Judgment Zone- Not offering to pay MIL to watch the kids

Thursday, April 12th


Is she a Jerk or Justified for not offering to pay her mother in law to watch the kids?

What did the jury decide the verdict to be?


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There was no. Mentioned this extra space and has taught us and Saturday. It is the middle ground between the valuation and criticism. And which we call. We didn't didn't judgments. Yeah. A custom during the summer vacation. So the husband wife debates today in the judgment is sound and the verdict. Today you were the jury 2222899. The verdict that you guys decide it will be deal fish still way to settle this debate kicked. It studied and the buzz is in a sandy by the way and we do judgments on every morning at this time it's it's with the most fun you can ever have a jury. Yeah especially if it. So that they're trying to figure out what to do with the kids this summer and you've seen all onion news feed and share mine is getting you know. Adds her summer camps are thrown up all over my face but that ain't that probably yours tale but what you do with the cat so the husband's idea is. He's like let me ask my mother if she'll watcher kits and she's retired now let me ask. But we're gonna have to do Latin. Pay her and and his life is like well I would repay her now I'm a parent without NASCAR and it's it's we have to pay her. There's the debate husband wants his mom to watch the kids blocked. The stipulation is we have to pay ma am the wife. Doesn't wanna pay mountain. She is like let's disaster. Without. Even adding that to the equation nice to see if she'll watch the kids without even talking about the money satin. Is the wife being a jerk for not even offering. Mom money. Or justified. Of course she's teacher of course. You're saving how much money in child care hand I know what is the status is justified it's impossible to justify this I think it must've I wasn't because of time. Even money aside. OK so here's the day. At least offer to not offer it to death to jerk move Hilliard and some banana her. Advantage or her taste of its a question by not offering does that make you a jerk course. Offer it to my parent I think my kids now it favored at. Ask me for money. Well then it's hard missing noting your parents. Fair and not offer our director just a tiger it's at that's that's part of my job as Graham there job yeah you gotta. Don't take advantage of your pantry is you yet another have to raise your kids for you to you by Zia to did you 2899. It's the job a year and the jury the mama. Does it make you I'd care. Are justified for not offering your mother in law money to watch the kids. This is messed up. Totally messed up well especially the husband wants to do it. It I'd be like oh let's ask my let's just ask her she can watch the kids. He would let's leave about the payment part wow who apparently an every down my dear parents to watch the Q why do I go to my parents you know it. Doesn't want a clear conscious of any of all owing them anything they're providing a service of hindering its right big enough for you have a deal with some for them for once. Jim Jim Jim buzz and ivory on the judgment zone wins the dance and we do every morning to you the first Jirga morning Jerker justified. Here. Oh. I'll try to track. Would get an addict and and I. Miners are all she got. And you know I can't help out you know. So not offering makes her injured. And yeah. You're on your deductibles and Jerry in my yard game for us god I can't. Slowly but did you buy signature calls this the judgments on the bus body vote jerk or justified. Dirk it's called respect. The page should shall some respect your cram earn our way to might bring it in all their money out of respect. By the buzz jerk or justified. Earlier Dirk. But it is usually. I'm just me or not you've ever off I had all my parents and respect my parents and open and fairy old school detailing in household. We respect each other and I never even. Her two. Not my mama want. My kids for the summer when I had to work in a big they stayed down there for that I don't know maybe I just thought that's what you do that's a grandparents do. It's a jerk moat they're doing something to offering a service TO. Anybody in the world and offers you a service should. At least be offered. Compensation for it you're saving money by not using day care you're saving the hat the headache of or the stress of worrying about a stranger watching your kids or having a teenager come over all terror and all of that for you a couple blocks should be at least offered him to be thrown their way. People zoom. Makes her jerk for not even offering just ethnic and optional and can you want to beat grandparent lives matter it's all service. Off for some of our its offer some excellent form of compensation. I mean really is that why I said yeah all services. Time feeling helps me out in any way. Helps mean with a project at the house I don't I don't ever offer money. And when I helped my a family now I don't ever expect them to offer me money this obscenely thing it's a duel in the see him probably get a signal anyway. So why not offer wiley here at that your I don't know. It makes it big league you'll meet this mom dad mom in law W all of this to me to watch my grandkids could start talking money if you were to offer a mine makes it weird and awkward. Like my I don't think you are I I don't think we have enough money I think you need my money you know I mean it's ten years off for money to your pay. It's almost like going hey honey thanks for your you know things from Lincoln lovers Tony box and hit my stuff like down tried to Dubai as Cisco calls higher on the judgments on what Jerker justified. I mean he's Turk. I think dirt I think anytime you go to work. Make money you know we have to offer it occurred on child. Sprang if it was friend I would offer my. I'm I. Not a eight ROM. But it aren't going to work. Op art. Out but I keep. The group is earning money because of them so please get a cut. If we got to come back and support huge kids ask him. How. Do. Your job with young my parents went to work in and watch my little sister they'd pay me yeah he's an Heyward family. Then make you learn about I offer. Do you might advise the judgment zone Jerker justified. Yale thank you doesn't just apply. I need or doing something. Or you've heard her name they're allowing you to go and freely make money and pursue your career and also the stuff they should get. Some kind of compensation for at least offered the compensation. Being with your reinstall branded. It count in Asia or not. You know I am. And they wanna be without four your old life he. More on a lot every I went out and oral and I ain't been in the world where. In a lot and it. Well yeah greatly and mama thank you. And let's go to this one I'd advise jerk or justified. I yeah. Some cash. Well I am quoting rock. Parent I liked it and not act and it Alley and act Aaron but there are only in well. Yes they really it is insulting my dogs are endless and everybody not everybody is Italian OK he's a weekend. Yeah. I just. It's. This just suffice. Is things are Colin the judgments on underlies. My back we don't want to be counting yeah. We dole and buy expensive cars go fake tanning to become. Opinion we deal up I rank it. Is this announcement back ice quarterbacks and backs discretionary back yeah. Scratch yours. Ali don't charge me like that died more calls did you buy is going justified and judgments arms and seeing how the buzz guy Dirk just right. Jerk so yeah. I. Our. Error well. There. Are. I don't let the money back in the well anyway let them these guys yeah all my aunt and she just too but I know the tune. Anyhow I was shell. I think they deliberately not you sandy mom's Italian mountains. Hold the worse guilt over I mean it's just it it's a natural talent that they half right. So yes her time is valuable my first time is him and I'm reminded me of how precious her time it's right. She doesn't seem my kids. She will call me gilts me in why don't you bring to greet him. Beat them martyrs. How we keep. We only get it how we only speak. In the case that every mother in law's Italian that's not hope that extra day. I offers she try and try because she doesn't wanna. Offer her mother and money why this is a time trial I would never made it to the trial that's right line. We haven't lived in a woman with a ferocious. Tiger and in the sentence that judgments on it like there. Just. His money. I just important and by the way because what is your mother's name maiden name bond yield on al-Qaeda than we did what I. I am also aware enough to know that was heading for other cultures duke thanks drama time. Finalists apparently anybody any anybody's grandma says laws as a back itemized tour justified. At our ports and I offered my map money. And Hewitt variant Alfred but at least by Kurt or are okay or are we risk being insults. It just me. My he's a move my talks ever Italian yeah let's go to his go hey there Leon abuzz Tyre area. Good you were on how you're deciding match you're wrong does it feel like you're gonna you're going to be in our aim as she Jerker Jones all injured. Sometimes. And yeah. Presented a scenario that hero I was. Things.