Judgment Zone- Scott borrowed a neighbor's ladder without asking

Friday, June 15th

Judgment Zone Case #615

Scott borrowed his neighbor’s ladder without asking first

Jerk or Justified?

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There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity and it is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism yeah. In which we call didn't. Show. So beautiful Diana. Inverted procedures and the holiday. Words against the Vannatter is damage judgment so great about case members of the am just eat it and then. You know this guy is got me there is your record justify a good guy. Yeah actually asked him how he treats his neighbor you can just tell the story. And you can decide if I've Paula softened him in the name. Yesterday I am putting a roof vents on my camper. Nobody around it's Thursday. Get stuffed under for the weekend. I forgot my latter. So I went. Sniffing around the corner Gordon neighborhood. In under my next door neighbor's camper is an aluminum extension ladder. So I just grabbed it did the work put it. He wasn't there. You borrow a neighbor's things without asking is the case. You just took it upon yourself say I'm at a bar this latter. You do 22899. Jerker justified well. It corsets and jerk move to steal. Kick or on steel and stuff in my mansion send my my said the same thing right it is actually right for once it was right to marry you which is on this. Wow yeah wanna marry a thief to do it did the first statement here. The parent club. And I can steal anything and keep the bank and just. Joseph borrow some money without asking upper back events and I think it's justified it'd break it I didn't do anything to what I used it put it back. Why if you like brain would you put it back about dating we put it back announcing. Like bubble jerk jerk jerk jerk move all my god and if I don't care my own brother. Came in to accept again in my garage without asking a call amateur two times stop hot Kate sport. It's my property trespassed in his stall jerk it's it's neighborly thing like if if he wanted to use something that was under my camper electric hijackers on that he could just take it. Who use it at all you're using it he needed it. In that moment all got the frustration out would have to anger and hatred if I went to go grab something especially tool. As an X full time. Blue collar worker as a as a plumber if anybody ever. Ever even on a job site while we're all working together touch some peace of mind. And it wasn't there when I needed all my gash. I would do everything what them fires here see full fledged full time retired guy. So whole movie wasn't there at the times describes this guy to go around use in is so I sit on his couch and he's not home maybe all it is like the date when he's not there are you you know when he's not hanging our weather now. I own Landon. Did. Away bag bag you decide okay so you added Jerry yet to decide. Jerks are justified what do you bank. Wiping it all depends outlaws in the mirror. The most Franzen and I would say to find a bunch when you I mean as far as front should go. OK but if there is getting locked into a room I can fill in bubbles Jerker justified without knowing those circumstances how would how would you say. And probably cure Qwikster fan is justified. Which. I have to resort just by adult time. At that particular list. Fellow feet right there with attempted to ignite and you are the jury case numbers 615. Stats bananas in the judgments on for jazz. Borrowing a neighbor's. Latter without asking private by mr. justified. Dirt. A well. I'm I'm actually speaking her mind has been because he would actually kill anybody else does Barack. But Tammy based. It is a certain place you know maybe who you gonna if you're gonna put back after putting exactly I remember were. Now it might come over and grant that to limit that moved over an inch and has been no. And that's the sun. Are right into it I know I would do you think you're the Jerry ER one. OR. Is known each other for. For years. Very very. Friend or just friendly. And ten tiger what have you done this before enters our understanding. That you can either just come. When a man when you're as a been localized Scott that this is okay to do or is it just of the new assumed I just assumed and. Or act like you're in violation used. Did you have any liberties and that any negatives out. Or not. It's. Yeah. And it might be justified. Is yeah. You are home. And aren't shopping. You may have I don't know can ever say to me. A hundred. Or did you get up credit and understanding. You know. Thank you play something that. Banks are being on the theory this morning have a great weekend. IRA I the buzz what do you think is exposed how it's Jerker justified. Jerk I love you strap on adventure mode when did you ask them are called him. And what are you borrowing and made a difference. Are out of town. Nice guy I'm sure he would have let me borrow it anyways it's just like formality. Buddy I don't and I'm paid to neighbor with you Dixie cups and the string all is out of town can't call the. Is that it's justified. Are aren't. I've got this is the let me you can confidently say it's got it you are jerks are justified what do you think captain it you're nature. But the yeah yeah you you are it ain't here no justification. Burt dealings. OK when you take something for someone and not give it back. I gave it back to back underwear was armed. If you do you think bank robbers then they'll look book guilt money and then arm and we got car. Well we we totally water problems. And borrowing and stealing is where you want to take something and never give it back. It's not steal not and not moments not stealing it's good neighbors. I think it agony again. Got better UH yeah. You're either this phase got it and you are a juror or our. Scott it's justified which one. Are there aren't yet and it's just obliges are all other calls it stealing your guide to. No because we. You're not making it which you're on the Internet without. How does a Dell can go and walk in his fridge and grab grab a beer and Kenny you know you maybe uses his bath robe when he's getting out of the shower he felt like I. Thing. I'm not. Don't you are all that you your beauty but I knew it that you're near. It sure and an honor. Yeah probably his skills he just hadn't happened to be there. If you got hurt and his latter now he's part now is I'm not at all don't touch my stuff out of your W I am. Is there one mark you know what you're you're trailing behind so and par or in any ten justified for you to in this case I am. By the buzz its gets in alliger diet are justified. Arcadia ended a game valued it at a dollar bit that while. I would figure there it is like what are you are the latter or whether the latter broke. You know. Yeah okay. This would I want seizure and this is gonna and the case right here I want you to you as confident as you can conjure the juror who standing up in front of the courtroom right now. Yours you're you're saying the verdict. I want you to say scouts there's an end you are a big factor. How has done it. IRA I bet oh you are paying it back here. Anyway there are a lot of I'm sure you always hear our song to be listening and now. That's how we can we.