Judgment Zone- Mom told her daughter she can boycott the summer homework

Tuesday, June 19th

Judgment Zone Case #619

Sandy overheard a mom telling her teen daughter that she can "boycott" the summer homework assignment

Jerk or Justified?

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Faster space and as timeless as infinity yeah yeah it is the middle ground. And between the valuation. Hurry which we call. And judgment. And the spit in NC Andy 2222899. You have to Collie and dad be image and sound and the jury. Jerker justify his what you're deciding. I overheard a conversation with mom and her teenage daughter. And the teenage shutter lag our kids complain about homework. She's already complaining about. Next year's comic like this summer assignments. He assumed I guess she was any PE classes connecting those kids get. The most homer during the summer but I'm not positive and but anyhow she was complaining how much warmer she has during the summer months as she has to complete. And her mom's response. Wives. He can boycott the home marks. Hummer this summer it's your AKA didn't. Just don't worry about it honey you don't have to worry about. Jerry just five to entered into a guy that. Justify your your your friend not their parent what the house on the radio. What to do their homework every year my kids had Summers studies and they didn't do the fine. We were you to show you where you being sarcastic when you should you're there for another parent yeah. Is being sarcastic OK but then it was so what is your real verdict real verdict is justified CA summer. The lasting kids are doing guess what don't dig into it anyway. You know it happens. It it you retain that you said you're fine don't worry about it justified and let the kid to slide it's I saw. I believe that as it. Nobody's gonna tickets. It's just let's jerk move to tell your kid that they don't have to do what they're being told to do by the people or supposed to tell them what that that's insane. That's that's a slippery slope because. All I can hear is me as a kid don't well I'd have to do in the summer what ought to do in the ball with a winter woods would spread what's the difference. I had to tell them that they don't have to do something when their teacher is telling them they do. What kind of relationship are you building with the school as a parent that's all hoping to do you'd share sale nice guys. 222899. What do you need to mom saying you can quell boycott. The summer calmer consignment. Love the buzz or anything ticker justified. I sit and eat dirt Hamachi and I. I can't believe that they would actually do that. Uncertainty just don't juries are about the oh yeah. If it. All further and further behind I don't care what age you are. The kidney to do the work you know little each day we'll get done especially at them by the end of the summer and they didn't ink on. It's torture and he did it don't matter they don't put percent into it there's no way in value and it's you can become what are. Partner at duo parents can. Answer dedicated to parenting have no problem and stuff like this. The problem I had that problem and that the kids today and school that there are so lazy because Aaron early eat. And buying them and I do. Probably not a sign homework over the summer because Summers when you're not supposed to. Be in school. Robotic now that my dual. A little. I love this is is going to be heated court came. Out what do you think. Yeah it just slide it you have to do your work that's assigned to impose anything like real life. It. Figure it out you know look at us do that you are that's gonna reflect on you for the rest of however long your and that's goal. Bot. The difficult every judgment zone on the way to school while actually on the bus or you're whole week inventory justified verdict doesn't. And it's our I. Turn your kids you like you more. Jewel would have a it if there be less stress under this in a stress on our kids. In school and as it is. To worry about assignments over the summertime which they're not gonna recall anyways but let him go back to school to infield right hearing a mom say that Hemingway how bad does it mimic real life. Exactly and that's a school supposed to do prepare kids are real life in this is doing the exact opposite do you work on vacation has elect ever answered you know medication or phone call. In her line of work yeah yeah solid sales in because you're the only one of the sales I thought about it when he at all but a lot of people only go on vacation will completely disconnect actually people are stressed out an indication because they know never stop working. Are right so how do you feel about this you are welcome to be an injury. To 222899. Not this saying to her daughter okay you're teacher debut summer calmer Chris Simon don't worry about it you can boycott it no problem. Is not being a jerk her justified. Hide the buzz. You just apply it isn't fast. Being given it's just like real life when you have to go to a meeting you don't wanna go to or go to I don't know. Team building event this Thursday for Anaconda you don't want. Well there. Are they. It eerie to hit out at a number of rectitude they. Renyel ecology had a luxury wanted to start paying for school. You pay tree. You know. Now you're. Working your. Where are up. Here. At via you know right at that brought over. At Albert and I we're a well. It is. Here seen it in danger of being. I'll add them up or not they're adding it to add and edit it down and keep racked. What we're doing that when he acted well. Ever. So you as a parent no better as the parent whenever you deal. Know better how to educate the youth of America then the educators of America business that is. Well actually write because my current act. It. At 80. Acts. And they wanted more or are. They only air act. And we aren't that aren't they want it any return in the something out. Yeah I know a little better. Iron I think your mind make you so nuts. Married 2222899. Jerk justified what do you think. Well current. It's the op in the summertime need. And it got. Make it out is there is a work in the panel now as an amateur amber yeah but the key here. They're our. Anchors. Any. That's a good point. Is this is a principle of going against what the teachers telling your kids do as the parent. As the you're dividing your putting a wedge between your your yourself one you're just your kid who is a student and their teacher how ever gonna respected pitcher when they get just on a mom and dad Billy well. What do you think should I listen to or not. It's very. You know as well. But the big time but they're more aware in. Apparently am. Al-Qaeda when you know stuff October November comes around in your kids getting a slow start and you go complain that the teachers not doing anything about it and they're not doing their job will try to do this to keep your kidding gauge but it kept. And I that's exactly what could happen. I never happens teachers never complain with parents and now and vice Versa right. Yeah handling ladies and. Seeing so far in the verdict says justified in I think this is one of the biggest complaints that teachers have is that parents. Ire. Siding with the kids more than the parent its territory and then the teachers rather we were kids want so we don't want that we don't want that. We wish that on them either read it is summer vacation. At the Asian college summer vacations and school year around them. The guys with some states are by the way. Like that idea and then the kids get vacation days just like we adults do when they get the pick was stays there are 1015 whoever grades Iran. Is it more important to mimic real life now when the kids are you on or is it let the kids play and be kids and men get stuck with year round work. As their older I don't know you decide to 222899. As a mom being. A jerk justify telling her daughter to a quote Boyd got this summer school assignments by the buzz. Here. Why. Are the future. And it is again the following year. And he's at the EP era but not nearly is that armor as I met. And it is maybe they do get and appeared pretty. Coming up when you're an injury hair and Ayers acted it you know where. For the honor and bringing it how well they add they're writing in the as the we battery England because he'd been absolutely eight out of it as amber is probably have an increasingly. It would be it is that day. But a mom is a good it is. Do. What about the dads who say it. How would you system. Should get right here I think it's it's it's time to give the kids brains a break that's why the issue be justified just dysfunctional. An. Event that if you added an amateur not playing video games they have no I'm very literally I mean. How long monologue right did you break and I don't work. Always working anyways when you're when you're doing when you're experiencing stuff outside the classroom that that's just as important as as beaming into a book. Not it's a different. Thank you for are you doing and thanks for being an Gerri. We need to. The read morgue jerk votes to take the case. Are you trying to Sweden and yes so I think when I graduate so you have a higher score around. Hurts I had how many names are exciting week. Many gig goat kids with a teacher just told you it really hurts my eye I see my heart. Breaks for you teachers no wonder why you're so stressed out. His second how many people are for reforming schools not having home work at all in elders and or no tax remember this. It's over the summertime that whether you homework or not or go to school or not whatever. It's this is teaching children. On to question authority which while it could be good in some cases don't be surprised if this is ruled. On this is will justified which I don't want to be on. Don't be surprised when your kid goes to mommy and daddy says now what ghetto where around because this is what it's teaching our rights. Is Kenny that you don't want your kid to be too agreeable because then they'll get pushed around and girl they're right. And on this argument but you know you might dentists stand up for their rights and whatever it in in that just always go along. But. This is heard and that there entered the year. Set back from everybody else who didn't do the reading and keeping your brain working it's it's just discipline learning discipline structure consistency yeah just after brew your summer just figure out how to incorporate the reading assignment my near death. Has set a half hour ago. None of my kids did any summer homework I allowed that to happen and they or near Pratt and I'm proud I'll sign is a matter fact. One of them made the dean's list every single year. Our rates so. You have the case in your hands you can either broad justified and just hit a home run with this or. We need three more jerk votes in order for you guys to take into. You. That's anywhere and yeah he did indeed it was like cooking school. I doubt. A guy dyed my buds what do you think ticker justified. Our particular. There aren't there. Re at it up under body that. Are out. You ought to find inducing when people preface the cause of Michael as a teacher got to go would bet thank you. Right to mark to market. A hot buttons to digit 289 and we beeping jerk or justified. Major cure completely so we thought it weren't I'd. Make. That an out of state feature. Completely airy. Are trying if rent and not being a parent. Kidney and in new learning I mean we're shout it to come back to school. And their brains are much it on you any saying we wanted to make mount site in. I'm so tired out my moms that are common I'm gonna call my cat. Yeah it's great it's completely irresponsible and Matt are the strength brand. Guess as a teacher again. Yeah. Thank you for making it on Jerry this is it. The verdict to right here you. Heard your hands are you going to decide to jerk. Or justify. Say hello Larry and in here. We will time. Things are serious students and Di's children out there I tried different rial. Our buses.