Judgment Zone- Telling your kids you have to work late but really you're gettting a pedi

Tuesday, July 10th

Judgment Zone Case #710

Listener Danielle presents the case this morning

"When you tell your kids you're working late but REALLY you're gettting a pedicure

What is the official verdict from the jury?

Jerk or Justified?

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There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between evaluation and criticism. In which we call didn't. Didn't judgments. Case number 710. Boy from a buzz listener man it got heated. Had to face spent yesterday. And you started truck. Today. When I am I okay. Heavy line I like I need. Me I'm glad they clap my wrecked out. And I can't get a credit Karen thank I'm actually working. When they come home and they can't my body like I think that terminator. I think it. They do. Right now. OK so. The judge and so in case that you want to present to the jury today is why. You act how bad you current Atlantic already. But actually any panic. All right you get this guy gives you like it. Didn't you ate that night is Danielle. Jeter are justified. One apron just been. I don't know what I'm mom aunt Mary and I am in it are at a do or I'll. I we need our back and. I just. Yup a lot of them the kids is don't go mommy went to get a pedicure is again. And they you momma got a little longer than. I. Didn't eat or. It's it's almost like you gotta wade and delta which guilt is stronger the guilt of the kids saying why they or the guilt of lying to Madden. Yeah. Yeah content. Add one. Little. Odd and I brag about her. Judgments don't case that you want to present to the jury today is why. And you act parliament said thank you going to Wear it only. But actually getting a pat again. Your calls right now you're on the jury Q did you buys into number did you get to ignite guy. You tell your kids your work your way but you're really getting a pedicure you you're going to justify your college right now. First term is up in the second city. First this eerie day is big. Each. Year kids but as a mom of two kids. Who has done this before. I am praying and hoping and pushing in rooting for and cheering. Are justified yeah. I really am in the past and let it the mom and guilt not to take it too seriously but I mean it's sure that you are turning. A silly little white lie into. You know you are laughing at the fact that you're lying about something defender giggling about it and year. OK maybe blink being playful with kids and and chances are your kids are gonna grow up to be. Criminals because of the lies that you told and thought were funny but. Maybe I don't know maybe it's okay. Mommy says it's okay the white lie and then maybe Al all the white lie turns into a bigger Lila that's OK and audio teacher about homer also okayed a lot of the police officer about the plot your car seat trend that's the silent enabling right it's just it's putting it. You know comedy and and and fun into something that can really snowballed to something serious which is lying. It's a jerk move. All right we got sandy over here jerk over there and it calls a two to two buys. I'd advise go ahead and Jerker justified. At that jerk move their kids are gonna learn from you you want your kids group toward you. You have to be truthful with them. Okay here you hear me out for a second. I understand Matt's an honesty. Is very important and you have to teach and demonstrate honesty in truthful honest to your kids but. But let me tell you as a month that are typically get. I will say are we may see that I went hash tag shopping ire rally in the AC the shopping bags in my car and I didn't bring them with me. Holy how big guilt there why ain't she has so you went shot any way you do you left high I don't leaky doesn't compute quietly and pregnant with me. And they may you feel like you're the worst mother in the yeah. I I like shopping bags and certainly I tell them that I bird delay. On the mound and in the spot. Things aren't. Fashion has to ignore them if you want them to be truthful view of the future they learn where they learn ya. Dollar K that you want let's go to another caller here to Dubai as. It's the judgments or Greer the jury Jerker justified. By the buzz Durkin justified. Okay and to hear my case let me tell you an example a perfect example. Other ones yet another example. It says before our vacations so a week ago we took a client out then we had a blast here at the station to decline and we went to the spot now. Did I tell my kids that I was taking declined to this spot. I didn't tell them that I think until 5 o'clock at night the only other clients who didn't get. Check that aren't welcome back in the news. They are. It will come it came that streak in my on it you and it's not that she's in her relationship. And and write you start cheating and I. All. And let me fit it. Got a Saget I'm not a chronic lie here let me tell you the kids and now I went to the spot and you know what now. Every time they get the chance they will tallied I was just talking to the front amend a manic. Mom went to the spine left his home alone all day coming I don't. Think music and it needs this year. Why not at that spot that are coming up all. Hot I wonder what you. From Medicare and the it's not gateway drug cheating. Either by this tour are justified. You to keep you working late that you really getting a pedicure are your jerk you justified. More from. Manager you can. Even count in this now I don't know yet original. No problem. And I found my way back up right here all hour. Sugar is just a giant yeah. Difference whip and men and women mom and dad. Dad will say kids time. I'm going to you know I'm gonna play poker with the guys and the ads are completely fun with I'm OK daddy have fun and gone golfing on the right. Not who says that I'm going to get Medicare and all of a sudden. Don't. Yeah and then you have to. Debtors and CJ leak your hopes are more important than taking place. Don't standard it's a lie it stirred who this little piggy went to market owners and I'd advise Jerker justified. Our. Like I. One you are a lot about it. I bet it is pretty reality at that yet so I'll. L air. Air or are now. There. Where are. You are out. Better air. It aired in court. Your. So I'm going to isolate. I wanted to bring them moms to lie about it college. Yeah. All that. Out I center in the parenting book you read it's called on its line whenever he. Yeah. I did it gets sent to the second that thank you. Is he to work and laid in a pitcher to get a pedicure or you're Jerker justified. When he thanked by the buzz go ahead. July 2 justified. MED. I I can't I can't. I had to call back. I think and it made it not. Right. Do you guys will have a clue what are running out there whether I'm sorry. But. Mom I know I am not bad and like that there's no way we get away with paying am going to get patted her. And not having them mile all of my mama and that means radio and and Al lot want a little. Little on that line is not gonna. And a pack air yeah I'm Barry. This is Daniel the original question this is your rebuttal right. This is Danielle who originally oh. Oh all right and pop up earlier. I know you shouldn't say that you would've needed hung jury so. How it is so I'm okay oh. I. Can't act. Gerri great yes and today. Is. Too good to identify. I do it our heads right. It's this and your kids. Have been hell let's find language it's going to. Tom going to that aren't they don't I'm going to start they don't know I'm still at work. She went after going the storm I think seem like it we lied to her children all the behind it's not the case you don't. Body lies to their children. You know about little scenes like. What UN mommy doing in the bedroom why you making some eyes don't think furniture. The I. Use this to rest across the heart. In the job and that. I like. Others injured justified. The or justify. Yeah. All one on the judgments on eyed buys jerk or justified. Now. And actually well no actually weigh well. Yeah we're very well right now we. Where you're on the judgment zone money to this call up Hyde applies the judgments on break. Jerker justified. Oh. You don't. I don't like your kids get a not a terrorist.