Judgment Zone- Talking on the phone while ordering food

Tuesday, April 24th

What did the jury decide?

Person talking on their phone while ordering food

Jerk or Justified?


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There was no. Mentioned this extra space and his talk most sensitive to. It as the middle ground between evaluation and criticism. Are you which we call I didn't. Judgments. Irate there that there's times that you just shouldn't be on your found right sell the woman who is on trial today is the woman that I saw ordering her through. Jerk or justified to be done postpone it as she's ordering her throat. 22228996. Obvious answer army it's a jerk thing Abdul. First of all student it's in considerate to others in considered to the person taking the order in considered that person behind because you're wasting time. Inconsiderate to the person your parts of all the. My brother does an all time collect killed he does it to me I'm the guy and the other and thought hey brother high gun pulled on up take a bad deal large jet out of trouble happened. And is it a hundred anomalies yet I had not had gone one another one to go all nod and a bag of pulled my brother under attack and another thing and an animal like are you kidding me. Rude and wrong. Jerk. But he is justified. Why would I mean Hewitt's. Because the world on the world moves fast and you multitasking all day. And the real successful people the real people war focused and dialed into their work and and and you know what what they wanna accomplish in life. Don't stop business for anybody. So is it really affecting you not everybody holds the line if their. On the cellphone wise is the wireless that is anti cellphone movement that's. Still happening we have to get over it it's not going anywhere we're going to be on our phones we're gonna get better at multitasking. And justifies stop. So when judge Jones on court you are the ultimate Jerry you have the ultimate decision and mess the moral compass. Is it jerk or justified to be on the phone while you're doing something else like. In line at the grocery store at the checkout line seen at lake what I saw the woman at top malls ordering her ferret. What do you say. Our area how the buys out circuit to gain here we go what do you think jerk or justify. Terror they're not think that or light. Well. Oh sure there is there people and in Canada people conduct business. People who could be ordering for other people up office and getting their orders. I don't nature at work in a grocery store and I. It does count up all the. I miss it you're you know. See it all apparently there is no other true that it holds up the lions. That you. I. You know things a gallon by dies Jergen justified. Dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt. Is that one for her personality you have. All my credit grade diary and it's all gonna put people who think they're just well what more I gonna have that ordinary here. Talking loudly and while they are all local YO and people. I think you just think they're holes up a lot of the. And Mika blunder. Occurred. I've heard them talking and it is talking about BS now the important numbers put their bland they're out. And look at you like you have the problem. Was that when you're a student beaten her a little bit here they look actually here. I'm pretty. Response Intel over. I yeah I actually told him hey you wanna take a conversation someplace else we need to get moving here and. Georgia's registered to did you buzz is a number on the judgments on. YouTube c'mon that's gonna show us that's filling in Bosnia. Somebody's trying to take your order you aligned behind you and you are trying to juggle between conversations. Turn forty your food and talk to them and seed juggling but something a little bit yeah. Praying that. Integrate Baghdad and you have that the ultimate say it never happens in judgment that the these dolls are high the buzz Jirga justified. Designing how that. I am my kids don't know might catch all. We're doing nothing at all that out I am not. It is. Occur there quietly. What does this. Step out of line first second take the most important call for me can cover and then step back in line because. You're gonna die of starvation step bottom line in don't do it in front and weight make the person you know do we trio. They're not really reading for eight nights all I heard it into the earth where. Well on that yet let me get my daughter. Annie and I order one. I know. It so anti cell phone and they just take it out on you because you know year your kids actually love and wanna talk deal. I think did you buy us drinks and IA the bijur on the judgments on runs errands and jerk we're justified. Call my gash what's the rush. Well it completely rude I'm never worked in retail part time and it. You know you're trying to help a person now maybe have a moral conversation with them by your captain and I'll and they're just completely ignoring him. All sol listing your job isn't that a conversation your jobs that check it out and one expert at checkout line however they want so just because you're not more fascinated whoever's on the other end up on those immediately get help her. You key denied adding it's not as inefficient process if your being slowed down by the person that you're talking to and found rightly the people behind you was this is in the middle of the day lunch so to get back to work and don't have that kind of time to waste you characterization on the. No distractions in the and the check out one and don't bring your kids out of once you are bringing your kids in the second life is a revenue candy and they're holding up the line player tell in the stop grabbing the candy and then you're gonna closet no big purses you guys have all your money ready Camby dig into a big person of that particular cell phone call for action. Seem to be disrespectful or a gallon under present engaged in a compensation with you do not and other kids in the trying to still Skittles. I hurry up get on the phone jerk. You've got to judgment zone jerk justified. Older O. Sort eco freak years and in the most annoying presumably catch someone out there on the board and it can't be bothered to stop talking. And copy when you have a question about what they're buying. It's not about you really buddy you're on the clock you're here serving the store your job as the check amount that's it's not that they're not dared us. To have a conversation with you. It's disrespectful. Of now. There's not many don't think I blame it on the millennium even the woman in line in front of me was old. It is the talk on the phone over at that oh. Just like at cantor is the baby boomer problem yeah. That new thing that cellular phone thing it's not a problem it thinks are gone bust. I do it together got mine to judge you by cited by as its jerk justified. The night and our own end in mind I Alpert that I am always adamant that I got to work. To sit. Thank you OK but when you say hang and a second Ben do you put your phone down and you're 100% engaged in. The conversation ordering your fruit or you are buying back and north. Now I. The pollen count or I can't order my own and that. I think is this woman was toppling back and forth and Angel and I. And that in other team members like. Exact successfully have to conversation Gerri why teenagers do all the time to texts with somebody in a tough deal with the same time not just to leave Sydney just because you were not good at it does that mean other people. And now I just don't aren't just don't want you to do just like how do and for army you keep is that my friend are still losing teeth that's just the but it's it's just I got up I try to rise I judgments on a jerk just to drive stardom follow your order and. Should so courtesy. Target at least why you're doing your business. I thank you again hypervisor gives us the final one if you jerk or justified and the judgments on. You got. You just. You don't you don't see my friends would keep and hung out LC which is an assault ship in order in Lima student who some.