Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified She wants to quit Thanksgiving

Friday, November 10th


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Any night but the NL and sandy. May act. Within two weeks out before Thanksgiving and it feels like the holidays because we welcome to snow on the. As she spoke I call upon your Rhodes yeah I assume that the ice is network isn't. Where wherever it actually isn't black guys so it's impossible to predict. I mean out walking my parking lot this morning and it vans shoes on so you know get along. Bottom but the most grip. On the on the sneakers but I slipped a couple times it did the wiggle block the paintings are trying to come into the building scary stuff via so just be careful line now. Be careful on the reds and we do have traffic book keep you updated and and what's going around. I knew commute to work but it's going to be in twenty's today. As the search uses thirteen days then Thanksgiving. Yeah thirteen. I may still can't believe. What I eat. Over her so I'm at what went in the line winds or whatever these two ladies were in front of me. In what they were talking about is like I need to butt into their conversation Indian like stat that you do that. It but the so. He went and looked crazy at all by doing that I now. But what are now I didn't Biden to their arms as but it is completely judging because it was dissed it it's crazy. Crazy talk this woman was crazy talk and her friend was that. Helping her she is enabling her she was cheering her on. Which she plans on doing for Thanksgiving now remember it's less than two weeks out which sounds nuts that we're so close to Thanksgiving. She is telling her friend. That she's switching plans up a little bit for Thanksgiving this year. And her firm's. You go home one. He wanted to go now and was slept in the edit view links. Did the X a horrible. Horrible prisoner camp you're forgetting the true meaning of Thanksgiving. And I thought you know while. I'm gonna put her. Arm trial oh she is go jets and. Wrapped up a conversation yesterday and I'm bringing it to. Courts. There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. And as the middle ground between the valuation. Criticism did swing common sense and we. And that lies between the potential mines news in the summit on the this is the solution in a moment. Which we. All but didn't. Sure it's. Up until he. Okay. Who would be car yeah. Now we can cause is gone and up to me because I've got good but it feels like the holidays now that we got a little so now I know it's a pain in the butt for you driving into work on slick roads be care from. In the twenties it's cold but the little Holliday CEO and where in less than two weeks out to Thanksgiving is the judging zone. Temperature controlled ladies that police suddenly one in the judgment and it's hot and in your judgment hot up here so it's like 79 Haiti as in ninety and 98 degrees and ninety point nine to be examined. It. If so I think I am in shock. I am link you. This woman is leaving her family homeless I mean what this woman is doing. I just wanna start by saying I like they get all this information by just being at a check out line eavesdropping on two other women. Do the judgments owed every day I'm I'm I'm finding I am really light. I have a can. Keen sense of when people are judging him when I can judge okay. It's already out yes I mean that the check out line and I Mendes NA overheard a conversation these two ladies in front of me. And this one woman we say. So wanted to body into this conversation because it was just horrible but you're the jury you tell me. She was saying that she has been hosting Thanksgiving forever I think she's a ten years I mean this is her holiday because you know how Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where sane person hosts a holiday sane people com. To the holiday same dished a pass all that stuff same menu. She just told Stanley that she doesn't want to post she's taken a spontaneous. Trip to Florida. I love it at she left her family homeless. Homeless. Yeah that's a little extreme Thanksgiving homeless Vietnam no please no. You mentally prepare to host a holiday like Thanksgiving. Holiday is centered around food. You have to have like. Everybody who hosts Thanksgiving you getting you have it. Up plan an action plan in place for that day so this woman is in the judgment zone for what abruptly. Canceling quitting and walking off the job. Of Thanksgiving hosting Thanksgiving. So the judgment this woman is she a jerk or justified for abruptly. Backing out of hosting Thanksgiving. Outs and a prominent. Completely justified. If you put in ten years you'll love to take up whenever you like. You did a family vote he can't just cancer you data prepared the family for some. Like that whole burden is on her it's completely or call. I'll see a problem with that at all Thanksgiving thirteen days is plenty of time and Tony seventeen you could make in cancel plans. Five times over thirteen days. Completely justified she put in ten years she'd put in her work she paid her dues she can go wherever she wants its short notice as you possibly can. Think spontaneous trip to Florida is a little selfish and a day that is supposed to be centered around being thankful that which he's been selfless for ten years straight the woman is put in their dues. I say she's a chair completely justified to put in the time to put it under ten years she could take a break if she wants to care but the day before Thanksgiving. Ticket Petit after Thanksgiving to take a little trip to Florida the day after opportunity to ignited and you are the jury colony in two submit your vote. For the judgments on how the buzz jerk or justified. It. Justified it told you issued don't host Thanksgiving because you don't understand it that is short notice way too short notice. It. She deserves a break is right John thank you that's another ball for just. Applied in the criminal justice system judgment based offenses are considered especially heinous and Rochester New York the dedicated radio hosts who investigate these vicious crimes. Our members of an Elite Squad. Known as the breakfast buzz these are their stories. She's abandoning her Fam my name. They know until the present this case neutral but I just can't it is so you. The wrongs of what this woman is doing she's been hosting Thanksgiving for ten years. She's now telling her family two weeks out. Thanksgiving in two weeks since she's saying. Go on up out. This is spontaneous trip here right near around family. It seems your card justified to bail out on Thanksgiving hosting Thanksgiving two weeks out. Fell on FaceBook. Everybody says Jerry could. Fold up the mock courtroom. That's in my judgment on the real judgment on the on the fault line at 222289. I'm completely justified this woman's but it has put in ten years of hard hard work. She's yet to give you some kind of six month notice it droplets to watch the day before and go to Florida. She's putting her time fifteen before us you prepare for this holiday you can't way I like guests. Yeah you'll prepares guest is much you prepare to hold my stomach is preparing like I'm celebrating just thinking about it. To tradition that you are the jury right now. It's too for justified when for jerk. Justified as is winning right now. By a 100% says an expense totaled at this Jerry who who who interviewed this Jerry. Did you 22899. That's the judgment zone there's this woman a jerk or justified by the buzz. Job pride justified is correct yeah it. Stop it still didn't think it's up noticing give the silly very big motor invited Turkey. They're older you yes 116. Yeah sector on Turkey block it out. That's two votes and it. Did. I. Am in the background by the buzz Jerker justified. I own my guy. Just the body does he do your family you can do it on Thanksgiving a holiday for you at bay and then leave them homeless and hung jury cleared out. I I am I am not entirely sure I have any better I am. Lol yeah all. I'm hurt in that. You or could not get it ear off. My mommy I'm trying to do that for Christmas theme for years it ain't gonna happen until the family votes to happen. You've been doing things giving. Longer than the bills have been backed in the playoffs like. Based giving careers longer than their playoff career or there out limited its longer than their draw play nine god. Near Erie. And why are all on it all out point and I am you know what I'm comedic Olmert. Love it. The verdict is sandy and it's a sweep this woman is justified. It and off the Florida thirteen is important is giving and call it quits and postings. Thank you some pictures or text and you're. Yeah I don't think you know. I judge.