Judgment Zone- Sandy's husband is calling her a jerk for using the free appetizer coupon

Tuesday, March 6th


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There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity and it is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Didn't show us. I really special because really special guests for the judgments on this morning our very own. And it comes my danger day. I'm Mike danger afternoons in the sport sport danger but it Anglia in 92957. Opinions in Rochester glad to be here. Thanks Jessica for court today games look great thank you. So our little problem at the restaurant and I feel like we only have one things got so you know this or do in doing this a long time in and if you don't have dignity what do you have. Mullen meals and no I don't or answers to very true yet to have some date we have that's indignity. On the firm belief that. Win your presented an offer such as. He go to this restaurant and get a free appetizer movement. Look I see through that they know what that's about that's about getting you in the doors. Sitting down getting the free appetizer and then also getting. Your meal get really up sell sell right right and I'm like totally you I can totally. Oh I'm fine with the idea that I'm gonna go to a restaurant. I will get my appetizer for free and then it will proceed. To enjoy the rest of my meal with my friends with my family whoever the company may be carrying. And he finally that it be satisfied wit I just got something that would cost me ten box there afraid. But you don't have to TO also this is coupon or whatever that says you don't know no purchase necessary it's get a free app guys sound. Ice said hey let's use were going to be out and about. We're going to be near that plays to lend happening get our free app OK and that's. We need that CA maybe it's all 404 is an appetizer on doing what I do is it makes you would jerk if you just stop there are free gas every walk out. 12 victory yes jerk justified thank you dot he. Indicating the same is waiting in line for free CD back in the day you have to go buy anything else that record archive when you got the free CD back in the day record market give away free CDs we've. You're presented let's hesitated money list the only people gave free CD's away it was awesome we were to be like okay this and you don't go into a restaurant sit down through coupons singer got a free yes free side dish of chicken knuckles so all right. Well it's like to learn that the Angeles to tip right it would have to on the ice only to tea justified now. It's we what does it. You got the full meal but the servers making the same amount of money the restaurant is just missing out on the money that this same is a brilliant one I would say more. Based on the idea that I'm paying more for the entire annual than just the three operative. The server will have to do more when you writer an appetizer and the meal and a dessert you're just appetizer that we're done I'm done here are the if you do great if it's a delicious appetizer maybe I'll be back in the future. But to act I don't think this. Numbers 2222899222. Because I want the first juror to call right now jerk or justified sandy have you know dignity. He did not want to go to the restaurants don't get out and I don't know if it's always like what what. Did he order. Oh lead and broke you know. Yeah I. Oh this is all we can afford today because a good man just looks so much out of our paycheck which is always if you want to please if you want a free car would you go and buy another car because that I was afraid you feel felt guilty getting a free car not the same time in the same this jail this chicken knuckles were aware. He's out of Clinton on the goods and yeah. Wham bam all of advanced thought and a little appetizer for the three and I get that for free what you should be free for anyways I'll go ahead now by the entire as a restaurant has no problem with pity that they expect that they expect people to come in just for free appetizer. To. You're talking lowered the bar that's why people likes this restaurant expects that business will come in because of the free appetizer and that they will also apply. A pilot ratings and the whole thing. It happens but typically I wedding go winning an order appetizer Ian to meal and a dessert that it's too much for you but I will. The wind just the appetizer. Free. Yeah Jackie is held to so 22228992. To Dubai is high the buzz Jerker justified. I finally got a and I. You know you walk into a place and you say I'll take the here's I want the mozzarella sticks and you sit there eat it and leave some restaurants work all. Yeah. At a water. That's water thank you very much it's a promotion now understand the restaurant want to do just that promotion to get you in the to secure down to order and happened and complete help to order he ordering more stop if you go to a place that there's sub shop and they give you cars via five subs get one for for months illegal offer that free cell where you obligated to buy something else just different things you know it totally different does instead there are coupons that say. I get an appetizer with the purchase of a meal memoir. I widen appetizer and get a second freer to us just said. Free the exact sapping his assumption I just want you in faster this last time its own ten if you just what to do slaps the jury is going to be nice and I don't think so to Dubai sidebar is justified your judgment zone it's just golf and can't get a free app and leaving. I'm saying just by. How you might well I got I've got a qualification obligation. I thought it best. Could we have what happened it'd be the server Bennett a track are trying to sort of armed as people feel free. To Berkshire money at Burnett stopped for so that's a great. However. I'd like I mean like maybe they need to achieve. In the water communities Stewart and after something like that at your own after opening an instructor at the distort the if you just hope would be extra money they got remote that particular. Moment right there it's there on the beach in the restaurant I'll sell you on more from the heady mixture of samples and come back with a bigger group. Yes to actually LCS. And our right to tell you guys restaurant everybody better. Oakley thank you so much typically I don't order apps because I just get to fall right at a time the country cut so. Now this will encourage me to order an app is next time I go maybe all of my appetizer swollen. And I think you are absolutely. It's. Horrendous. Disease person sixty seconds left the volume who's done I got a bunch of coming to devise the by the sugar justified by gang get a free app and nothing else. I'm. Not by. Pratt I think. Take a tree. He's wrong. I'd advise Jerker justified. Say would you walk in witness this woman to sit down and get a free app get up smile leave. Are you walk you'd debris out ordered drink. And they expect look at value on our meal. Now that kind of time then I erase people's time. It's not a pretty picture but out thirty seconds left to all users are being hurt. He had asked Tony I'd like to be funny and you know what they're gonna market they're gonna know you when he comeback in the is on Ottawa to battle it. The scarlet letter I mean just because I took advantage of what you offered to offered me a free they want to buy more than it is that with purchase of the entree I sit at the bar if I need to so I don't take at the table if you want to what you have resume if you for example public means to Google buy the product every single time. When that point that each that we she's from Yugoslavia but whenever he goes to Nigeria every single time that I. You guys and it and I try I'd like I'd buy it I don't just going into its huge. Every demo lady at lightning didn't call by with her off advisor on the judgments on circuit justified. Are packed up by buster justified. Ali act now. I do you agree with you slightly slightly but it hit the shot not tumbling. Your vote it is. Doctor right. This as far as what happened to the morals of this new world which people always allow the buzz Jerker justified. If that there is a difference. Are you one more call the next thing. I look at it from the point of view the person your way as okay for should get judged like that that's really crazy armored troop numbers you are looking at from the point of view of the restaurant. Think they're given that TV column in an obvious pretense to get you to try the food gets something more. Oh yeah and waiters there who are that good you'll go back and get support. This food site like you try and something from Lincoln and I met with your little Jimmy would go to the agendas of free trial to try out that the services there's a three there's this happens all the time test drive a vehicle contained you'll get a test drive time evenly against the restaurant gave me get to and I appreciate to get to probably be in opera again by the buys Jerker justified this is the type. There lot of us. It's. And you're right. Plus yeah. Yeah they want to. You've had words yeah.