Judgment Zone- You bring a gift instead of cash to a wedding

Monday, June 11th

Judgment Zone Case #611

If the wedding couple is not registered anywhere does that mean they only want cash?

Are you a Jerk or Justified if you bring a tangible gift

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There was no. Mentioned this faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the evaluation. Criticism. Are you what we call. All big boom and I'm sure it's. Dirk justifying or 2222899. Case number 61 winding judgments on. Ports Ethan yeah I need to wedding. And you ask. A couple more when you registered they say. Registered anywhere. Pretty much says we want to cash without saying the only minor cash. If you show up to the wedding with. Aghast as tangible gift in hand does that make future. For testified at 2222899. The dilemmas we face we're going to weddings are so difficult to have. To navigate our thing take harder if you view if you feel like bring him again after you can burn you gain a blender or something like act. Instead of cold hard cash money in the envelope or check. It's justified he's justified and he can bring I mean it it's a celebration on the life it's it's it's something that you know. Even though that I registered anywhere doesn't mean that they don't need stuff. I think it's a jerk move there obviously say anyone cast just given cash doesn't matter how much is just throw some money ready check. I mean. For once in your life make one day. A few hours. Not about what you think just give the writing room while they want on their one day of their last day they can. Make a list or choose not to make a list for gifts receiving. Holiday you know so to speak just to get out of the wedding day. It's funny because. Another reason why I think it's just raised when when Joseph and I got married we did have registering. And but there is lots of stuff that we got that was an honor registry list OK and did you judge those people who strayed from the left. Like I thought it was even more interesting because like harvest is beautiful or this is Korea are we needed that. It's all right this is that the what I didn't always it was literally dead it was never what did you used every single thing he's got an from the every little thing as I don't know if my article and it always it gets under way yet know we did get some stuff that was our list but the stupid wasn't it wiest as a matter of fact I got yelled at because I broke at the other day. And she's who like have been beat platters and. You can't break cold hard cash. Argo you to say. What the somebody else needs more than themselves that's basically what you're doing by buying a gift for somebody who doesn't have a oh wasn't registered anywhere for the wedding that's like saying. Do you think you don't need anything but I'm gonna show you that you eat this crock pot of all how self right. Until eight nag nag it's a totally you know it just pick up on the clothes it's their special day give and there is Neil bogey. Are there special request you're just gonna go and sit wherever you want you're not gonna go and figure out where your table Simon has now I deserve to sit wherever I want I get to pick what I'm doing today. See you decide is the jury did you ultimately have the verdict in your hands 2222899. Do you think that it is justified because it is your money. And you can do it every while it's your money you buy whatever kinda get cash or kept what art is it because this is the riding grooms request. For cash only. That it would be. Manager group whose side are you on the bride and groom who want to cash or in the guest who think they have the power to bring with they want him for help could not be in the. So out of the bride and groom on their wedding day. Your submitted just a minute all your your your giving up all control those few hours that you decided to someone else to someone else's wedding. And really think about it that's how it's always been in less day. And us they decide that you get to pick what you want T out of the three options that they decided who you're eating what they want ED you're drinking in wearing what they want you to drink and where just. Just don't go to the perp you out. Sonoma gaffe it's better than not then if you give and cash fine but if you give me gift you're going to stand out. Like a jerk to register anywhere they're gonna get this beautiful what ever you get them obviously arkansans who crappy gift card from somewhere right you're gonna give him something that's. You put them. You put the thought into he put effort and going and get that says way more vehement check even if they didn't register it doesn't mean. That they just want cash Metallica unwritten rule 222289. And what do you think checker justified. Bugs third day they'll what Hulu will elitists think that you know better than them as to what they want. Every at IU. Want it. Sure but now knowing that they didn't have a registry and they're just gonna either not use a return your gift. How could you even feel right bringing you get bringing you get an incentive money. And you want to. They're. Out if they don't. Banks are college judgment zone. I really did think that if you don't register somewhere that really does say I want can have done maybe that's my I mean beyond the pool to assume that I don't know what do you think 2222899. Jerk urge justified if you show up with a gift when the bride and groom. Did that register anywhere hide the buzz. Justified. There was no particular Richard first time I got married. Really underdog but. Now to open a cabinet. The defense of your wife likes to hear that yeah Rochester. Doling it out it was wedding yet that the. The you think to guide. Our. Do you people out of delete it you. And not need or want Avian or are they got married June. Not at 2008. And he died I don't know October 13 2008. We can't stop people how would they want it was all about that can't be it religious people that did it become would have bet. A hot enjoying. It celebrating two people lightly at all there aren't that bad. These are real good point thank you don't part of why they note. I jerk or just yeah. I'm gonna need a bike but like I went right. It ain't you know ordered her back in May and other mare island. It isn't paying the mortgage still not gonna send my you know personalized. On coffeemaker to take a half a pain up my mortgage come other have a plane you're just go with their planets there are. And I act over there. I get the problem of someone ER that was like her and I like being on a lot of our I have. Reacting they're handing out I think that the cause. With the monogrammed towels and I think in this case specific event listener who email me did not specify. So are we don't know that little piece event. Where. They too. One device go ahead Jirga justified. Yeah. Well no it's yeah I'll talk crap is out of a crock of crap yeah. This mixed it yeah. What exactly laughter. After the Belmont Stakes for the crowd when we should be calling this. Journey or Triple Crown. You just survive.