Judgment Zone- Leave your shopping cart in the isle

Monday, March 12th


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Fastest pace and as timeless as infinity yeah it is the middle ground. Between the valuation. Which we cold. It's. I didn't even get so much trouble at the grocery store but apparently can. So I'm of the judgments on this morning because of what I did yesterday is that wegmans common I do this every time I go to the grocery store Amanda was an issue. Yeah extremely nasty or melons are Italy really need a verdict in this case and you are the Jerry attacked. And it's funny because I think women are very possessive over there they're grocery cart because my girlfriend doesn't like to do this and I know she doesn't go on the air shows. Gets all weird when I do it when we're shopping together you think it's a radio it is if I'm mom shopping especially as busy in a shopping and I realize all. One mile over. You know some ground that I already covered in the grocery store you you walk from one side to the other. There was a two miles back I forgot to get let's say it's red hot drink and the condiments I'll. So what do instead of law in my entire car all works and I'll I just shift the car to the side of the aisle. Tucked up against. Shell for the freezer or whatever whatever aisle I happen in the end and I walk over to the condiments I'll. I ran not walked back and put it back in the car and continue on with my shopping. Yesterday did this exacting this exact example and when I came back. Before I got in my car I heard this woman do her own excuse me but is this your cart. He again yeah. She's a well on the ABC take it with you if you decide to leave it here in the middle the I'll Michael it's a massage as well as a my way have a nice day. Well Opel below you are in the judgment zone. I'm the I'm thinking he she gets a new materials lake is someone in my enemy than them. I'll fourteen by the way. Hit back to the hour just divided just believe your cards in the middle of the I'll. 22899. Years did Jerry we're taking your calls all right we think senior waters. It's just by god does that I periods soldier dude why it's okay keep it where you. Every single shopper did bad. UN legally get to the god I feel every single shopper could DM but they don't do it the same time and that's why it works well. Likes traffic nobody does and it's not like everybody doesn't exactly 202 PM at least that wegmans and then there's a bunch of. Random cards I don't your card is in the way of something. Something it's got to be in yeah. Yeah freezer door are all irons this serial it's got to be in the way of something so now for meet to needs something where your card is Infrant. How awkward moving your current. Yeah my tired you know it was a real scar that's like major taboo I don't be accused of stealing something premiered in theater there. The belongs to me yet so it would be stealing Allen also argue the fact that I'm getting in more people's way especially in a crowded store especially in a specific wegmans food smaller Lyles a smaller that Biden taking my car and trying to weave in and out of people excuse me out sorry do you go ahead I'm getting in more people's ways with my car to name without me. You cannot leave your card in the island movie well it's it's like it's like leading and a bag unattended at the airport it. They could become an old topic of other security red. At what materials and explosives did you enjoy that I know and you to do buzz and the year of the jury you want to for Sherri fair juror here we are the buzz is Jerker justified. I'm private pay a jerk. I travel in one of those handicapped cart. And I don't literally moved the cart into an act next I don't. Yeah. And you know isn't always present baseball. I don't know different or not. Hi I'm bringing you. Don't act don't move very fast time. I'm going to tell and it takes me to mobile cart into the neck out I would think the part of what happened back running after me. Jerk it. Your kid is itemize or just survived. I'm I have to say that I hear it. Why do I don't think strip it after a rain and if you don't forget something a couple of I don't act. Unless you're there. Hello I. Carriers are only so I there's wheels on that car you know you don't to carry you can push it. I think I'm pretty I'm up in Manila rip current. Especially produce aisle you're still there I mean you you don't you still have to go back to the current anyways I just stick with your. Yeah I guess I didn't elect I don't know way and I learn a bigger than I I know I I let out there. Are all brand. Larry front that that would see your current putted bad do it re shop whenever they how come we shop rite winning everything back they can see why the buzz Jirga justified. I would I guess and that's. That car. Impact. I don't wanna write up under present the. That is that why you go from one end to the other. I pray. Eat for six people so let's say god. I. Yeah. Up. I things are going judgments on on the most part about is sure to justified in the judgment zone. It rage. Aren't you don't even get her. Up and an army. My umbrella. And because when I get out of an island and make a quick tight turn because somebody in the angry in his car. Eric yeah did the right. I got a more. Low. Air cart are you. If you didn't the first time there wasn't really necessary you're actually adding to your Bershard go by leaving your carding going backwards all my gal OK now I forget things stairs I can't ask. I am but I just going to be a slam who jerked in so many people we are. Tell you raise her home. Right now okay 2222899. And the judgments on on the buzz K the buys the judgment zone you're the final juror. Car. Iris help when you're the guy then you and he's the majority that's I read the regular people who are. Maybe not the most efficient much. We when you took the cars suicide it's okay it's really doesn't want to leave your car unattended to go get another item from another island you can watch. I'm frozen spinach it's about time we lost in this day Sangakkara looser. And you want okay it is okay now.