Judgment Zone- Konya moves the NO parking sign

Monday, March 19th

Today on the Judgment Zone you are the jury and have to decide if Konya's actions Jerk or Justified?



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Masters series and as timeless as infinity and yeah. It is the middle ground between the valuation. You quickly called. Myself. The married yeah. Yeah. When we were going to the site. Do you guys appear after you finish earning. So bold. And pick the follow any rules. Or robbed a bank. Yeah I you know if this legal or illegal you did we do. He says hey listen let me read this. Asian now pick you up because. I don't know if you knew that dangerous coming with me that was very nice to meet you my enemy be locked in like Dana is with meat and pick up shore. Yeah I can pass close to where we need to go running out. All the garage is my girlfriend works for a company downtown they pay for just so happens. That they they cover the costs of her parking at OK so is perfect so I describe the parking pass in the end it in a we're able to use that. Militia necessary cash to burn out hey so we're. Eric JB approach to bringing her eyes there's cars coming out in our ready to go okay. And there is too would Jai enormous metal sign that day. Champ car here and I. He has. Gets out of the checkered bruises from Spain. It was during the late in the Booth. Oh yeah. Dangers like I just shocked I mean what do we get scared because now I follow all the rules. And my husband like I do not endorse. Can I knew Nicklaus and I got this were fine he picks up this guy in time moves it out of the way he pulls his car. Moves assigns back McCain. It's a big deal to just do take it there just signed and the dude got parked here parking garage full. Saw that they're making sure justified for him to just you know. It upon himself just. Five and justified. Or is space and plus people are coming out. I thought about a firm three or four seconds and remember I was thinking how allows it to feel where is this is no way it's okay Els and tough old people what they're leaving the parade it was late. As the actor put party some privacy you are going. So that's fine silver sponsor available at least I just picked at the and Barca that at the giants signed moved it over. Yeah I inside exactly I split right go against them right. No. This isn't fear her. This affirm re. Guests. He can choose which rule you thought oh. I think he's being jerked under and as I reap the benefit of this jerk move yeah that matter. Completely justified yeah. I felt a little stuck and there are sheep in this world. Alice Walton that situation. I got a gun dealer I would have never done that I'm anglers security camera around again turn I had my base. This is not race and he didn't go through the first things you learn in life his act like you know. I think totally justified to to Dubai is talking and death you are the first juror on the judgments on Dario do more than. I'm not bad idea putting percentages and I am going for that hey I'm are current but this this kind of hit or miss. It hurt nobody the whole yeah. If everything goes so fast break and elderly people act like responsible. He didn't steal anything yet just move designed. I don't know but still it is actually illegal because a lot volunteered to play and don't get it here ever interpret a one hour. Coming out that means this is space for camera. Why you won't won't won't you know. Juror one is on the books are good parts but you are doing now I know I. During college I was injured could justify. It's. Justified ever done it myself. Yeah. I've got my dollar being kind of not there are a great there to tell me hey you can't do that. And I see current coming out I'm thinking the same thing to have got immediately wondered newspaper Blair yeah. Thank you were ever going to end. Like he got them is your own judgments on him the parking signs saying no parking your park is huge justified. I. You pat and cook and eat right yes all the earth and who had a close eye. Care. We can't there's a lot of I L. I'd say good old my girlfriend is OK I don't Hezbollah paid. The market. Well usually attack and they are doing that and stop. Thank you I. Dirk Johnson vibe. That I. Yeah I just let. It be seekers coming out the zoo attendant there. This car is about which means you can go and so move designed well. They're not a car in the idea just going Lopez to stop some Indy just move the stop sign no won't. Still until obeyed the stock citing another may now be a car there may be a law that says you must Obey the stop sign. That's a block you. I doubt if he'll sign and I'm parking garage and I. Did you do much. And outline what I advise you on the judgments don't give jerk. For doing this are justified and. I. Like I did that aren't there are out of an added there where where. You like act really the right at our. Local us. Is this something you would have done or your or your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend whenever. I would really not our parents are. Used for degrees. Now yeah. Yeah. Maybe he's I bought this area. Don't you. Are right. On skid and exact moment you can learn was a little but a couple I mean. Letters and us future run westside and probably again we get things done. Less diner in skiing today is your moving these guys you. Die and that. But it the Arnie and I would I'd literally I would of Obama can't they thought Connor now Elena. The Elbe I would. This is Brian men. Don't wanna walk a million miles in the battle ahead thinks there is guy yeah I got your car I do thank you to Dubai as higher and the judgments under justified. Yeah. Live Arcadia are loving this. Married. And it's an error in not mean that when in this fight for our our calls come in and you're Jerry Dixon Marco and I advised her to jazz the vibe. I don't know yeah. Your umbrella your outdoor I wouldn't and the hey hey. You right. I'm against so many women are so let me see now. Tony. I. I noted I didn't order any currently event. I'll. You're on man you live did a dance I mean you just toss it and now. I'm logic into the Genesee river. I think June. Is sure to justify. My hero. Please getting established. Not at all. I am neat I come out with different and many. Connie you are staying with me for bringing this to court is an hour or so 30. Or. They know what the. Colin every morning at the jury to you by tomorrow morning to possess. Yeah it is good judgments don't. Just after seven.