Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified Sandy's daughter is on Trial

Friday, December 15th


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That's insane in the buys a lot of our holiday stuff to do. Around this time of the air right there's leaders. You know there's holiday parties this Christmas parties is up with sweater parties and there's also on a secret secret set us right now. Whether it's at work or in your household some people do it in their house within their family right. Within with a distant family may be with cousins and aunts and uncles and stop. Or in Cindy's case. Her daughter's doing it in first class urban school Alia as big. Sandy told the story during the commercial break. That it was it was very interest. And we all along we you'll on this time. Every morning but before we get there what's the etiquette what does etiquette for secrets and how does that work for people who never heard of secret Santa what does it. Everybody brings the gap wrapped up. And jet plane in her classroom does everyone does their secrets in her a little bit differently with a couple different versions what's the version that she's doing. She's doing girls by girls. Gets boys by a voice gets up early put pilots get sick girl pilot gets a boy violent get sound they distribute it Roland Roland back our programme are likely to let that happen as a public school. Girls I understand what other girl's mom. Reduce. OK. I looked. Well I didn't see anything wrong what happens to the 1950s. Wow. We're a bullet once a girl toll. I is I don't want to middle behaviors that don't ask. So now and this is what your body and an idea of how what what would greeted this third to third okay. All right third grade and skating but any secrets and a you know like we used to do in our family pick a name out of the hat and that's the person you have to buy for that person in the front right yeah I wanted to get a little list of you know some ideas and suggestions. They'll about like the looks the white elephant to come what's the when I understood that I was it's when you give aghast and you can train even. All. Are all in a room together you give somebody first person picks the gift. Under wraps on Atlanta and I look at next for secure either steal that gift or go to the pilot getting into apple. So we kits vicious if you're competitive white elephant gamer. Stay away so those people or be person number one open and are nervous about what this year and actually like not Atlantic yeah we went to the why is it out yeah that's likely why it's one outweighed any hints parity and god like he was probably 66. At the five or six. She at this Jane Orman stuffed animal that she not I mean she was squeezing it tight now. And a girl who lives item probably she's a teenager wanted that stuffed animal really pack. Music self possessed probably instead making it her best friendly flicks he was doing she. Stopped only unlike say one swipe your right out of her hands and I was like. And dozens of my degree. But that's it. One that's on been backed Mina put it once I start with like. Start it was like a league best you scratch off lottery tickets and rolling out was it was towards the and had that all public. I ended up with a bottle of hypnotic. I. Not yet I mean either but that's the bellows of a little bit Dana if you're gonna participate in the game began it whether your five. 85 sort urban in there and white. Alison is the cause it. That's what they insult to I don't know where the name comes from our associates the body if you say OK I'm gonna opt for. I gonna take you were Teddy bear via right now so do I who drew first get to pick and other. And other get after it it. Clinton argue with generally wreaking depict from the deck or you know make either pick from the pile of gifts. You open that gift in the nets yours now unless somebody trades with you put it could be booby prize to the next get you say it could be so it's kind of like price is right where you are brought behind door number watered down reversible yeah CDC it regularly gets on the outside you know Lisa around like a duck goose. And the key to pick from an unwrapped. Pile thing or you can steal someone's steal some person gets the pew pick when a middle Rick is everybody as a gift at all times right so yeah. You know our way empty handed but it's really bit it really shows the type of person you mark I mean here is the most gift giving spirit hello I love you with holiday high. I'm in Alison you're swiping gets from different people call us. Art is invited to. What you'll get the bottle of Absolut Vodka. All right so it got us like this. So was this third grade. Get swap but white elephant know in this is just an ideal stealing for girls other ways it is just a sweet. Bringing gifts class and. Agents of the fight over the vols are rules right got to follow the rules the gap but that's not. What's happening here today. Overall has been broken. City told the story about her daughter's. Secret Santa. Situation in her third class right. It was during the commercial break that you mentioned something where your your daughter broke rule and for that. And you step aside. Ago we're going juvenile court this morning all heard it. Is it just to know. Your payment. Yeah. There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between evaluation and criticism buddhism and are you would. Call. There and I'm sure it's. Don't every day do it all the time 45 times a day in your had. We just plays out enliven the radio you could judges. We're in juvenile court this morning if it weren't kitty court. From. San his daughters in the judgment zone Sandy's howl eight. Yeah 68 year old daughter is in the judgment zone because she broke the golden rule when it comes to. Secret Santa. Why so secret Santa. Everybody. Buys against fur of a random person or buys a gift for insane he's daughter's case the gender. Everybody exchanges gifts it's a way to exchange gifts are on holiday is just another way to buy each other stuff so would you do. It was only one rule. Don't go over the budget. And for going over the budget Natalie going over the budget but. Doubling the budget. Home I've learned is Danny's daughter. Are as old. Is now they youngest arbitrator to be in. The judgment zone is Cindy's daughter a jerk or justified for. Spending ten dollars on a secret Santa gift. On a five dollar secret Santa budgets. Court really catch hell you're putting in eight year old intern zone forward and going a little bit over the. Woman the letter from the teacher did say. Five dollars and bowl. An Internet think five the while. Analysts are. Five dollars and we're gonna all exchange. Lex had her heart set on this one items that she wants to get in I don't even know kind of ruin the surprise but it's it's something all the kids want. Any deed just compare who loses batter. I'll tell you it's a little squishy things. Yeah down a little bit doesn't it kind of bring you know a little kids you don't understand it I don't understand it until yesterday when we went to the store and apply it but it it's just squishy thing it's like memory foam really is went OK and you squish it and if it's a slow rising the slower it is to rise back up to its regular form the better this squishy. On my daughter. Foul and it. Best squishy days she said it's the her big squishy I'll be I'll give the coolest gift all whoever gets this kid is gonna be so excited been talking up this gift or. We snap right. So finally last night. Is that OK let's go get it let's check out our list let's go get it and we walk into the store and it winds ten dollars. And so that's double the teachers recommended spending and the gift. If I saw it to be recommending. You know that I was doubled the little. Generosity. She's so excited to see. It can't unwrap this gaffe. It's not teaching generosity. I feel wiggling her daughter circuits or yeah. An act it's you you're using air quotes and seen that app. It's your hands and you'll like this quote. Just jerk move because now she's setting the bar so high unknowingly. Unbeknownst that a bit of IDs that rock unbeknownst to the rest of the participants. Of the secret Santa. And now when the other kid gets a stack of pencils it's gonna make everybody else feel that. She's breaking the rules she's blowing through the budget. And rooting for everybody else I got to stick to the budget. Just like him isn't teaching her to do. It just do what it takes to make another person's smile this is the time of year of giving GM. I check man. I think that's justified. I don't see any reason why it's a gift is a gift is against I mean it wasn't like a it was like ten bitcoin. It was like a million dollars ritzy went a little bit overboard on a little bit double what eight year old knows what something costs. This is why justified. It's a wide rules what rules are set in place to be followed her own privacy 515 may be six dollars and has been good of you know you can. When price match and found it for five dollar some girls are not fighting a ten dollar item for ten dollars for five dollars somewhere else. She dull it's like you've got to get she's. She's a she's bragging she's boasting she's she's trying to be a show off she didn't think with their heart she thought with her ego it's. Not I didn't even began leaping up there when I saw that it was ten dollars of that. We're gonna make it can happy. It's our theory here either Jerry's question let's go the judgments onus on you vote jerk or justify attitude to buzz 2222899. Issue little jerk misses air quotes to be nice. Or she just justified gift as a gift teaching Basel us sitting here Rio. Here. Yeah. Well yeah. And trying to hurt. I know she does it all with a belt and no we don't know it's usually new and future you have been assured her. On my god it's Christmas alienated by the buzz jerk justified. You're and do you look at this English class. Colin hero but here it can't be here. I a gaping if you look at the bar as you're on the judgment smuggled out and it's Iowa is now all of this added. I'd sure I agree is only Jerker justified. I. Wrote in the back to its core I don't ask. I. They're now. And by the buys your judgment zone jerk or jobs statewide are. Yeah not a bite out what art is that it because there about the truth of what happened. Saturday cold and wanna. She needed to rescue the error occurring at all. Break your and I haven't asked. And you. So they'll and one at twenty dollar on cigarettes and your work and I spend fifty cents. It is it's it's it doesn't matter what the budget is the fiscal Austin fifty cents a pack gone there's my contribution but it's when he returns to seem to opposite ends of the Specter who did you buy as Jerker justified its phones high. While. The part. OK should be all about. Despair at a LPG. Act. Not under ten dollars. And those species in the polls. One other thing. Or are near. A. And our pretty. 52. I was is this is a jerk mode you call or church or case today air courts to judge you by his high buys on the judgments on is this little cute little innocent little. Earl Jerker justified not being biased. Right one hand you don't. Commit crimes I've never seen her this. I. It. Remembering. And you'll want to get them I'd power. Have I that's the beauty just so. Yeah you here's the deal. Criminal season you know criminal. And oh yeah the I different. Did you like me that leans like Gloria Allred of telling you re Lamar advisor in June Jones in zone is this public Jerker justified spending too much on the secrecy and again. A I'm so sorry. That she. That it is the public debate is objected to. It. I love those little squishy whatever and excuse to get excited. To makes. Oh. Out all of us the only yardage is you'd like to get me. Yeah isn't room mr. from the courtroom yeah we have wrapping paper it. Sprinkles and hit them. Buzz is the number for Jerker justify how does Eagles. Sprinkles candidates and yeah and Lhasa where we had a big turnaround for me no. If you ever since then you go over my. Social acceptance that they give it yeah it is going above and who died he knows that it was an outstanding judgments on comes back Monday and 99.