Judgment Zone- Konya refuses to give up his spot

Tuesday, February 13th


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Dimension as vast space and it's timeless as infinity and yeah. You push and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Judgments. And any kind of buzz present on CNB so. Just because something doesn't add your name on it doesn't mean it doesn't belong to you. Late yesterday from. Where I live downtown Rochester. It's apartment building. Lofts above couple businesses like seven floors and apart on is kind of small for how many people. Com live there and work there. But the best part is as yet to figure out which times you'll get to be able to park in the spots calls to the door because it goes from. Old residency to a workplace and of course back to residency. As of the office buildings does that make sense do you ever have. No parking spot available are all day there's there's enough for you to go all the way in the back but I think it is definitely more cars they used up parking lot. Then there are spaces because there I think of property owner is banking on the fact that okay. When people come to work at nine. The other people that live your go to work I didn't so those spaces will be available and that it was there once for some reason there was a city locked and you stay in the whatever and there's no is not spots. So it's tough to get a spot. Unless you go at lake final one between final one in with the average to Rochester seventeen minutes or something like that. Between 501 in five to one and you can pick and he's fine line. Something other than that cuts hike is again everybody sorts the Kamal or that sort comes to be in a multi use building riot yeah exactly. So yesterday does one spot that is the golden spot I mean it's it's the closest to the door. You could pull right through and into it there's no curb in front or behind its thus it's like that the extra awesome golden. All site girls days of the of the parking lot like this is the red dot senator of the parking lot. And I pull yesterday. And I it's open it's wide public tax this sort pulled that spot. Why yeah the car. Someone pulls up next to me and they're not pulling into a spot there on the side that is in a spider Silva parking lot technically you're not park can't stop basically the car there you for a minute. Joseph like lines on her straight Summers and then yeah well. The spot that I was and of course but he kind of pulled up and I can I kind of noticed that he will lose waiting for my attention to talk to me. So you go I've rolled out a window I go to get out. I don't go out and emerald and Elena that I see him before I open the door and goes hey can you can you move. On and what news can you move. Susan please now. He did have an ethically Kenya who did MOY. He goes oh as to why Eagles will cause I'm moving and I need that spot. Moving into the apartment and I need that spot that it's I'm assuming at this point. It's the course that the doors you can move treated step back and forth and I'm like. I'm like I'm baffled I'm like well. There's other spots like to the right of me. And is slots down the line a little bit I'm looking around like. What music can you move because I need a spot because I'm moving. Around like. No he's been putting up like what he means can I move now Wallace that was your first this is my spot it's chilly out and end this is this is. I keepers losers we are. Exactly what I set out. I don't know why people live Biden button push my went roller Wendell it's it's a considerable you Wendell opened its electronic. How's this thing is that handles that we are rolled out window up. The other cars still looking emulate waiting for me to say just kidding or change their mind. And look at him. I kind of like. Give it to OKY guy like stare look for his agony of the later I think and walk inside angle into my apartment. This guy. Skip around a parking lot of times goes to a spot walks out and goes into the apart all all bent out of shape because I would give it my spot is. Zooming in or is he moving out of the moving into New Orleans and Cain did you hold the elevator door forum snaps. At that point. So. Okay. Now just based on the headline of no I wouldn't give up 20 my spot to a person who. Asked for it because they're moving need he probably needed it more than me so a lot of reassure myself that I'm not a jerk. So am I Jerker justified for not giving this guy. But parking spot. Because he's moving. Kinda you're in the judgment zone and happy to be here totally in the judgment of myself and she it's. And and that. We can right now because there's no way anybody's gonna call in sick you are justified just of what not just the doll what do you say Sammy that he was justified and why. Are you kidding me I really added it. What are. Our someone to move out of theirs but they're already in. Apart to position now UT he. 2222899. Jerk or justified you're the Jerry. I holed an eight was completely. Error and error where other acting on it when and other. Exactly he could have pulled out and make a look at his guys new to the building they keep it economic crisis like Howell. I reckon I went on. Well not you know I'm ready and our other pack it up. What ever have in common decency in this world thank you 022 due to a 99 you're the jury and the judgment zone. It did it can you move Georgia where they came you all can you move. Think it's like a lot by the. Honestly there is insulting and saying things that hey can you move you move. Mike what can you move he might have walked exit I'm moving in and this article is spot to the door so. It be great if I can have a spot does it for myself and could be to have it easier to move it I don't know. Rolled my windows coincide with the record center or not. That's the best spot a lot. Is your. Moving and he's using botanic. Me and so Boyd move out of their spot especially because he said it. Conyers said the parking lies so tiny it's a leg survival of the fittest and that party when you find a spot you grab that spot and you stay as long as you accountable again and that's I was at the last spot. It was tough. No there was other spots of ill during there was there was the last deadly it was only one close to the door there's a big difference between the spot I was in and any other spot because it's hard. Without seeing it let me just explain a quick there's no curb on either side of the car so if you are indeed unloading the car alone in cart you off the step over the curb them through the bush is hornets rally that you're saving. I'd say thirty seconds to a minute per trip loading and unloading the car you would and should have. Graciously pulled out your spot got his name got to know all men helped him out more than two dear dish out 899 but not sure to tour buses and the jury the. That would be in IE say it's going above and yeah odd but no way all of a jerk for not going a standing what's happened to you. Nicest person. He used to be so kind and generous and I counting it's not an expected that to be a juror to call him out for being injured means that he did something so outrageous. That it's light. That just screams chair but he did do was just pull into a parking spot he'd. He did in bend over backwards for at this new. Whatever. Ten and yeah he's he should've region pulled out and graciously given the splat. He's on a jerk out I can comment jerky Colin justified what are you caller or 222 byes it's like made. If your kid is playing with a toy in the sandbox in silicon comes up and goes I wanna play with that toy and higher kid supposed to give it up this is like the adult version of that particular kind of buys Jergen justified grand jury. Zap. You want to abandon his iron it would make I am one up and are not currently in the pancake and you move you know. Ending in death. Thank you and by the by is Jurgen justified. On the judge on so justify SA. No. Sarah. I love for saying now unaudited jokingly yelled at I ask you have to say yes that yes no question always an option have you heard of tell. Item but is Jerker justified should you pulled out let this guy move in our message. Who understands and disarmament does woods got what your first name. There Daryn. Quote Matthew seven to watch OK I don't get though Jesus the us do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Well and look like debate moving truck that the one thing but otherwise not be stuck by. While what is happening in this world to judge you by this guy you're on the judgment zone Jirga justified. Dirt. Thank you a world just saints here in Rochester ruse given up what are coats and puddles and holding doors open and put up by. The fact it is that you're you're young. I don't hold a dialogue that pipe eighty he needed to spot a bit but the fact is that what happened camcorder. Little more than common courtesy. Why does a lot of our moment up its spot on my spot so about it. You would have gotten out later and. ET CT. NG assists but are mart you know what is expected everybody. Over or if. If it argued actually paying it like it actually happened that I would somewhat agree whether it but I would still on the spot but it won't get dessert and that. I bet if I didn't say it or making it up and elsewhere he was at work well. I would like at least it was ten you move that's why this whole thing is even a thing that's why even thought about it more than ten seconds he ought to mean so he's in spite of because how we talked to. And you move almost like puberty news that I was gonna move for him because he had something his what you already are many. More are. I don't know I was liable to analyze sales and empty spot I sit yes sampled an apartment and are now behind me. Because he did in its started struck back copy and allowed him moving to another spot you can't. Call now for being that your yes he he's just that overly. But you get to you it's. Here the senior year and it kind of educate all time show and let him park in your spot closest of the because your car yet. You should help brings in exile what is the Jersey where everything you're saying right now that means nothing can get. Said the jury saying justifies. She's the testimony I. Yeah it isn't that judgment zone weekday mornings just after seven yeah. So.