Judgment Zone- Wife FB post

Monday, April 23rd

Judgment Zone

You decide if her Facebook spring cleaning post about her husband was Jerk or Justified


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There was no. Mentioned this faster space and as timeless as infinity. System. In between the evaluation and criticism. Doesn't do you. Which we call. Yeah I'm sure it's. I'm getting overtaken this accord today it's a post so I'm FaceBook. Everybody was what what were you doing this past weekend Huard out get out there and gain some yard work done right starring. At least starting the process. When you her husband does something and fails miserably at it. Do you let the world now. So I saw this FaceBook post. My husband would've killed me. If I posted something Mike tests but pattern out year the jury you decide if she's being if the wife is being jerk or justified. By hosting. So how does my hobby. He figured out how to change the lawnmower blade after injuring himself a dozen times at Latham OG. Clapping emotion and Jerker justified to 222899. New are the jury is it OK to post something like. It's an accomplishment that she's product Hammond happy that he's hurt or suffer anymore so good for her justified. Or out there on it. She didn't have to include that he did it multiple times before figuring it out. Lack of energy and hit a yes she's treat them like a kid. Like it like a child. She's jerk she's a she's a big big big jerk for doing that. Yeah she she is if he wants to go man this this kick my butt and he wants the right that for about himself fine but she. I just I just picture. Her sitting back drinking lemonade watching him you know try to fix that and laughing at him. Or something like that feel like she's laughing at him and bad for that. She's a jerk. Think there's nothing wrong with a little sense of humor in that espoused application sent the word for. And I sent jobs a little bit. I ask is all of us wives we've seen our husbands go through things that we justly. Shaker had like mine he can Napster. And that many get that right but that FaceBook. As a status update. Jab little body. To 22289. Net Jerker justify that aren't sure what's wrong can't eagle can't take it. No because it. If they white as the problem that armed. Q can I pick up the rent do yourself a well hello what are you had to probably are aware are you saying that aren't cohort. Oh she was happy that he didn't hurt himself this time that's all this drama that she's looking at her husband. No all hard and she's got. He's at port I can't win right if she he she want to die she wants done her way shall into the first time give the guy a break it's a learning curve to do something like that. And I have a plot but well you want the word that. Thanks and Jurgen is that you jerk justified. Jarred so cry today eat some and the first involved crunch referring a lot in remote jeans and in minutes and certainly it. He's African currency of FaceBook sir he didn't go well live and breathe it by analogies. We shouldn't you week out you know. Get a grip it's that personal it's ridiculous school gives a crap. He a look at I'm the first one to leopard myself. And and it in the very general they're doing some good volleys and it also wonder you sit there. Lap on a cloud at the athletes he's put them down necessarily. Its total work advocate lower yourself regular fears of that's fine like to ask someone else laugh you. When all you were doing was trying to help. Yeah but you know I I I don't even want isn't as well but because you what you need to spider. You broke an ankle trying to change but that's an. You posted on FaceBook which I know you don't you hate that kind of thing again. But if you are what you are all out every so pupils on FaceBook well my Wi-Fi this kicked his grades at my life two weeks the perfect make an AK but finally tenable. How would she did that. My white wouldn't have a problem. That I wouldn't choose the white. Board have a proper. He's like he's that you just the final let's go to another call them document are just I had advised Jirga justified. Does the bags lighten up everybody now. Well in the intelligence let's get generational. About it and and thank you. I goodbyes and you're on the judgment zone today. Turkey justified. Or. The Blue Line. The world. I didn't pay that check that out how to do it yes. You are I apparently. Are. I guess every who made up that little. That person again if you know what I don't really can't. I. Really need to let the public know. I had to listen I'm gets offended most buy things and that didn't offend me. What I'm usually go on with the thin skin around here that doesn't ephemeral it's. He's definitely under the snow I have all my fingers Bergen Bergen ought yeah thank. Qaeda buys the judgment zone. I thinking is that dirt in did not post something I'd go to media. Making a lot of debate Earhart then you're Barrett. How are you don't know that she's not just congratulating him on come on not losing another. 23 here's the FaceBook post so proud of my hubby. He figured out how to change the lawn mower blade after injuring himself a dozen times and laugh demo OG. And clap right yes. I think I left a malady. And making botnet that adds. She seriously but it does well instead they'll wrap up my caddie figured out how to inked a lot Hartley act but all that extra. Is there any justify. And I'm thinking I'm about as Dirk justified and chair that's it it's over yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Jeff Erickson guys you screwed up so frustrated this spring cleaning stuff. Can't I was now. Some more and do it again.