Judgment Zone- Who should pay the ticket

Thursday, January 11th


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It was the weekend after Thanksgiving. We went to we being my girlfriend and I went to. First we got back from New Jersey so I drove all the way back from New Jersey. A Rochester quick shower and change drive over to East Aurora which is an hour and a half from here. I was hurt her best friend you know choose to me about our weddings I think. It's or was at thirtieth birthday. So we decided to take off from scar. And she was gonna enjoy herself meaning have some line. Shots whatever and I didn't I was not gonna have a sip of alcohol use of UV that was going to be the and it all went perfectly planned achieved. Had a lot of chefs with a lot of line rightfully so big party you know I ages sprite soda chips whatever. Did not have a drop of liquor. Joseph got her car pulled out of the friends parking lot East Aurora made a right. I mean we're talking like not even a mile down the street start going on with little whiny road is that how is except for like downtown East Aurora yet everywhere else. Whiny darker it's country yes. Red and blue lights go on Micah. You know I'm actually proud because. I'm a DT and I have nothing to worry about and ash pull over spoke female officer walks into the car. I know I ask don't go let's administration gradually noses and my car a lot has been designated driver in that growth in business or car the cup back. She's a early Saturday ahead. About to lose in mortal combat stood out back and forth wasting gas equipment because well. She goes OK you know I stopped in my. Did I am dead ever stop sign or something I'm not familiar with the area she is now your goal bastard of 46 and thirty. Oh I see him with 46. And not gonna stay in my way out of excuse of going that fast but I drive a little bit bigger MacArthur and her her car's nude accelerant is like. You know you get to a different are they enough from our. OK letting her back blank I would I definitely within them like no waste my wife's car the breaks are wastes more of these different right. Yeah yeah no excuse to wash UBS and watch in the speedometer. Slows comes Beck writes we detect like okay and you know you're missing DD right. Can impact on the back on our arrogant I arrived at the U guide but are so court was yesterday. I'll play. Had to go all the way back to iron to 46 and at thirty I've finally I'm finally get my finances in order. I'm at the putt problem I'm researching companies have to. You know put money in the bank and and and make better choices and stuff like that and the one thing that you can't aggressively attack. Your record on credit report stuff you could you could. You can negate things you didn't deny things you could aggressively paced up while I work next. Well it and you can't do that with. Is your auto insurance you just have to be a good driver for a while you know Lleyton with the utility I mean yeah you candy Dick defensive driving course and stop but the really get the rates down and get you good position you. You have to do is be good drive it's a slow break yes. So this I wasn't gonna let it get messed up so I pled not guilty to disputing and chose to go to court. And this wasn't a trial this is a pretrial. Appearance to be with the prosecutor so yes I did drive all the way back. To East Aurora yesterday hopeful for an hour and a half. Prosecutor is very very nice. He he wrote me off with a parking ticket down from four point speeding ticket. Which is great. So my girlfriend offered to pay for it since I was there for her anyway so I'm gonna have slowly take her up and offer 130 dollars. That and that's that's net that's that's right there are. That's where would you and then you go back to court. He is out there right right yeah I judge read out. Her dad dad I just think it bothered. Why would you save you have to be moved to space yeah. Oh yeah. There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. System. Between the evaluation and criticism. Doesn't do you. Which we call. Yeah I'm sure it's. So it take you live how you think this is justified my wouldn't be who now will have the jury decide but. You got a speeding ticket. What back it up a little bit small car model this is my case this is my this is like defense here Andre. I went out and went to a thirtieth birthday in East Aurora from my girlfriend has my girlfriend's best friend maid of honor Susan maid of honor her wedding like best best friend and I. Agreed to drive her car to be there and not drink and be the designated driver to drive her car home so she can enjoy herself with the best friend. Okay I'm ready saying all winter break Hank Aaron doubled over on the way out or eighth got a ticket 46 and at 30000 went to court yesterday yeah. Prosecutor dropped it down to a parking ticket. 130 dollar fine by corrupt and offered to pay some take an hour Pollack outbreak there I would have been in that situation if the button for her settle for. For her offer to pay it was a Gannett demand she be able she offers. Just good. Near jerk pressing your jerk because it's it's a year you you were driving you're behind the wheel you know what's her car. It doesn't it doesn't release you from any. No it's our it was your foot it was your decision to go 46. Did you see it any time. During the pitcher say come on honey gold asked her or did she was patrolling. I. Put her flight and the gas pedal. Now of course dragon she was intoxicated. Like anybody would be at a thirtieth Berkett. I would have been. Anywhere near there. If it wasn't for her suffered offer was was very self aware whip for her to offer was an empty gesture right when he mallet and injures. Offered just because you think it's the right thing to do that you really don't like that the other person death at inflation today. She didn't have Oliver. Faculties are facility she was under the influence so most used their judgment is fine with it used to know her judgment was impaired. As was her blood alcohol level he just you are fine yesterday. Okay hello Mike Weir okay all right lions finally over a parking ticket money now it's not it's it's perfectly she's still OK with that didn't obviously you're the sky decent share. Jerk or justified your voting its huge two bucks I agreed share count but that Kanye obviously you think you did nothing of course I'm doing nothing wrong. We're lit up you want to go to the jury. On the judgments are made advise Jerker justified. I ordered at this stage. Not to carry out individual picture cut it vehicle yeah the weather you know ordered that. And at the speed limit. Don't go thinking again this is first of all this is not separate court anymore doubled yesterday this is more court's moral card I'd advise is cut you Jerker justified Clinton's girlfriend paid for the ticket. Brought got a couple other out and out jerk. Yeah. That's where your picnic and I don't. Have to kill somebody you've got the go to jail for Iraq. Old console and the. Who if you didn't expect that I thought it an FBI building but it's. Okay it's a DT verse is somebody who you you were caring for her and her vehicle you'll abuse you should be slapped with. With drunk endangerment charge her job as you're driving. A male at the female was shot in the mail home and she was indeed beaten and switch were switched genders here. Oh female would absolutely have no problem accepting. Money for that ticket and this and society. Would have no problem with the with that situation either this is because among male ensembles the provide for our and paper everything in it it while at the same time we're fighting for quality or it's ridiculous thanks chick movie dude. I'd advise Jerker justified. Hair yeah yeah yeah she could you hitting a girl and her day. OK let's let's let's let's around here she was driving I was drunk she got a ticket I'll offered to pay she except that it is it your. She needs all that but it's not what the trial right now on trial you on trial and in she's the one. That you are quality like the public we should be okay. Kanye yeah. Yeah that's it you're trying to help her with her finances right climatic debt. So now all of a sudden you're gonna slap a bill I'd pencil she offered and I wouldn't have been there wasn't firm. Now good board for its innovative guy that you're not doing a very good job commend them miss Jerry because you're the only. See so I will say it's just I want to more calls Jerker justified. I'm. It is an. All right thank you finally someone who's fighting and volley like I am. I get the equality thing out of it piles comment. We went there are. Only. Primary you know diving. Aaron what day it is partly my daughter. Parent now I weigh in the off court ruled the ball great irony between happened. Yeah Catholic my car. You guys split rent to. OK that's is in her fault in any way out been there is no way that she was controlling. Your foot on the gas. Thank you courts not technically but morally I was there because it was it was her party she wanted to go and putting. Morally. And at a good excuse I don't fail to Levy did the thing is that you shade and just pay for. If I I drove you to the airport and I got a ticket when you feel guilty and trying to offer me money towards that ticket. Can. I'd tell you that drives and be a better or safer or more calls on the jury 222 buzz I'd advise Jerker Johnson Guidant. He's a jerk but she should do and commitment that the church 6000 Ironkey. 6000. And Nike are likely 500 page you know that by the by his Jerker justified. Or not. I'd like Julie somebody wants men and women to be equal. Yeah a huge hit an operational orbit or. And edge and a gentleman would say no Baylor got this time doesn't matter sold on women that we don't we can pay the bills are you guys came home. And you cooked a dinner after the army. Say they aired the woman was guided me in the upper say. That's okay yeah I'm. Think this in the gender thing actually I absolutely not figured. Thank you buzz your justified. Her. How old. Are. And OK so you wanna be the woman that stays at home and answers to her husband for the rest of your life that's okay but some women want to be treated this. Not me yeah yeah. I'm not even and to try to chart its. Luster to justify to chair. Crocker. Forget how I think that was role reversal would genders this would be a gentleman thing to do to offer me your only argument you realize. The same argument over and the president's biggest problem we haven't it is not an argument how doubles. It doesn't matter and people are afraid to admit it design that in troubled times haven't changed in that aspect when the going out as to what you're downtown Rochester yeah hi the buzz Jerker justified. I'm gonna pay that are. Not. Why. They can't pay me you're there. What Toyota engine that are there and children property that it would gut that I'd give it our black. Her and it is in good about it. Yeah. It not. You do your homework should pay as mayor did you listen every day we appreciate it that's won by the by its final final one Jerker justified. Error. America is you are injured. And I'll say I'm for yes. Accessed Clinton's agenda as deep as he left her. There's a goal I don't see tomorrow. The testimony. Yeah it was a good judgment zone. 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