Judgment Zone- The sign that reads "Put the Toilet Seat Down"

Tuesday, July 17th

Judgment Zone Case #717

The sign that reads "Guys put the toilet seat down when you're done for the ladies"

What did the jury decide Jerk or Justified?

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There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity yeah. Valuation. Criticism from an area which we call didn't. Judgments. The sign is in the judgment zone couldn't decide that I solely unisex bathroom. Watch into the bathroom no single person use. And right about the toilets that guys. Make sure to put down the toilet seat when finished using the bathroom. And for our business signs in the judgments on. You know it's gonna get split between its gonna be gender split today wait I don't understand why is the sign in the judgment so what's so offensive about twenty team. With the equality push. It is not right it's just simply not right. That men. Have to do. Not only adjust them toilet before they use it but they're the readjusted for the ladies so that you women can just walk in. Your stuff and leaf. And our guys don't care about that stop oh. Well budget growth human beings anyhow oh so that's why we it's our job to put duck and opted to not only down there's no NC. Now it for 2018. Years axiom when the two it was invented that was invented by a guy named John. But I don't know what year was impacted some for. Whatever hundreds of years. We had to deal with this and that didn't well we've been isn't enough. The sign isn't a judgment zone for telling you guys put down the toilet seat really were fighting the battle over whether or not meant to put toilet seat down for women. Means circuit justified. For making men put the toilet seat down on first it's it's jerk this is a jerk agreed. Because you answered anyway CAM yeah that's what I've got two hands and Sony now. And guess what I stand up when I Pete. And Saudi little. Because no woman sits on the toilet seat you leave until we that you either you know harder acts and abortion should do is the position that I eat a habit roster can it make it a little bit haven't. Robert for it to get to a team you are disquieting if you could inevitably put the toilet seat down and actually use squat case closed up jerk. No you can't squad over appeared to an all now what do. And when it is disgusting you even being in our toilet Geary it's not speeches you guys are just. This Iranian island nonsense I don't wanna. It's expect him toilet so sure to put the seat dollars umbrella as feeble. Knew what I when you go into the bathroom you don't pull it to a seat up even like. It into your own house let's say. You don't you don't prepare the toilet for us you don't look make it so we get his block getting go bad enough is enough now that we're in an equal society. Or at least pushing for it. This is the time to bring this to the attention of none of the public people of Rochester the jurors who passed tagged us all so it's it's. That's catchy but we'll save it and I don't think for golf to do to buzz buzz straight about it started justified. Out. I don't. But probably a typical guy who doesn't listen and yes hello daisy put a utility bill management private eyes good morning. You're the toilet seat this this side is the jeers for making and put the toilet seat down. No I wanted to jerk he could easily I cleaned up email bulletin email while it may mean art. And the burden you know. Why. Did not over when it. And that net interest if he is right Hastert. Remodel bad bad it'll stretch over a year a remodeled bathrooms for Wholesale Club and both spots about one team and the women Israel was always the worst because we don't want to touch and lead the nation rose to show. They gear of is it really isn't that painful for you guys just to put the seat down. When you when you leave a room when you do you turn off the light he put it in the position and exposed to be in the Tennessee supposed to be down well it's not anymore. Not after we get the verdict of jerk Tanya it's not right it's not it's not people for you to do it either to put it down annual walking. It's it's like in the closed position you don't they mean you open something as it opened the toilet seat by lifting it was and got. Giant hole winning it doesn't matter for its opener. We're just more calls coming up next sugar just glad I saw silent said. Guys nature to put the toilet seat down for the ladies. In unisex restroom. Jerker justified to. Science and specifically is in the judgments on 2222899. The flush into oil that was invented by John Herrington and 1596. The God's son of queen Elizabeth the first Thomas carper mated popular. Got it he had a plumbing company in England. It's an amount that we know the history. And number two hurl it at that but it began in 1596. When queen Elizabeth's like. And say yes that's right it out here that Jerry Arnold I don't know what it is second and maybe. It wasn't it was invented for a woman. Originally. Right it was invented for Queen Elizabeth said. Always is the God's son of Queen Elizabeth I'll spend a mind beyond nothing else to do you hit a device a two foot deep oval bowl waterproof to with the rest and it. This I can't keep Italy did they invented for Queen Elizabeth. Because. Men you guys can just go wherever you land had number idea for women it's a lot harder right. A lot harder eat out. It down per couple seconds he's got to get existed the toilet existed. Actually hope the whole united now add. Horror for a woman beside her castle so this was done for costs so follow the rupees. I am man John John that's why they call it I'm going to the jars of thrown into women perfect things that you guys design is so limited. More rules that sign that says guys put the seat down when you leave is jerk I call that jerk because it just isn't fair. It's not a one way street you want equality. There should be a sign also that says ladies put the top I do not want equality when it comes to jury pool I would need all seem a little. What's the number Tutu Tutu a 99 on you vote Jerker justified on this sign on the wall by the buster justified. Design is that he did it sound card and sign injured. The way he and next thing you know. We American republika paper the went down doctor or not. You I. I finally. Worked it it moves here in society in the judgments on today it's just not hasn't been right for years osment have been suppressed in the bathroom. Assume now I caught her personally but I can't assume every woman harbors. That could be dangerous for a woman. If she does realize that the so two of the NC does apps for all in all. Women you should do it and safety. She read kill chivalry tomorrow. And if you aren't go to this 1222299. Had a monster justified. Yes there's abuse and men were. Didn't buy or dirt. I'm not act in the NC. We can't touch it either because. The other side of our foot is usually how we pick it up. Why why. Are there are no we mean calling this is crazy I need help I need simple record buster justified. And it claimed that they can meet the air clean mix where. It can't count. The public is not how about Eric well I didn't count. It at a public restrooms so got. Now you know there was abuse expect Ahmed bankers and the like that's the sign says it's guys down what you say is that sign -- justified. It's it's it's female leaning currency you know nights. That. Position. If you go out to be tired. Justified. That's ridiculous finally my girls are going to react to. Do you really Lannan now and not yet the only team I know generally glad I got here it would not. We're definitely. Starting. This until I heard of the courtroom and. 22 calls come in and I don't buys is this I. The door to the courtroom is gonna bother you sit we're closing closing if you should have hired a hit like the lead hide the buys the sign says guys seem downs at jerk move just back. Nights. I'm Matt. And or get. Them. Yeah Marvin your beat out. That is he had usually are doing while math when I mean apple analyst and hearing room. All the toilet seats in Rochester remain in his down to save him. But that's. Kraft.