Judgment Zone- My friend made money off "MY" stuff

Tuesday, May 15th

Judgment Zone Case #515

Your friend sold all the baby stuff you gave her at a garage sale.She made $200 and didn't share any of it with you

What did the jury decide? Jerk or Justified?


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There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity and it is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Judgments. You see dome. Slightly. Cheated. Near it. Have the right to feel this. And call her or her yeah. In my friend really just. And the. 222899. You're the jury you this guy didn't care our job to. So what did you do with all your being. All you beat Ukraine. How can play. This rollers in the county chairs and all that stuff would you do with that. If you don't gave it to a friend. In a few years go by and then she does he needed anymore. And she sells it at her garage sale and then start to Dover and everybody that she made 200 dollar low nineties. Stitcher or justified. Foreign and not sharing that wealth with you. We're not even letting you know that she was gonna sell it at the garage sale. Because a friend did this to me feel play. Need for all that stuff that I do is deemed to UN AD did to you because I wanted to see you a few thousand. I expected her to either ask me if I wanted it back or passed it onto another friend. Make 200. Dollars. And acts Gerri it may. So you would say are her. Is she gonna said he I don't need that's W me where you wanna backe Butte or real target or agree we can't sign someone else who need it let's do own a. So profit off of my stuff. OK but right now in the moment I feel a little cheated insulated in Indian taken advantage of my. Maybe this is an irrational feeling that I have you were the jury you have to decide if my friend is being a jerk or Jesse or. Irrational I lately justified. I don't understand how you don't understand that. Turning a profit for something. Is part the product testing you're selling and even bigger of a part of actually doing the selling to hustling. Is that the part where you put the effort in to make the sale it's not just the product that brings the morning. The baby clothes in this instance it's. It's setting up the tables for the garage sale it's getting up early on a Saturday or Sunday it's posting on FaceBook are putting up flyers about the garage sale all that led. To making the 200 dollars not just dumping you know off the somebody. She just I you Dubai who spent the nightly I could have done it myself but no I wanted to save her money by saying here here all my hand me downs great condition. All now you're not you're gonna just sell it to make a price that's like well did she used it before she sold it like did you ask for what was intended she used to for her maybe just T. By justified. Also. It was always she used it ends w.s. So. Did some gives me some. They didn't see here I'm an ass and I'm gonna pass this on TU I expect I thought it was an unwritten law that when I am. Done with it's I will call you back up and say hey lesson I'm done with the table that you gave me or whatever it may be the baby stopped. Do you want it. He could put it. All right so you let's go our first juror I got a hold thankful phone lines lighting up your high the buzz you're on the judgments on and Spiezio on sandy. What do you say you're the first jerk jerk or justified. You're debts are just safari you can or more kids create your network. That you know baby I am. Back that. It. Doesn't buy you feel like all my got it. Do brought to you you just sell the stuff and that Tellme don't dragged me out 200 dollars the. There is a question or debate and work. Why aren't on your. Moment. You're grasping you're really reaching their patent. Them really get too little mobile play kitchen bar. And good morning thanks a lot on the georgians are justified doubt about it. Are you ready I'm sorry that it out but I think doing. If that you're promote it to did you buys examines them. My dad okay we really think about this now offers second. Let's say you are so excited to give an awesome gift to a friend and the huge as it makes your heart smile because you're gonna help this friend out. And eight and see. It. Actually discuss what happens after. I'm no lawyers and ball and agree. You don't mind paying it out by it at latter and it where I don't want any more. May take that and not be angry at an epic it. She caddied. And I. I think in general needed pass the engine the generosity. I agree I you know there are a lot of people out there in go to Iraq to help for the act. And he's and he needs a nap. I am taking my. Caddie here oh. The buzz judgments opponents presents any Jerker Johnson's five. All I think she tour embarks on a few gave her right. Get the diapers she barker Lee be. Mean. Or. Just an I love my friend but not too and a lot of snow and yeah. I just question if she bought the baby stuff from Buford let's say ten dollars or something that she insisted on giving you some kind of money does he felt weird about things on the referee and then teach and canceled the would you still feel the same now. Completely different is that there's so much of monetary so that dollar link it is known out of as a matter is now she technically audit. Right. I I think there are no. What do you want from her strict contract stating. He bit your grew up. Next Kurt. This you know. By the buzz Jerker justified. Feeling and. I. You're so I'll. Yes. Are. Who. Are borrowing op or out here yeah yeah he. I don't know buy expensive. I. Yeah. Are used as quickly turned on me. You're into it. Based pretty obvious now do for. Things are gonna judgment sound no problem.