Judgment Zone- Scott switching dinner plans with Papa

Monday, March 5th


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Severed jerk. Did you read that. To hear that these guys died at her and I. Case closed do you get out of our enemy here that's all you'll that put the sort of 222 bodies go generally the first jury to Kensing get in. So armed my wiping some injured because I changed dinner plans and when it's two different after Baltimore sun's front we're going to dinner. And so white I changed plans. Because it would cost way more money. To have five people go to dinner instead of like a street I get cheap skate well OK the purely out here via. So OK and my. Both of my my biological parents had remarried. And but there are no pasts but both my step parents are still liked so much stuff dead. When we went and seen him since Christmas so we're gonna go take him to dinner. It's real nice place she likes to go to. You know it's the can't go to every week because it's kind of like you know it's expensive. And sewed Jill and I were like yeah we got to do this US currency forever so let's go our rights are gonna go okay. So at that point might they don't daily rumors so this is last week but some peace again we don't answer them I got ran on C renting to pop out to dinner was all can I come. I'm like yeah sharp. He calls you back easily paste god wants to go to a written my god this is going to be. He too expensive while it's the first thing you think of when it comes. And spend time with your kids is how expensive residence and a dad the evidence is right so and so and so I I said dom afterwards I called my son's got back and he knows this is over a couple of days and say hey are you want to Sunday right idea get on one card or go. As you know I think we're just gonna gonna grab pizza and and I haven't about this house mortgage bet did not wrap. Our. Well pizza and wings by the way oh okay and and die so that's what we did and didn't cancel on top I didn't have a little bit. I just called SA was waiting for is nice dinner doling out into a lot of often bright right media. But it I said Dyson that we'd like to just give you don't just sit and talk you know and and Hank he's you can talk at a restaurant out now. It's kind of you know stuff he's good they're going to in those speaking easy and the so my wife is like its. Back about Imus we it's. It would probably be. Over. What a too much and we jerk doom coming from the guy who buys 250 dollar lightbulbs. I think that. Due to move the media seem like Europe. Step dad is worth the money but your own kids aren't as busy. Well Al once moved out time is precious to our fathers out there that would kill well to have the boys in one spot for a nice dinner. And you just throw it to the wayside we had a really nice great pizza it was fantastic. 2222899. In my Jerker justified. Man down man. Says pop up thinking he's gonna get the theme to dinner Utley had an outfit ready to go to go out. We does is unless the house and probably better after that he just getting himself. Master moved there all cooped up in that house or pop the point of getting together now it's just to hang out right to deceive pop. So old people. A legal people really like going on anyhow it's it's more of a hassle I think it would die or any kind of force seven had. My air is an accident be it 200 dollar bill atmosphere fancy that at 5 o'clock in the morning for no reason they love to go out I don't know it's just a and the reason mining mining you together to succeed pop sound like dancing and have decided it's. Well I had us no way yet to 222899. What do you think be the first church call as to do 22899. And you know why IE. Seriously think we had a better time just all so course I did because it was your idea and a you know and on your wallet at a better time that's for sure the equipment. What's 250 houses are price what are they stormed a dollar price on family and by the way you can go to plenty of places that don't cost 250 dollars or five people. Funny place that's well. Does that match to pick from down where he lives honestly. And Hampton's my god who put the clintons as his Pappas favorite restaurant. Galas that there are at and that. We'll take him there and you know once it's decides to eighteen to two ways I Jacqui here who. That Jerry is stopping it Jerker justified Eric. Thank you and I. There. You know I think we're able to have more. Conversation. Not sitting around the Hogan interrupted by waiters and bartender yeah. He can solve gas tax and howls. The paper but added that there are bad now that it did eulogy or did they think it may be one of your head I pocket backed out of a. I yeah I breaking news today I. I called him and I did I call him right and I said listen the boy's recovery is going we're just gonna coming get pizza. And that. Yeah. I pretty much. Harder to add that double kinder. Thank you I advise would you let DJ stand for a guy jerk this. I really don't. Allow the bit about. They Gilo. Now only in mine. Didn't really have a choice too and I believe kids no amateur at fault for cheap and out on the food a lot. These are your kids they didn't and an okay thing keep him. Okay the buzz Jirga justified you're you're on the judgments on on the buzz jerk or justified. We're trusting does not itemize judgments are Jai jerk or justified. Oh that's great. Just I load. Well hey. Jerry. Glad guess it depends on for the bird 22289. And 32 non Lamar at all. So bad that then it's I mean licking and yet a year making it all about the money and yes that. The money is mostly a when he comes down to it we better conversation we would have been able to do. Yeah we certainly that we had fond of this we all of a sudden you know we. We there for some photos came we're Rehman as we shouldn't a done that each other spots. To 250. Lippold and house of 15100 dollars row he wears the jackets every day you have the money you have it. I am Baghdad. Do you did you buy tied or you're just to try what is it. Yeah. Oh lord it did they tell her I wish it is time. Shock and grandson and you get you on this.