Judgment Zone- Leaving your car at the gas pump when you run inside to shop

Wednesday, July 11th

Judgment Zone Case #711

Buzz listener Leslie wants to put the guy she saw at the gas pump in the Judgment Zone

He pulled up to the gas pump, paid with a card, pumped his gas, then leaves his car at the pump and goes into the store to shop.

Jerk or Justified?

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There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the valuations and criticism. Doesn't do you. Which we call. We did and I'm sure it's. You can. Car Dick called Georgia Joan Baez for case 7-Eleven. Here on 99 the buzz is in on sandy was Leo buzz looser wrote in that this is Jerker justified those in the case. You pay for gas at the pump. You finished pumping your gas. And you leave your car in the space it in front of the pomp and run inside to buys a report or you jerk. Justify its okay Leslie wants to put that person in the Jack an absolute. Flatly that person or she wants to. She thinks it's a she she saw this happen okay. Cripple Donnie. Right now here and I'll now now get out with Leslie this is a jerk out. This now there's no way you how disrespectful. Can you Beatty an. World revolves around you are just wait until you go shopping and then. Cool low item I went a year. Sometimes you. May be don't have a second to pull into another spot and that at your customer of that gas station. You have the right to use the facility as you see and they see fit to guess this is a problem with it there's no sign that says. Please pull ahead after Judith second the last drop of gas hits the bottom of the tank does not look like that never seen anything like that I've ever seen a case where an attendant comes out those tape. Lady if you wanna combine more stuff from my business while my businesses property he got to get over here not over there now you are right America. You as your following policy you're not breaking any rules it's it's justified. Now why it's our rain and relax somewhere as rules of the gas station gas pump is because it should be a no brainer hit. Leslie it nineteenth and I hope the jury would agree season that this should be in. I die moment. Move out aft of the day we also don't know and we don't know either way we don't know if there were spaces available. And for just the store parking. Always a spot in her home and it does does even the tiniest gas stations have a spot you can poll lot peeking out of the deal was busy maybe it was a 7-Eleven on sleepy day. And who's that busy that that it did it run out of the grocery shopping eagle and get. A pack of cigarettes or water PC candy or whatever form of fluid for two seconds and you're out that's it you're not to want a full on grocery shop relax for a second. Which justified. What you okay kindness is justified Cindy says juror to what you say it 2222899. Did you see the jury of 61 jerk. On the bus I'd advise Jerker justified. And then they have the big hair and didn't you know. Or what's the big deal O'Neal and sort of run out no problem. Well keep people waiting there. And and purpose but what does is get your car waste aghast you just use the department spot and then sort. Yeah yeah where many more times in the rest of us like this is. That you are there. Keep her from winning him any good parent has. We import gas station you go to the one and only pump gas stations. We've all done it right. We'll keep you hit no we have not all done it. That would make it a universal justified verdict there is no way he does verdict is going to be justified I did it once or twice because as a result parking at the in front is a jerk or no it was just help we were being incher. I don't think I was being adjourn if somebody is behind you leading to pump their gas in you wanna go running into the stores like you do your time is more precious than anybody. We are not allowing that into the testimony because there was no word that there is someone waiting to get behind a stroke. There is you cannot assume that. You can assume nobody's gonna pull up behind you during your time teacher in that this is exactly the same thing as the mini you pump your gas anywhere you getting your vehicle and you move out of the way it's quick as you can. Just pull up a little bit and then put your. You know credit card back in your wallet or whatever. You know that there's eighteen consumer delta sonic. Not everybody have the luxury of albums on so asks what is always have popped open and then there's some places I know it's only 2222. By its okay Amy patents I dismayed that an average you may before. I'd about this morning on the judgment zone is this Jerker justified. Sure. All relax those seconds. It'll take a minute to go inside and get out. You're leading your card they're you know not yet station garlic and it L. Yeah. So are older oh you don't act you're eager car there and walked back. Is it going to be here all right I think oh. Why did. You hit it out. I use I can stick your face looks like right now as you say yeah. I've just discussed it. He's got to kind of respected even though I disagree. I think you're at an empire the buys pay for gas at the pump and leave the car they are going to have to buy something Jerker justified. Yeah yeah it's justified I mean just there's 12 he'll take nobody goes full on grocery store shopping Sunday afternoon grocery shopping for the week. At the gas station you're gonna go to buy. Twits or something. The debt by any chance change your mind. Months. I. Know I thought. That they. But malls and say. Shared column the buzz on the job and now. They're ridiculous. If he's sorry let's go to more calls you gonna stop due due to the buzz jerk or justified. Yeah. I'd. They're not outlining our way out on. Coming back around. No the well you're in the store there's not going to be somebody who pulls up behind you in our rush frantic trying to get their wife to the hospital because she's having a baby son. Somehow I think. Yeah opera at this yeah. I think I don't. Eddie and I am I know they're not all that cool that it's not like the old. In other probably other oh. Again yeah the sun when you poll in it depends on the gas station I guess but sometimes when you pull in this I aid of you know the car that the taint his eye and makes it you know lake on one department this earn one to pump on this side but now disk. My mouth so it'd do the days Rooney stepped to go and pay anyway right I mean. Wasn't so long ago when everybody was filed with it then we had more pay. Inspect and thank you. Evidently it's the case of the paper to guess the ought to leave the car at the pump to go inside high divides Jerker justified. I'd say just apply only you know. Sat just like inside before we already get it up properly start pain at the pop. You know one working at a lock it and get in your pocket cash walked back out our angle back yet you're cherry know. Nowadays you. He. Went back and technical based on the opposite resort product also want to know why you're tired and out work in got a lot yeah in. Yet now that. I figured I think it's justified dot. So you're frustrated by the person at the grocery store who's not an out the check no. And try and right. Exactly buddy Doug I mean out there are a lot of people that go ahead. Immediate surgery or copy and come out. The stop being so judgmental just because people are like used sandy and if he does not mean they're there. But that's not that you like that and I don't think I'd advise Jerker justified your morning. How could borrow go ahead Jerker justified. Yet just yeah. EA figured out a rat Europe saying our review I don't know that way yeah and that's the only the you know it's. Just this delight. Yeah it's not much ram but it crap period at time lap they are fit for. You gotta run and grab a couple things. I'm back out. There aren't. Valiantly. CN wide respect is in your world because it. It just up little bats eat it it's not like there's nowhere else to go with Sally gives a huge inconvenience to getting your car and just pulling US. Why. Well those trying to Poland and apartment. You know there are running our real quick they don't need yet. So a there are any time that you had to stop at the gas station you know you're always in a rush there's never been a time where you're like oh I got nothing new did today. And thanks man but as a okay were paying for gas at the pump bright your pain at the pump. Then you leave your car there to go inside to get something is that Jerker just flat rate by as we're. So we're fighting for Leslie Leslie Leslie is the buzz listener who brought this case to our attention and right now. We are at a hung jury and. Just thought it's got to justify people are gonna get sole anger at the gas station. Call everybody a jerk it to apply and then their belt buckle while. Ball tumble or Alec somebody's status. This sparked against the mark and all that gas station. So just to sit stations from blowing up does this justify our right last year. And excel and a big mama who needs to get to the hospital costs a buck with Andre. A study but you're gonna hear him make this you're gonna make this you're gonna make this a law it whatever your answer is is it a jerk or justified.