Judgment Zone- She uses his razor

Wednesday, March 7th


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Yeah. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. System. In between the valuation. Criticism. Doesn't bury which we call I didn't. Judgments. And I thought hey it's tiger turned me out at Jerry come on giant manager Joseph Biden's. It's like chipping is not much he has around him I don't understand. Like opens in the dozens of today and she took a justified for stealing. My RAZR. So we keep all the barbecues in the shower she has I don't know. With the feet with a fever. It's pretty easy it is not yet about this is there a did you miss somewhere in the shower I can't find with the also I have my Nigel the best of making yet but with the best a man can get. And for some reason my RAZR is always but when I only Steve maybe every three days. Now it's not a hard nut to crack the figure out she's using my racer I just don't understand why. Why it is using our RAZR. And you've been the fifth worst the law but it's kind of grows the thick shared yeah buses that. And sec. In a long arm they're very expensive very very very expensive place 35 dollars for eight cartridges eight tips the forty dollars a ticket. That's crazier and whenever we share grocers and of a that's a public mind and four but the fact of the matter is she doesn't at this point. Why used mine when they have. That's barely make. Make them special Freel for your curves let me be her blades our doll. Aim in you're RAZR works better I found that now I've done the laser hair removal things sound. Don't shave. At all anymore but when they do get a few stories would you know yeah. You know after years it's been but if I see a few stray I will absolutely grab my husband's freezer and and worked batter I find them to work better than. The female ones so your call and jerk kindly uncle are here Colin what how it's justify I'm gonna have to stay on the justified side to an hour stick with the girls I know that the is item I'd get. You know now. I got it there's there's this certain calm given taken a relationship the message you have to give. Two to two buys it seems that the men are always giving never taking yep that's that's life aren't really. Hi hi the buys it. Hey does that about right yeah you'll start demand are now man oh ha ha ha wow. I gotta clean that. You want to yeah yeah. Our biggest task volatile. A beautiful picture for a while and that is you know vast reverse psychology ever for you for our our guard. Our wives or girlfriends he's in or is it is an. To do juju at 99 you are justified did she stole my RAZR what you gonna do. What I can. How can men do men have nothing to themselves anymore do we know lucky man get a man cave where they can go and actually sit and enjoy themselves for a few hours that's. There so how do you feel you may say collapses and everything brought up at our dignity our souls thank you are enthusiast site just by nuns and I'd advise her to justify and. I spoke that's about it and may. God spoke I also don't. Current and keep your shape hurt in this shower is you cleared or is it just getting wet or use our. What do you love raise your defense attorney this. Yeah I miss very many of us. Guys I advise your on the judge and Kelly I think there are. Easier. Q I am really there or how old Hammond are all you can eat. I bumped me and I find out in Britain as a pretty good on me. That I didn't can't get my knee and Larry Larry. You know our opponent and how well. Jerry and how I keep steady head and. Yes yeah. Underwear next does is go yeah yeah horror she's on the dirt yard thank you disgusting spent hygiene due to due to a nine and Jerker justified the. I've appreciated Eric but I do have a little comment RM com. Yeah I guess you aircraft argues everything. Yeah I'll have to. I ask you about my sanity this sense is that scalable my stuff sore or get used to that don't you agree that that's the way women show our own it's a steeler stuff yeah. Well I'll let you know what a lucky guy he's urging that I did so much yeah yeah. Clean up I can't simulate repaired it reflects off my car and I won last. Store or the item budget judgments on Jerker justified. It. Just bluntly are you tonight. And I commonplace to deal or you could it. Use your wives or girlfriends toothbrush. You Heidi yeah same plane. She's this. Bully can't be polite but I share one. I'm married and got way worse here. I'm a you know I can't imagine you're married you're probably not yeah. The other man. If I didn't say you yeah begs the judgment sunflower or some big deal. Roads appear in Rochester. Now one of you well. Jones did it by.