Judgment Zone- The overachieving neighbor with the extra green lawn

Wednesday, July 18th

Judgment Zone Case #718

The overachieving neighbor's lawn that makes everyone else's look like trash

What did the jury decide, are they being a Jerk or Justified?

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There was no. Dimension as vast space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the evaluation. Criticism. Are you what we call. All big blue and sure it's. Upload you neighbor you over achieving neighbor. You. Are going to the judgments on today. There's many ABM. So we'll make room case number seven what eight the over achieving neighbor's lawn that makes everyone else's lawn looked like trash fish that. Photo evidence if faced a page you can see photo evidence of this lush. Green or on that looks like. A golf course if you can exceed the lions. In that Alec. During this summer months where it rains a lot I can't get my lawn to look like this I mean this is I think plush carpets. The the picture shoulders you know the guy mode diagonally one way and then diagonally the other way so that his mom looks like egg which gave green. Emerald diamond. Caught at a golf course. Is it golf course. The over achieving neighbors on that makes everyone else's lawn looked like trash jerk or justify Dirk as I said so and a story tonight. Yes because I am a homeowner. In my next door neighbor has the irrigation system. And he. And fertilize is it even goes over the watering canning gets little spots and puts. Little like a little home full of of of a grass seed and and and she teases the dirt and the waters it with a watering can June. How those. Everything's a competition and like every single thing and rightfully so to be the best version of yourself yet to be the best at everything you deal. In order to be happy this guy or girl whoever owns this house Somoza slot is simply the best and should be punished for that justified. Seems like they're broadly it is everybody's been better released that all don't want is some rubbed your days be better what you're competing invests. Did the best you better not be masts. You do to intimidate guy nine what do you think is. Guy I chaired our woman or whoever the homeowner jerks are justified through you to the first call up. Yet the first error mean kill your parents love woody Paige are as divided. Totally justified. How. Hard it. It would go waited and at all mortars auditor at eight expression worried. And that's coming from room. And I do understand this and I'm not gonna judge you for it but you're the guy and it's got the best line in the neighborhood. Anyone cite any says justify anybody's is justified is that guy. I have two other people are here doing our part we will never happened or rely on me and just needs justify readily DP eighty. And that benefit from from even games are you happy she's yeah. And I. It like racing a four year old are you good you're really putting all your effort to beat the four Euro an Aries yes you are or you get excited slowed down a little known. Because that'll never learn to compete and Ingrid. O'Donnell all but. He. You know Ortiz started at right which you do. I'm beating a four year old tripping and at the finish line. And running in sixteen years it right that's yeah. Part of your lot in the lake and the other side of the sidewalk between the tree in the side. There's always corners of that line that gets a little yellow press media yet you try to water only but to do it. Every inch of your grass is a struggle when you have sprinklers. This line. Every freaking blade of grass. Rick Barnes and Dexter Alex. Aren't working entirely and Fitch shirts are justified. How. I. Just because you're that guy right now Andre and that the pact over or landscaping company I'll ask why it the only differences yeah. Just yesterday we. We were out in this only development and whatnot. And there isn't one guy that head perfectly green. Juan. And the others were like our round. Acting he's put a lot of work and. That's it'll give anybody you know it makes everybody else feel bad. And guess why were all neighbors it's a neighborhood. And that's why we should all kind of and everything you want to share of water and you know just hours that it puts indignation is Lumpur jerk crystals adjourned thank you about. Attempting to routinely Baghdad when you figure it Jerry Jerker justified. Turk and April oh that was scissors. Citizenry is it's. How ridiculous he didn't pride in his line he's a winner or winners win. When there's already been retired for army for. Yeah you're just jealousy get an anonymous hiker arm. So loud. When you read. All hate the best quarterback are the best basketball player because they're competitive and they put the time and effort to win. Yeah because you do not on our team. Do you think that's gonna cut. It so yeah we did that way fares that are just jealous that you haven't yet. Aren't let's get there I know I don't know. What do you think ticker justified. Totally out I. Yet. Mammy under yet understand something and and we appreciate your vote is a juror here borrowers but. You realize that we need to save this earth and you're using water for something that's just aesthetic not to something that's life saving okay. Now why. Aren't at time and money. On the way you want that app locked up and I did network that would not work out I quit and I. I art at all well I I miss. I don't know why I'm. Not a lot. Oh you do not even journalists. Not even just. I bet it. Any hint and I. Live. I live within the U Lake Ontario watershed. You should not be using that precious resource on something so. Superficial. Casually screwed on the water day. Yet should hit it or something good bit. If for you that a I did a great guy mad at cat where do you think Durkin justified. Totally justified. My entire life and while there's nothing easier. That you can do. That'll make your home worker. Okay you can have a match and if you have a crappy law. That it no apparent. You mean that I'm I'm the corporate guys. That we're aware of mark their paper. Did you want more break you know Kim took can I help you out over here. Shell and Elena are our market you're the guy that wants a whole neighborhood looked mine are due. This guy's making every other man feel inferior. To show. If you hold the line for just a second are gonna come up former once were a bath because once you come over more oil on into a much fertilizer they cover Iraq or against copyright or did it. The buzz did you did 289 and we beat interpret justified. Well at some way to live on eight at baker brown grabs it counts and I didn't do any thing to have agreed on night. Dominique baker I. OK I. Thank you Jerker justified our. You know why it's you know California had outsiders go. Across the country for argue with you. Are precious water to fight like field fires and support that they actually give you fly I'm doing this now work leagues get. They they keep posts and earnings for watering your yard finding new. I knew reason why losing men literally. They are right would you take care and does divide and. Part. Scott are you lose like those. Golden lawn neighbors. To get lakers can what's your first names are. James James. Oh beautiful for spacious skies. No I know mine. Amber waves of grain. And I know you have amber waves of grain it's patriotic to have a golden. Stretches and he's such as it comes threats and threatening. That Iran. Shia. Did not go off. So. Adnan hairy guy out why your drink with a man your biggest fans raise awareness and media that next year nightstand that I'm when you go to bed at nine. You know. What you. Were did you. Do you realize doubt that yeah that's a mom died last year hit a move on to. Dead again let's take a second. Do you realize that this is the first time in judgment zone history that you are agreeing with Chris got. I don't re it would employ. Mean what you. You would never find anybody like me. Download the flip. I'll agree that it could you hit it where you Cordoba romance we have a verdict get a life. An extra I was listening. Emerald carpet. How the violence there are. Yes we're gonna do 30. There are normal order of new modern course here. If you go for show wired. I am I ordered or bartered my alarm the photo on FaceBook. Yeah earlier somebody takes that much pride in the line. Change up that it probably about every other every other week at a changeup that he cut cutting pattern. Now okay so the cases close justified you have every right to do that but now be honest with danger be honest with us. Why so you are attending tier line and you know you look so much better than everybody house. Are you doing with some kind of sick twisted his satisfaction. I am making it look like trash you being trotted up. You know how beyond equities I ate my father I grew up with my father and her in line. And taking pride in the entire property and that kind of where I inherited a primary care look happy but. I ice. I don't you report that I do it predict that it actually myself to them what can I don't really care what anybody else thinks about it Hewitt is Spielberg. Myself at the end of the day that are back in the pennant for me and it. Can't just realize that in everybody else's home like you know behind closed doors what really happens wives are yelling at their husbands. I have heard I heard yeah fly and don't miss it. Why are there. It's it's part of the watering go to I'll be honest with you guys I do not watered that much I know look I can't have a high. Let's send let that it's all about that I mean are watering all these other all my neighbor kept their. Sprinklers going during the day when that started beating about it it's the absolute wrong time to water a decent and post a water. That either 8 o'clock in the morning about 8 o'clock at night when the rounded down that's when water and Jackson Lee I don't water in the morning I water at night. And withdrew the sun goes down I don't might want about two hours. And adapt and to be honest. I have now water in two days. You know what I'm gonna stop by after sunset tonight and water your lawn personally and you'll see my name. It occurs if without any dotted I's but you'll see him I bankers have on. Lot of money at night and green spray paint love. And I am not fertilized don't know remark and things and things a lot.