Judgment Zone- Putting things back in the wrong spot

Friday, March 9th


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There was no. As mentioned this extra space and has taught us Infiniti. System. Between evaluation and criticism. Doesn't early which we call I didn't judgments. Read anything ever worked in retail. And I am. Equipment and make judgments and I will fight for you today some thing happens in store in you know wet. To be honest I think we've all done it but it's do you feel guilty doing mess. It happens in any story no matter what story your and by specifically I was at the mama Kris reg who. Hash tag shopping ire up and I was at Francesca as an noticed something in the store. As we look at the woman who works there is this penises and all the time. She's yes unfortunately. It does. So for customer who grabbed something you have something in your hand and then you don't want it any team and you just haphazardly put it somewhere. Not in the right place. You have socks and you don't want those socks anymore and you put it where the sweat shirts are all are in this case. Yesterday stockings were then Easter bunnies and. Damn sexy Easter bunnies. They cute Jerker justified to that customer who put something where it doesn't along you are in the judgment zoom you. I don't know is it depends on how big historians. Jeff first I say jerk put that thing back but I've done it before and called and I put that you know. But put apparently is you know socks nexus Snickers at the end of the the beginning of the cashier line around the world grocery store that's the worst offense and I know all but. I'm not walk and all the way back and it worked out the lakers three to five minute commute back this department and that hail and commend you well. I also don't wanna go to customer service and looked cheap or go to the register in the cheapened it I don't want this. Or I'm now it's it's harder target it's hard to argue for justified until his aides say jerk. Downtrend on jerk to you can't do even thought about it amateur and people who do it or Turks and stir because the elected I mean just think inside the store. I don't care what size cities. Every single thing you see has to be placed by human being. And the more you leave stuff out more aid their productivity. Has to be interrupted by. And stalked back worm was originally. Your job as it is a good shopper. Is if you don't need some and quoted Ackerman hangar put it back on the shelf all the bad cop so the next person can take a look at. Did you search count to fight to get T shirt look at it duet I mean I can try and folded the way they had it folded when it's impossible I don't think this is that could be another. OK so is this completely different yet art at the store you love this purple shirt that you have in your hand and then years looking through this so are in and more of annular guide. This other shirt is better but I can't buy golf so I don't want this purple one and informed gonna put it stuffit. In this yak in this rack where it doesn't belong jerk in grabbed the other search York. Everybody has that thing is that you aren't the biggest liar on FaceBook last night when I posted best. If there were are a handful of people saying mrs. justified. UConn has had 2222899222. Buys and that's where it really counts you have to call us. To be counted your routes is going to be our first juror on the line is anchored by as. There is justified to put it back somewhere else. Jerk it is. I don't bring it up to the front that I can't figure out where boats. That's a good look embarrassed though like that they think I'm cheap and I'm one about the stuff. Now what do you think our own country and you don't wanna like leave it somewhere got to bring it up to the front. Yeah at least give it to them because it got to the got to cart really big refile stuff right. Or are going all out at times yeah. 2222899. Jerk justified. Totally injured. I were at a grocery store I have people like lucky me on shelves and I know it. Yeah. Nothing like that. Daily I have people breaking her impact you're bringing me back up I can't break because that wild. Because it's already out okay thank you jerking us out. You're in the judgment zone you hold the fate of this case in your hands Collison 22228992. To Dubai is Jirga justified. A teacher can I eat out. What they'd like all. Oh yeah yeah. Well. Let it oh. I. I. Very curious to see if the people on FaceBook at broke justified will be calling up this morning brave enough. Yes because so hard. This is a slam dunk yeah yeah I think you're jerking as. I advise on the judgment zone you know some some say that people get paid that's part of the job to put back on the shelves. IE are you preview it back yet so I agreed to include stopping all political act while our people. We're putting attacking approach new. OK so. Use that is sort of take out attack probably skip it is kept at it and when you do your job. To storm back to gather in a proper play well you'll move it to Brooklyn and suspected anywhere you want our. But it is made up there don't want it that the that the. It is a different story is different sir because your ear and your doing one thing lasts with the produce thing. And you're doing almost one thing extra to almost go out of your way too inconvenienced the worker him for the other thing you know and you're doing less work. All eyes as it by not staying the produce and letting them do it. I you're doing more work and you did tentative puts something a different section you gonna mean but it's almost our effort. I get a carded but it's. It's a group that spark that but it taught the art that is. I got to pick one who's winning the which one is a Jirga John all right all overall. Budget on the judgment zones jerk for justified. Where. Today your and I New Zealand read. Your. And why. Is everybody doing it. Because I feel person it hasn't done that. I I can't comment and our. But at play your area aren't as a partner like. I don't mean that if you're and Mike are really all star Eddie come on. But it isn't it works in the big circus the person has the put it back that's the goal only to the end of the others act on the side game. I mean if you do that I just wouldn't you suggest being retail I don't know. Which is sailors have instead of dropping it. In like the kids in and dropping to meet in the kids light clothing department just in up to the cash register and say I don't want this anymore is that easier. Yeah yeah has ever been right or injury our ally it. Eight at apple at me I don't want there okay. Or Jim at the big announcements to close the store. Did you have to make the announcement to close the store. You deal for it to. You don't Brussels court in the dozens and yes. I'm dead and do one doll. We are ugly part. And it Beckett. Jargon there's.