven and stop smoking try 86. In terms of that don't research on perhaps helping someone cut down there might be some merit and that. But with kids it's having the reverse the fact it's it's. The east sheiks are being designed and engineered in such a way. It's their very high tech gave their very colorful they come in a variety of shapes sizes they come with. Any number of flavors. From cotton candy and look I mean did the sky's the limit with flavors and you know we know one mark Dell to children. What it would adult ones who think young critic than you think that's Flickr like yeah don't seriously. So it's definitely got a youth focused marketing despite but the makers are saying so the makers who say concept sleep safe and it's helping to people. Quit smoking when in fact that the youth easily 20% it's her first their first on training. Into the world smoking. They start with he six and then they might go to two combustible or the cigarette smoking but it's certainly not a starter stop product for kids. And no or even for adults it's not a safe. And our team nicotine replacement therapy there's a number of FDA approved. Are things that you can use if you wanna stop smoking and this is not an approved by FDA as a nicotine replacement therapy. Anything important those things like. There's some several medications but there's also licenses patches there's a number of things then that are affected. So this started off as I mean it looks like this in the shape of the cigarette yeah what is marketed towards adults I wanna quit smoking. So this has he evolved into what we're talking about today. Pass in the past so started off literally looking in mirroring those the look in the shape of the cigarette. In the intensity of the Nicky being involved it typically bought. You went date bait shop and you bought liquid nicotine in the liquid nicotine concentration could be anywhere from. Zero may actually had Sara but not too many people like that. Zero all the whipped a 3035. The jewel in the newest kid on the block ramps up even further. So again they started off looking like a cigarette but they quickly went to these very large format. Snoop Dogg was one of the ones that promoted this huge one that's about. Nine inches long I mean that's the nature and that's when you started to hear words like they can sustain it looked like a sick. This is more like a vaporize her. And the area where you could put into liquid purse increased in science. And also the vapor geysers. Postseason as the one in the same when you think of that cartridge where you add your liquid. What ever I mean that's his picture not only could it be a variety. Length of of concentration of nicotine he could be passionate Allen could be synthetic now OpenId could be. What pepper and you don't really know what someone is inhaling through there device. Okay how of these kids heeding that. The tape shops or online. Community to have a unit to you saying eighteen. I'm kind but. You know and in some cases actually there were a few schools when we first started seeing this pop up in the room and schools and this is an issue were up to about 30%. Usage among teens which is way over but the usage. I'm stumpel secrets were back in the day oh really yeah and it's 30% admitting to admitting to some time use. 20% admit to use than last thirty days in this numbers only climbing with the introduction of tools. So early on and I hope this isn't still happening but. Be where parents they were actually buying the usage hits. Under 2550. Dollars that their kids. And with their kids saying well I'm beating this stops. And they were upset at the school took. Strict policy. And confiscated the product. Which some of the schools. A Bravo to them early on head clear policies have to pick economic policies that this jeopardize the safety of the school and Carmen. I'm not all schools take that stance that I could really encourage schools to think about that and look and certainly with the advent two with the very very potent. An easy date it's taken to a whole new level the point that jewels have taken over the marketplace. They're up to 196070%. Of the market share at. And not only for her youth high school. It's moving into young adults and early college age the point that if she blogs Julian blogs it's become a firm. And Joomla. It meant something because a curb in it's really starting to become ingrained in the two kids really don't. Realign its its dangers know we including jewels anything as well acute onset comes preloaded. But I was so that you buy it saved by the cartridge that you buy them a little preloaded. Cartridge that pops into the tool. They can be tampered with but it does come with a preloaded. Cartridge but there. Much more intense than the ritual he sank in terms of concentration I mean I'm nicotine yeah yeah okay now what. Where else can happen and would other side effects men are the other should we turn to read about them now with some really horrific explosion burn kinds of things. There was recently in this usually comes from the case of someone trying to juice up there. There device and independent and to set the battery or or altered in some way. There's been burned suspend explosions. Recently there's an explosion that was so severe that the device blew up the purse the user's mouth and then. It went right through their own their brain you know this thing happen all the time obviously not that coupon be the one that that happens to yeah. And it's spend typically by trying to adjust her. Maneuver of the intensity of these devices you're using cheese now what is popcorn lung Akron hi Aqua lungs that's so there's some multiple number. Of products that are in. East sheiks in one of them is English and Diane but I collared guy Cecil. And it's something that. Produces these little pockets in the lungs and they called popcorn lung just because that's what it looks like. But basically what it's done to your lungs the lung you say is intended to be. I'm membrane which last oxygen to pass freely in both directions. When you get scarred lung tissue or popcorn lung. You lose your flexibility in the premier ability to alone so basically you're not breathing as well with our block. If you are. I'm without it so it's impacting no long term basis the health of the once long. Is this as addicting as if you are a smoker absolutely. Capsule and then more so with kids because I mean you told us in the past there the waiter brain hasn't fully developed yet I. Brenda more susceptible to DR diction ER because if they're attracted to announce. Now it's not only the so nick nicotine is nicotine you're addicted to nicotine whether you're smoking director and secretary of Britain but there you see one of these products. Only thing that changes with a one of these products is the concentration intensity of the nicotine. So stands to reason that the higher intensity more likelihood that to become addicted. But I think with kids who become addicted to respond to their product to got a couple things going one. You sprain isn't fully developed even till they're 2425. So that whole decision making brown miss is no kind of impacted. But if they start using earlier the likelihood that they'll. Either continue to use or start smoking or move on to other drugs of abuse since. Is increased and we're seeing more and more of that that's gonna ask you that there's at least into something Mardy very well could very well to pat yeah. Not to say that in itself citizen dangerous especially if one just banning the scheduling. You hit these loans were a kid to talk in young people talk about spending literally all the time Julie. And so they're. Obviously going to have a very. Big issue around being addicted to nicotine which is really tough thing to come off any plan illegal it's not a link now. So even if people are blogging about it and snapped Channing union Japan and there's. No real repercussions. Are you really don't value it the only recent repercussion. And since may first. FDA was going after several makers to stop marketing to kids. But we'll see with back. You know how I guess. Activism you enjoy it only because of gay was still is asked to stake to go front and center and pushed back and that's a number of years ago. And that date of of providing some guidance and guidelines and restriction. Keeps getting pushed out further and further and further. There's my skepticism. I can't there and be something done more swiftly make we knew nobody shares in drug problem in this all. Right right and that's why I encourage parents to really become yeah there. We had an hour spring newsletter. An article about this without some resources. It would be posting on our website parents. Two cats one teachers but parents need to go but he talked your kids so be informed as a parent. Yeah your kid be aware that this isn't a harmless preoccupation. It could be something else but in itself it's it's risky and it's. PM and the music community. I especially in the school me it's really important to look at the policies you happen. How are you responding so school are you just accepting this turning a blind eye review added this to your truck and pop pop city. Is gonna say aren't there more and more districts that there are absolutely. It's actually educating in classrooms talking about it in classrooms talking about it and coalitions. Educating some of the coalitions are conference on turn the school community partnerships so yup there's more and more information. It's so scary now in custody case so much. And China being. There's always that group of kids that you thought to be the kids who you know experiment and now it feels like it's everywhere yeah good kids even the good kids with good parenting good family friend. I it's it's not about that it really never have stun. And it really has never done a city problem I mean it's it's it's generally have any he can impact anyone. So bottom line is be very aware be aware of changes. Changes and friends changes in grade team just appears changes some things they like to do. And and informed and ethnic elements and and is there anything in their badger him. That will show signs that their doing Mench. Signing some of the paraphernalia. I mean this is open this is a little puff of you be using tools although it's interesting I was. There The New Yorker did huge article on jewels and Julian how high techie it's becoming in the market cheered so. I take a look at that article. But it talks about how youth can. Customized now third jewel and by little wraps Ford and Lucci and make it into the it's so again and you knew when you start to do those kinds of things in your building an industry around an industry. It's becoming more and more in green and I'm so if you find one of these I'm. EU SB drives there really isn't and it's all decorated up I start to think you know what this this is is this that you. Or do you find some of the products that look more like a cigarette. Some of the products that look more like and they've become an all shapes and sizes so I'd be looking at something that in this. Unusual not child's room. And kind but their behavior really doesn't change. Does that it could if that's becomes their focus and so I did the photo the kids that are Julian in using it all the time I think their behavior. Change it up. What they're doing when they're doing and how much they're doing it starts to dictate everything else the OK okay if I'm trying to think it compare it to you know. Will be elated diction and yeah. There's more her. It would be more diet are around an array probably I think he can more clearly I mean this is so. This is and up for our estimate on. So you might see those kinds of things where someone's taking weakness in the okay comments very addictive so when someone has a drive to. Because if it'll just like if someone was trying to quit smoking anything Coca urgently someone looks the next cigarette and think about this in terms two. Using high intensity you seeing your name and pass them over and send them. And a connection with there and drug of choice in this case. Okay you've got to really keep your I have you can what can thank you so much for helping us out today. You're very welcome my pension and in the web site again to find out more information about this and then everything else as well that. We should be aware of and CD DT cherries out or.