Judgment Zone- Not using the baby gift

Friday, February 16th


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In the criminal justice system judgment based offenses are considered especially heinous and Rochester New York the dedicated radio hosts who investigate these vicious crimes. Our members of an Elite Squad. Known as the breakfast buzz these are their stories. We lesson and again. And it's kind of a whole daylight right that people didn't like it best case scenario they love him. I've encountered an even better scenario. Except that we went all wrong it's on Valentine's Day. While us and I mean none of us has ever seen earlier this judge in his own time. I'm curious to hear this so our personal friend well ex friends from name. And job promotion director and leasing. Has this adorable. Daughter Kate in his one years old friends. So I felt compelled I don't Milan to buy Payton a gift. Her birthday. So I went to I think it was like a target or something like that and I bought her outfit and me twenty year old guy. You know just in relation not married no kids nothing I had to kind of guess what size she would be and I nailed it it just so happen in nail have bought this cute outfit that hearts on it I give it to Lindsay to give to pay and and Lindsay came back the next day that a slap that on her desk. Oh my gosh thank you so much she's gonna love it I'm gonna have to Wear this for Valentine's Day this is obviously a couple weeks ago. I'm like what really come under. To be the outfit provider for her daughter's. First Valentine's Day this is amazing and eldest gift I have found out yesterday that Lindsay. Did not put pay in indie outfit that I gave to her. That she promised she would put her for Valentine's Day. For that she's in the judgments and could come off she isn't here. For building we just it hare me now and. She's. She. And so she yes she is a jerk for making me a promise and taking a back did say Blake is headed Dresser an outfit that she can only where our surveillance and I think hearts and stuff all over and it was perfect from time to battle the political bulletin PP one year old baby girl fashion as soon as it happened to Valentine's Day not now are on this outfit she can Wear again maybe. Just. I'd and the Kenji I'll explain it to like I said it's a pink white and ran out there with parts. I think has like a built into two thing to it's it was like oh man here who's the good word again. Mean that's built team unity of the editor Gerri yeah he just like us. That he's well to you yeah actually gonna fly and Ottawa the two to hand signal. And my. And they don't baby girl that weren't there so delighted that their crew well. Schools and health problem must not put them is that Mexicans are. But the three keep the beer. Yeah I love daisy you're highly offended that she highly did and not put her little baby move much in the gift that you matter it's like hmmm OK it's like. Winning is you know I never win anything that he would call the radio station and they went tickets constantly like anything but I'd never I wouldn't have been nailed the. A one year old baby birthday gift in. How did you find that was a face but it faced a blow blow I know she broke it to me she goes listen I didn't put Payton in net in the outfit that. It's it. I would hate sexy for having its asset that's just her cute little baby tell you you can't be that he can't be offended by an absolute offender mashed justified how she justified because as you can't promise all. The proudest. Per hub does stay tuned here for me I didn't ask him like hey you know uses as she just offered. Gosh yeah Deaver the ice you know you give a gift and he got those guys like the skating I'll tell me I figured I'd let that get on her desk agreements give it to her to see your immediate reaction she had time to. Big whenever you want to think if you want to fake it. But now levies still probably the next studies argue gave her those guys like yeah I you're gonna use it right and that he felt compelled to say. Is he you know what she did she per got to get SARS from your inspected in the garbage we can do all of the gifts I. Ali do you guys think that lesson is that not a jerk she's joke by you think you are promised that she broke just as justified can justly be just. There have been so many gifts when I had my babies and I had 20. So many wonderful gifts from people they. They still the tags are still line before I get in on that and they're donating with that still wanna be of did you promise the person like you need to use. Yeah. Big day for a specific thing this is perfect for Valentine's Day at a batter out that somebody gave her a better many regional matter offer from a mom or something many people in the pre trial. Many people in the pretrial that shooter on FaceBook. We'll take it to the jury 2222899. Jerk or justified. And thank you very mind. Promise top it's a tough call because it I've been there you give these tips in their beautiful and yours appreciative but it's. Impossible to put your baby every single outfit somebody gives its fifth the go to gift from. It's like you know how they go to it that the White House. They have they have one guy there like every day. Run and a flag to flag pole and back down again in the folded up and they sell a flag was fortunate that he could be because he couldn't get in beta two to picture of it to another baby clothes have to pitch deep run and a mop. I still say justified due to devise. And you call jerk. Side let's go calls hi you're on the bus to ensure justified. I am going if they'd just it. She can learn cons. Well I have my mom do it now there's something you're never able to get you know and there's a lot of us debt ethnic grow a lot of up and pap. And that is yes they grow wider net how many things did you have with still the price tag. But I didn't. Well. Death toll could go to gift is baby outfits that she made a promise she even promised if she wasn't gonna do it should include promises are meant to be broken some resemblance. To thank you due to June 2899 as she jerked through it like going like that not advocating that that film turns out that. I buzz. IRJ. Jones she. Yeah. Yeah no. IR. I counter. I got. Our yeah yeah yeah. I think if I all right thank you to tell you. Great 99 let's get this had advised morning issue is is that mom a jerk or she justified for her kid in any outfit she wants. Oh really I did. She. You promised me that's almost a thing. Your check yet I would say this don't hide the buzz Jerker justified. I. Don't. You saw the Lindsay sure we do have a hell of a moment. Is he is he saying everything they jerk the jury wants to know more information and I think star witness I mean he told everything we need to tell. You know you did did you. Felt when they are currently our. The original it's not that important. When. I think that act that I 84 year old grandmother who by the way. I went into remission pertinent Obama EE I mean. A one CNA. Might Kirk Cameron train day. It's. Yeah. That's how do you keep it. I so you vote. And you don't like well. That's great. The truth prevails and happy birthday to create each.