Judgment Zone- Take your hat off!

Tuesday, March 13th


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There was no. As mentioned this extra space and this timeless tunes and it is the middle ground between evaluation. And criticism. In which we call didn't. Judgments. Hillary we the jury to Dubai zero dollars god you get beyond that decision making team. What's jerk justified. It is so lots of when you guys reach out to us. And and say. Be a good a good case for judgments sound we welcome back absolutely. We're in this together Jerker justified. Sherri and I am I faced a page posted. Posted this judgments and you decide cat. I have a great inferred Jerker justified we ate at a restaurant and someone came in and sat down with his baseball hat on them. I think they need to take it off I think it's proper etiquette in my day you always took your hat off jerk. Are justified. Rule. 2222899222. Bodies. You be the first juror do we know this is the fancy restaurant or it's like a Burger King at this. Up forests tell. Isn't forced Taylor and is that the one in east Rochester is forest. Sounds fancy his fancy. It might be on a hill or who's forest in my defense in its place to start. A case that we need she'd episode forced to elect. Feel like I've been there with a friend who lives in east Rochester feeling nobody is you know who argue the fact he can Wear a hat and a regular restaurant right and of Friday's early did you know I mean we have we have to look kind of restaurants up say Faris still is fancy is that lower debating. Just wearing a hat at a restaurant because in her and mind. In my day you always took care had a busted sushi can specify whether it it is because of fancier now. OK so when you park your horse outside the forest that he had a. Not a good teachers. No it completely justified to Wear a hat in a restaurant that's ridiculous. It's ridiculous to think that. That's not proper etiquette come on. When you see you can't. When you show horseback what do you do if you worded a few words in salute the flag are now annually that you would take up your base. Respecting the restaurant and eat them like the restaurant. Served my country represented freedom if it. Is respectful to take. To keep at dinner can see it being. Kind of taboo if you're like. Really expensive. You know. Generations the really expensive roster churn out. Herb Mark Zuckerberg is the suits viewers it's a national day. Shows that forced the I think Forest Hills I'm manager road. Your Mike. Explain manners to Google did this. When so itemize. The difference in your jerk at the side where in a baseball bat at dinner at a restaurant Jerker justified. It you. Rap act does not pay a little bit about where that ball at. Those and I am just to have got it died. If if there's. I mean this is an average average restaurant at a technique come and come and you want yeah. He dressed up and go there. Justice and the Barney. But if you have. What do you. I just aren't I'm I'm and I'm on the justified side too I see no reason in this day and age it's okay. The head anyway he Tourtelot she sort of Morton's steakhouse humor to a five star restaurant black and whatever anywhere you go out the fancy of all yesterday to Wear a hat. The richest people the world Wear hats were casual clothes all data meetings where there is multimillion dollar deals on the table it's five it's a different age now we're not in the twenties anymore. I take my hat off another girl so I don't know if we won a split hairs because he's typically it was the men who would always take up their hats in the women were able to keep their hat on. But me as a girl I will take my hat off when I go over my parents' house but I'm wearing that yeah you're in if I go stop that mom and as I'll take my hand they hated. They say it's disrespect. And I finally to be at dinner I don't Wear my had dinner if my husband's it's weird I don't like it either. It eat it it is disrespect if you're going man and a restaurant I don't. My apologies for not knowing forced so that's in my neck of the woods. But yeah I mean you should lead to hand it. All right so your image are excited we're on the justified what are you jury 2222899. Jar up. I'm proud of our. Church aren't. You're out you know I don't think I. The women. Are. Packed so traditional. While time has always been beaten valley down arguments and what about a few bunch teacher handoff in the hair falls in the food it's just another reason to keep Aaron. And campaign and she now. Which include or go away completely around. It's justified movie keep your hat on wherever you go it's 2018 people. Aura accepting of everything this ladies living in the past yes. But when you have a big meeting let's say you're gonna meet someone important or you animated good first impression. Do you consciously believe they had at all. Mean. Yes only because Amman thumbed still on the bottom if I was on the top where everybody wants to be eaten more or whatever I want so one aspired to get to that point so. Well I don't know I could it be you I think leave your head around because you know it's disrespectful to have that on I don't think it matters bottom top. Top bottom. Some ball caps are really expensive. Summers are are are are true fashion so I mean. You know I mean I think justified. And give pat is expensive it makes it just got a little standard toward thirty boxer ahead it can't really see somebody that's why and we are my baseball hat that's why I'm wearing it today right so you can't really see me because I feel off of my hair wasn't so awesome I would Wear out more often. I didn't you wait I know now I have my hair back I don't he knew where all cal where did you buy this item budge on that judgments on your the jury jerk justified. That you can totally where are OK so you'd call that. Add to the bike. What does generate nowhere but down shirt and probably. Are there regular at that apple are you where. What are the sports bar or restaurant you're somewhere and at Morton's steakhouse island care five black and blue a mortified. And I'll have a black blew out that add up you know my way up. I think that any one else you queried. I agree but I'm getting dressed up and they add up this spyware at all 090. That are current by go to you learn. I don't think this person is even talking about whether you're dressed up or not I think she. Her grabbing she's calling it jerk because it's just disrespectful. The respect for the person that your Whitman. Hot and out not that. People learn about adult watcher and. Actors through. Just disgusting I hear about it after I did about since it was in the buzz itemized or justified on the judgment zone which when he choose. Her. Restaurant. Still. Word for word order sharp Lee Caplan yeah. Again you have to be Pretoria McDonald okay but have not jerk OK you're talking about it and figured there are. Half. Enterprise how this useless if anyone I the buzz Jirga doesn't drives or gate were had a restaurant. Jerk people who wrote Fanny packs in a serious manner and when he eighteen your word up our hats and restaurants. No matter what they need to bring in they'll look to alienate sketchy as being particularly at banner. Depicting the complaint and. Yeah he. Listening to sixty dollars and six I. Someone and and FaceBook did mention about sneeze a blowing your nose at the table that's all of their judgments man. Itemized dirty just ride. Totally your. They add up any time you lock at Celtic. Oh Colorado. I zero agenda. Well they get from it or not I'm not Kerry they happened in a hurry up I think I'm a lot and Billy. Back. Well all due respect to their mom on the military and. And if you're I don't care debate up and they thought that I'd ever pack. If it's MO Hannity are taught that in school you're never allowed to Wear hot and school couldn't sister's back from. You'd hit it too good and all I ever act like thankfully bank. Okay what about Bob people who go through chemotherapy and or male pattern baldness of people who I have that's insecurity than I'll Wear a hat indoors because this respect. Yet it got all the big topic at my house. Pressure is back thank you hi guys jerk justified. Error but yeah. You the credit to how was it disrespectful to Wear something under hidden. I'm gonna expect onion you comment about the spirit I'm about the quality. They don't want it wrong with the world. Yeah nothing that's what's right attitude it's taken everybody down just because it's oh the way these things used to be a women were also traded. On equal to and that's out ECB should we keep that way. To keep that tradition junior several. Are are you not to tune ability to move it. Not that comes. It's just because it's always nice way I mean I can't change. Article right. Okay you're just speaking I like this since the book to the biggest competitor and very cryptically and doing a lot of fortune cookies yeah. Do onto others like it wasn't bought it and I'm not excited aren't. I don't know that's an adventure and thank you sir I it's judgments own Jerker justified. But I almost hurt justify thank you. With one well. Well. Hung jury now. After that why more error one or my justified. Hello Doug was Tokyo judgments on the case hangs in balance and you'll decide. Is a jerk a justified. I think you've got I. You know you're gonna pay my L army eat out I thought yeah. Yeah Andy I lie and I Al I believe. At eight. I I. Expected more complete.