Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified Vulgar Coffee Mug

Tuesday, November 14th


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Really cool hire people who have kids were. Or younger siblings maybe there are more in tune wind sun. Self editing room. But what we have to BK kids say what you really want to say he can do what you really want and you gotta hide your NWA title. This'll back to the coffee mug down milk coffee mug and concussion and we the coffee mug of coffee mug. When I saw of medicine. Picture. And FaceBook. I was dumbfounded. I was shocked. I wanted to call looked bad monitor and saying don't. That hello. Are you thinking. Do you realize. What an impact this is gonna happen on your young China now for those. You might be. A great mom. But you messed up in this one area I couldn't help but to judge this mom. In I think you all I you'll judge your tail. So it's the the pictures financial picture of the little girl sitting at a table but the magazine on our homework or something well it's it's she was circling in every kid. Does this right when you get the catalogs oh they don't target magazine leaner Christmas all of you are certainly yeah. She monitored and there's there's that doesn't. So the mom is stake in the picture of her ordeal and everything's filed with the picture except for what is. Mean what is in little detail was one is on the coffee mug up. It was the status of the three months seems like accused mama at this on the status update on Kabul say she's planning is well. We're all in the holiday cheer. There was this one little DTL. This picture so mom maybe isn't going to work today maybe she's not able to make it to soccer practice because you be doing something else right now. She's going didn't judge me. These dimensions. Faster space and is timeless as infinity and yeah it is the middle ground between the valuation and crews. And that's the reason I. Yeah cannibalized me I'm. Here is because some of the really do not only. Which we call it. Didn't didn't judgments. Ask your senate and the prize of the judgment and Sony's got to hear the jury but it's all about me. The root coffee mug. I can't believe it I was shot I was like what are you. Knowing there's a responsibility. That you take on when you have a candidate. And that is to censor yourself around children. I thought I know. I remember. And I think my three Mike Mike. Cousins who are now between thirteen year old boy is the funniest thing in the world list making them so bad words whenever K some really bad. There's certain levels of bad words like need everything yeah. And I say rude comments even and even have to be a bad work to sing thank. You know weird 'cause then I judge you that was dad doing man I would maybe he's just mean maybe emulsion sensitive tennis but try to turn cancer as a young kid when they come home from kindergarten they think PS3 is the word shut up. I mean you know I mean like a keen CD last I kind of feel bad for that came because I'm like to have. You're going to be behind the curve with the grip in the street smarts in that don't say they'll learn first grade. This little. Though shouldn't be exposed to the caucusing on her mom drinking out of high and the buys. I. Don't work. That cut. Do you have kids. Okay well you might judge sure as much as I Dan and I feel bad partially judging a fellow mom but I couldn't help myself thing. Her cute little daughter and I don't recreate this picture because I couldn't post the exact picture that's how vulgar was in my eyes so I. You re created the victory dance on FaceBook bring on the buzz FaceBook page is your cute little daughter probably six admonition. Bailing out circling all the pictures all the toys that she wants in now in the catalog and then turning Cadillac in right there on the kitchen table is a coffee ninth. With the words. The perfect time and yeah. None but. It's your old it. Pretty. Two more Reid knew where. Make you believe juror do you think his mom is Doug church or justify or. I. Don't know I don't even have aired and aired but it. So what I have to plug it. Oh and they no longer has the perfect moment in the Osmond yeah it's. Eric junior. We do things lose them by Jerker justified. You're right we did pretty well. Old mom. I. I'm telling you know she probably is the scene is with your status something but I cannot help to judge did she heads AM. I've winters we did isn't six year old sitting in the table. Right I'm. In this age record anything you have to be perfect I mean I certainly what I did. I. You who hears about perfect on your mind. Don't strive to be perfect and your mind but it is the most vulgar word in the English language. I. Agree on the did not like she can't hurt or we're gonna hear it. Inner light as well if you weren't in the right turn which. I would bigger mother and you're right I'm. I got that next that is literally around it's like Siena tests showed good deeds your way teach. Her yeah. The abundance. Just bought. As jerk or justified his shirt perhaps that dirty coffee mug. Note at least not that I. You know I like her or she is totally elderly everybody goes oh. Yeah. I'm ready I'm. We're not judging not isn't on trial for her just how great of a mom she is it's just for the specific. Coffee not think she has in the house. So I. I'll I'll oh wow thank you. What we just call the FCC and have them drop that loss so we can say it justified to take indicate right now because of its okay to see data and content are to have his six year old there while we just start bombing all over the place. They're very mart calls to urge you to do right now and I'm had a mustered just back. Our. I just got I am really really shy and I went out. Everybody sees the world is this big soft place you gotta be exposed some stuff and even an early age and it's not a big deal. Richard yeah he ever order whatever. Hezbollah whole world it's an. Old where does. Still at Athens news and. We added it replaced Bob when he does say clear is staying the word. Well you know I really hit its. Now. Nowadays there's word corporate every day language it's more. That hey honey go get my copy my wish I mean the Mickey Mouse or in dean. Yeah. And thank you don't even. I advise Jerker justified to have that dirty or melanoma on the market. In their anchor. Now out and that. It incurred and forget about it up. In any area there. I don't know how did you. Flat. The game and ended. And the right. Yeah we. Thing here. And that the buzz jerk or justified the dirty copy mug. You are yeah they're out there art. Don't go right now. Isn't tomorrow morning to you. Winds around this time you know the jury tomorrow morning here because I'm gonna vote.