Judgment Zone- Talking on Speaker Phone in Public

Monday, September 10th

Judgment Zone Case #910

Talking on speaker phone in public

Jerk or Justified?

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Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the evaluation and criticism. Yeah which we call. All didn't. I'm sure it's. I'm Obama and these are not minus zero you have to call up and decide is this Urquhart testified to 222899. It's something that we've. We've encountered every single one of neo. He has had this situation happened T yeah. Where you're in the store. And she sees somebody. Shouting talking to their cell phone with some band speaker found out for the person who walks around the still are. Having a conversation. I and speaker found. Jerker justified. I think it's a jerk thing I mean I experiences just a couple of weeks ago I mean I'm an historic plaza. You can see editing yourself edgy to elegant always against the story had nothing do with the stories tonight and for anyways so I'm standing at the check out. And you know the double doors slide don't you know you walk through the automatic doors out. And I'm here in this under. Well. I'm open doors and think I really think I need to come over now they don't or now that that your friends have brought that out that can't talk the talk about the problem. And like really and he walked right past us so why is it figured out why would they do yeah. You pitched it makes me feel uncomfortable to the like if. Your fly is down it's like if you're at your zipper is down oh so you're you call the person with a zipper down pitcher mill that's on me comfortable to me in its jerk while you're your conversations. Especially if you argue when it's someone. Doesn't the patents oh you're a just a boring dad hey guys gets me gets them. Rob it's simply not so here's what he commands our state more exciting because just how well in this case against UN jerk idled the depth and I will define justify 'cause she's done it. I don't talk and speak your from but I tend to talk loud. And and and even realize. Admin and and so much in my own little world and getting older so I came here as well and my kids are constantly calling me out you're talking wait you out I'm in a little let's it IP. He should hear okay and I don't even really isn't I mean dispersant doesn't realize there knowing. By the Basel when he sank. Or how. I don't hear your nasty conversations you are and and nasty covers say it's bad why can't get things or at the buzzer justified. You curious. Other a year who I mean it's it. You know when I drive over our I guess people might actually under sticker on my computer but you're born here ever rubble covered thirty. Gentlemen instead it is being written by a point. Now on you and then the other time in drop out a point. All other court case is this wearing and the fouling out in public but. Right now the trial is just talking on speaker found in poplar. Don't you think that court had an interesting book all the political dropping out are about other Arab. That's a failed bank. Listen I hear that phone Guizhou cancers. If I my second speaker found to save my ears from cancer all my guys. Can do really didn't he get the terrain eye problems and look he got bigger look at it but I have not conduct problems political. I could affect any are circuit is rant that he hit the. Doing anything they heard and they're not hurting anybody we're gonna get real easy you're asking you're getting business done what if they have to run an Aaron in the middle of the day the academy can conference call whatever whatever they got a also shop there multi tasker is. Hate the multitasking multitask located we didn't we read this is fairly new technology this is someone that says I'm showing off. The issue we are showing off we do you would surely time you should be paying them. For the answer timid that they are providing year. They're making you feel a bit better about your life because chances are they're arguing with somebody on speakerphone or they're having you know some kinda gossipy conversation that the Fayette and and they can't say I'll call you back after that I mean it's that juicy of the controversy still jurors. One and only you need cat litter and what islets and. OK I didn't hear only next to them in the store for us lit sack in restoring anybody it is. Legally justified if UN locker store. And talk and speaker okay let's go to the calls for tied a buyer is Jerker justified and makes that pursuit I'd share it sure is a. Wow I any time you want art I hear people. I'll go I don't need to hear it or I'll go back and look very. But it doesn't didn't really make you feel better about your life these chances are that discussion they're having is either really boring. Or it's juicy gossip I think I'm pretty good if. I don't want to hear about you. I thought I. The rooms and everybody hear me. It would go. This is selection this this is you choose to gears here when your restorers somewhere around public. You have no choice you have to listen it's as a thank I don't do it myself why I will defend the person who dies and who's the multi tasker who doesn't want to hold its hard at soldier found empty your ear and shop at the same time and get one more. It's challenging K you get you to give it to out there right is good morning jerk or justified. I don't. Total jerk. It's like you know. A my thoughts are we'll see you Wal-Mart. And princess you know Kennedy asked. I birdied what is. Testimony. Yeah it is it judgments. And mornings just after seven.