Judgment Zone- No tip for the Barista

Friday, January 19th


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It's 99 abuzz. Oh I'm calmed her ball. Yesterday. What happened at a coffee shop and let's just don't worst. Few minutes of my life it was really awkward and uncomfortable and I blame the woman giving me my coffee put in butterscotch and sort of karma. It is for you but I don't. Believe I did anything wrong I really doubt but. If you. Everybody can. Pink said this makes me a huge chair then fine I will change and it won't do this ever gags. So what happened at the coffee shop yesterday it was like why. Well mine I think certain smell a little bit like judgments on that. It's time for the judgment now. Coffee shop lady I mean she it's probably a very nice. One managed probably works really hard but please. He put me in the most uncomfortable awkward situation. I go to grab some coffee with a new client of ours here at the station you know to say thank you for working with dozens lets you know share some ideas together whenever he's still do. A nearby coffee shop I can't say where is Santa Monica that pops up from last Batman. Still there and now I'm in my treats and you know when I hit my tree taking up. News yet so. They are they are not being in the woman gets a mock himself. And then the girl turns V I had a plan. And you know high tech if this copy shop turns the iPad around into the case of you can either give it this tip this tip for this tipping for that would that dollar amounts are. Because it was a really paying attention I wasn't gonna give a tip you give this statistic for just an ensign below an am like home. OK I can get a pass on May happen outside and I'm signing up if I had to take. In this deal Clyde this woman that I really pretty much just to match. Is like looks at me weird and goes I put in the tip if you want. I've only got now this moment. Just turned really weird and uncomfortable. In emerging battling the image of the so damned sheep Alex. We are just. Awful so who now because this woman that I just Matt is offering up a tip where I said no thank yo. That pretty much screams. You're a big jerk who. You are in the judgments on. There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism. Are you what we call. Paul didn't. Sure tracks. And no way I am standing my ground I'm firm in my belief. That I did nothing wrong I am not so I've jerks. I didn't think yeah had to leave a tip at a copy (%expletive) I am sorry. Leave your jerk. Nice jerk but still. Plus when you have a client a brand new person that your courting right. It's just like the first gonna be Boller that's why you don't want to the tenants have. And I do you know that Shelley but it made it ruined and culture. Saying it. Jerked uncommon industry. Yeah coming in district. The service tip on a service. Yet good most you know you go and grab coffee you tipped the person who gives you your off. If the option is presented. I'll gloat about it at the tip jar will call me and thorn in the tip jar. But it that iPad thinks bins around all it like 15% at least it looks 15% of seven dollars. 73 dollar. It's not gonna break the bank but don't tell me that I have to leave the tent she probably looked at you aunts and thought you weren't. That hip. You've never used an iPad well before it's confusing sometimes. By the blazers chipped away slight July I would like it was time here days appended as a finger now explain to go so do you leave do you donate every time you're asked to donate to you can't hit every body can't donate every single but she's preparing a custom order for us like a pizza place what we're just like a bartender like you guys there is any here it's dirt judgments on Jerker just invited sandy. Jerker justified. Justified. You know. Thought it would tip the cashier at the grocery store why because the cashier is doing work for you region there providing a service but yet to. My son used to work catcher and sometimes he would give it to him OK you know what nobody has yet how to buster justified that. Just if how it. What Bos epic. Do you concrete. I'm on are you all know hour after. An 88. I'll order order. That I. The question is there an option to not to hit no tip on that screen that particular screen you saw our nose at CNET before the ones and then find this curious. With an option it notes that. I was so frazzled I. It added that I think this time I justified in her. And somebody at bay like that that that Al. But west wagging your receipt at the bar where you come in order drink does this line that says. Tip right there assessing things he's a paper yeah. Universal ever know you're at the app. She testified thank you thank. And what it thought but a funny that you feel guilty about it. That's the whole thing here is that you like I feel guilty I felt weird because I was uncomfortable with that woman that they just met and you end. They'll beat you know it's Roth hit thank you it's a sheep at the higher the buys your on the jury Jerker justified. My job he's preparing anything for you. To. Well then bogeyed the next how many coffees just kind of average then then don't blame them when he witnessed al-Qaeda advise Jirga justified. Yeah. Ridiculous. Not DOW or allowed to tour I don't Walter ensor the phone lines due due due to 8990 did you guys as a bartenders that yeah. The plane ever she jerk justify it but aren't you plunge cheap loans that being a five dollar copy not tip usually. Oh. Yeah. As well it's a client to. Somewhere way out or don't but your. You're right I'm tired or job. I think that's that's that's an okay product can blame you blame your parents and yeah I hide the body is Jurgen justified is sandy right or wrong on this but not tipping. I think Andy is absolutely not I don't turn the diaper and telling them. It is as Britney act I knew I. It's not as. Establishments where you go into it knowing you're gonna have to tab and choose when you show the tip and summons. He's right right and you usually do a little cult of cheap wheels in Rochester. So thank you. Hi there I'm sure the line with our. Yeah none of you know it's like to work in an industry and it's making Nieminen I can understand that the that there. You don't demanded that. She offered cheese but better odds at this is where you can tip I can read. Soledad yeah. Meaning to me I mean lighting ever resent the IR. He's used so much this Jerry is the passenger we add. Because it is a slam dunk. To.