Judgment Zone- Konya not going to the funeral

Monday, April 16th


Konya wasn't invited to a friend's big anniversary party so he's announced that when the time comes (hopefully decades from now) he will not be attending his funeral

What was the verdict in the case? Jerk or Justified?


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There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the evaluation and criticism. Of which we call. Didn't. Didn't show us. Did you don't want BA your best not gonna get me at your worst. How it is that judgments on 2222899. To beat the lead juror to get the first opinion the first vote Jerker justified on. On the scenario so. There was a big party this weekend from what I understand who moved. In it was for somebody we work quests. Celebrating a big big anniversary. For himself. And he's an older guy so that's why it was a big big big anniversary of the great accomplishment and everybody was invite. Everybody everybody who's anybody apparently. Send me. When. I was not invited to this party boom. You sure you weren't in even missed the FaceBook. Whatever no audience and a FaceBook there wasn't obviously there was a freeze in bright. I guess that was there I was there. Yeah he was there there was people in the pictures up from this party that I didn't. Laden big would be invited but this is a guy the person at the celebrating. Well pat heart to hearts west when I'm you know under contract negotiations I ask them for life advice that I stay should I go what's right what's wrong what. What do you do what would you do in those situations how would you handle this and I've taken his advice into consideration and used it and applied it and really. Was grateful for he's got a figure to objects for the sake of a side argument you're. OK it's like a father figure to me. And I don't think you try to do is surprise party. Then and now you're all like bent out of shape of course a number it does hurt. Since that wasn't invited to the fun part of the celebration of his life. When the time comes and hopefully it's not for decades from now. Do I have to go to his funeral took justified or not going to his funeral my door I understand it right now I can't go out that our. Will not attend the funeral for the guy who I didn't get invited to his. OK it is or target or. Else do not think about it before you decide. Think about you know did get invited to a surprise party not gonna go to this hero when he died so I have shown to do to buy this I'm not going pebble would. Our how is not a jerk. I didn't get invited to the fun stuff why don't I got to go to the jury depressing stuff 'cause you respect him like a father figure total but it's obviously not mutual. He didn't invite you he had no idea about the party you're a jerk well that he had told the person. How special was to him who didn't but I think she would of invited me meaning his life you probably he probably doesn't value probably not why. Don't make as much of an impact and life if he does celebrate an actor that has a life committed not allowed to celebrate him during his life this is a tough one because really I did yeah I did I go to everybody's. Funeral because that it's just. Really do like if I know of the fifth cousin of somebody up there like oh I'll go for them it's in its own thing. My husband always calls me out and then you go and persons funeral you really don't know them well enough. There is getting there are funerals you should be at impugn you shouldn't be act. Don't be afraid to call 222289. And a lot the logical thinking people. Most of your emotions aside fuel FF justified. It's true. Why get Miette your best not on the that your worst. Three year LB all my yeah. And this being my first juror here. Have judgment zona 99 but that's like somebody used looking you know. Somebody. You know and win and they need money let's say they're in their heart and a lot now and they need money to pay the mortgage and you and the normally. That if the lottery and Purdue that you exist. You know not put a suit on for you but he. Offended let's pick this line up high rise. Sugar leads the public lot at. Might it work where I and that might mean it still out there. Meanwhile the fellow teachers. Are now one. Well. And I are talking about jealousy and Nolan. And I for a guy that's islet. Then the life you want me there when it's one I'm not to celebrate life after he passed our. Jury judgments owed to you buys is that number Jerker justified. It's perfectly logical. RE and I don't. You're not you're. If you do it people who went to this party there's no away. There's no way I'm less important and less more involved in his life than some of the people went to this party. Did not bulldozers and say. Light. On that point on that point does he have to see who's invited to this girl. Yeah it. We guess I don't. Senegal's dude you to buy them and I get arizonans examines every. Kenneth feel like it's your only because when you go to a funeral. You're really not going. Hugh narco for the Irish sing I'm so rich and I'm I'm you're sidelines. Yes I am on his side now because if you got a call that let me talk this out out out here. You know friends with him he didn't do the invites to the party because it was a surprise party sure are okay. So the people around him did the invites. So really when you go to a funeral who you going for not the person whose dad they don't care they're dead. You're going for the people around them to support in show there war to an air for a beat him love you enough to send you an inside got it. You're justified. In my vote -- let me let me let me ask anybody willing to call back to to do it and I and I'm still I'm. Still on the dirt side like like you say you do go for the scrambling to show your support to show your sympathy for their dust. On how well do you know the person that set up the invites. Probably about that conversation before any time iced it usually got together that it's his wife OK let's just capture so his life to be inviting an advocate that we always hug and she gives me kiss when you seasoning Tommy doesn't sound good looking or am I guess not good looking enough already too good looking Elena at this point. The people are invited his fiftieth fiftieth anniversary. Lomb were people he's worked with first for a long time and and I don't think you really you kind of worked mural but not with him. I mean in the next few minutes you have the call just think about that time went on FaceBook consult it was a party that you weren't invited to and invited to and you were just confused I thought I was present these people think about that feeling you have of being lonely being by yourself in this gigantic. Thing we call the world to. And then vote I got a Kanye you're gouge huge it's huge right now and nine hits the judgment zone every day here on the buzz Jerker justified. Grew ever read if you go in but it does not a good life of the people you vote anyway it OK so if but so I Jerker justified if I don't go to their funerals than I. Used a five. Yeah. Thank you. That's a Hungary. And I'll look at the very. Next person and as long as you do 22899. In the next thirty seconds resulting in calls to gets the final say. Whether or not it's Jerker justified. To not. Go to the funeral of somebody who had a party that you weren't invited to OK please julliard judgments are you the final juror how allow easier Jerker justified. Our.