Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified Man tells kids there is no Santa

Tuesday, December 5th


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There are probably a lot of people. Yesterday driving and ray drive right there at the corner Antoine kinda felt extremely. Uncomfortable. By what they saw okay. And even by his presidency anyway this feeling good dude you. Could ask. I had to turn up the ratings so hold loudly in a. Hit the red light. Approaching the light and I'm like no please please state green at least not up not in Pakistan going for me Aaron so now I just have to sit there. In lifts seeing nick in watch this man. And I would. Michael please may turn up the radio because I am my eight year old in the car and wanting her to see her here. Or her. Any exposure to what this man was doing 00 was it illegal. Can I don't know what the laws are around this I don't thinks I own. On I don't know it was a well. Come on eight people. Must be wary when you have kids I don't know what that's like but I couldn't I can imagine being. Some I mean there are some things that I see I think if you're talk about the type of people are talking about but they pop up all usually on the weekend Sunday's mostly for some reason I noticed. At least in downtown area and whether either chanted about something and doing something that it could be uncomfortable if you had a kid in the car with you. Inning of trying to make an impact right they're trying to catch your attention but can we filter ourselves a little bit. It there could be kids around I don't like when people forget. How to filter themselves. When their skins. We usually have like. People like some times gather. Like Chris Christian G that will that stripped her there with us with two years ago civil war monument it's Washington square and think Parker may have. They had people. You see people there you know talk and things are here are trying to. The message out about stuff. It would be jailed. Hats off what you boss and he's a work. Thanks to walk to work every morning. Wells yet but 910. And there's always someone on the corner. Wouldn't you know. Trying to convince you to do something or don't do something. In and he just kind of like he just gonna have to like put the other way. You know passing we have right now isn't just what donor cell phones keep watch and yes that we. Kids are in the car. You know I think it was just to me are fine you know if it was just to me in the car. And it was just an adults only whenever I would be environments and have him do what he wants to do that's fine. But because there's so many kids around I mean we're talking. Now you know break their long con in bridge Robert by the mall Saturday at locate mine high traffic area absolutely. I mean it is a prime spot if you can do those guys could just every once in awhile you know the guy doing some amount that the same dire now but I was just insure. Especially this time of the year what he was. Shouting about chanting about. If anybody else saw him 222289. Time but it really made me feel uncomfortable almost to a point where I was so angry. I think I need to send to try. Gonna put this guy gets it and. Dimension is faster space and it's timeless tunes at a system. Between the valuation. Criticism doesn't early which we call. We didn't didn't judgments. Sandy has put some and in the judgment zone just dry and on the other day. It you know that blade and ridge road in a long time to make it mean if it. Something's broke that red light. Like felt like an eternity cast her head hit it if they'd had about as does say rather wait thank you for joining us secure turned out to be the jury. To to jerk it or justify it you tell me if I'm overreacting I don't know I think. And totally be overreacting in in. Super sensitive about this but I had my eight year old in the car with me and I think that's why I felt so uncomfortable watt by what this man was doing. So he was standing on the corner and he was older gentleman and he was pontificating. And shouting holding up a sign that says. Wanna know the truth about Christmas. The minute I saw that Simon does being on the good. Please light stay green nope it turned red in he was just talking about Santa Claus. Talking about geez this. Talking about how. There is no Siena buzz and shouldn't be all Jesus. And I was like well. I'm doesn't mummy what she did it and using with T do I crane the radio item. Among blacks that. Yeah but. I'm Diana. Whom. That's it that's it excuse that it's opened up up he was gonna have his pants around his ankles and doing something like. Naughty naughty like a demon he said your kid was exposed to something like this I thought it was gonna be something like that. He just was going on about Jesus Christ. No she doesn't believe in Santa. In no one else should either. Powell or imaging to did to a child. To the front in my eyes yeah I've got if I was on the jury I vote jerk. The asked totally. Soldier. I mean. He wasn't should animal. I'm really justified you to let you be a unjustified because. I wanna say he's not wrong because that bit everybody has her own beliefs but. There are plenty of people who think the way he thinks and just because I mean he was going to a school and doing it. He was a lot you pretty much still not outer window and doing it was on a bit of public area where there's plenty of adults to. Yes but he pretty it was like he was in a school I mean how many kids are exposed to what he was doing a lot in it. I his goal was to make everybody feel uncomfortable and I applaud you sir you really did because I felt very uncomfortable and they're team Korea I accept that he would do. Don't have anybody you know meet the everybody's got the right to say were they want. When you push it on me and I and I'm trapped in it. Then that's when you turn into Richard it will heat trapping the red light trapped yeah he's just doing his thing. Where he thinks it's okay to do an active account and does anything illegal with that that is holiday crushing. That is spirit crushing when you see what some people feel that feel that it Jesus Christ is overlooked on Christmas that's also soul crushing and he felt that. Way religious. You know Lex had her first communion only is going through her confirmation email about Jesus we have moved the figure greens in the how most is the baby Jesus yeah. Animals in the Manger an idea in that three wise men with one is missing an arm I don't know what happened to address to a half classmen and the angels missing her way I don't know evident that but. I'll I'll. Religious beliefs in our house to. CL I really Santa Claus figurines missing any limbs probably not. About health on the shelf Luongo. I used the jury to Dubai is on this judgment zone is. The Santa did assert jerk or justified. Due due to biased or other guy's a jerk. Chaired justified to do 22899. Year the jury. Bear. But it. Well. More than one we have to keep our commercial. Christmas opinions and spread about everybody everybody shove sanded down people's throats what's the difference on the other and. Now it. There outright et Al right. Gold visit Santa Claus take a picture with Santa Claus Santa Claus coming to town but we don't want to come to town and good things. Yeah I'm out there and I think you have a huge smoking. Heat is telling me children and there is no such thing as Santa Claus oh Jerker justified jerk that's just one way to look at he is protesting what he feels is important to him he's not getting in the face. He standing on a highway we want our lives. Just for the children have been running him over he doesn't do arrange this might be a slam dunk today it's too did you buzz your the jury you deciding. Just inside. There you heard loud and clear. That I had. Not about panic button over commercialized as much bigger in February. Yeah appeared nervous about it being over commercialized again it then sit on the corner in in recent eight. Scenes from Charlie Brown Christmas he does eyebrow as a commercialized. That's part of you that is too commercialized. Hold the ground. Sure outs from a street corner there is no saint it just acts. Apparently they're not all you don't and. Cool I'm telling themselves pantomime. I had a straight guy. And oh my god juror or justified we got a voting for justified to 222899. Is this guy jerk and I get mural in the car are good at what do you do. I just turned up the radio really loud and I you know what's deal. He didn't put your goal year old in the car I mean he's he's not maybe he's not specifically talkative children maybe he actually knows and in that acknowledges it was also adults in this world too and I'm just kids. Maybe he should look at the car make sure he's not running any kids 222 byes to the jerk or justified you're on the jury Jerker justified. The young side and and you're you're you're going to believe in another imaginary person instead of an older may Eric Burke at all or crap just. On 34 street now many movie. Good movie to have imaginary like pretending to be something else. I let's yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't know honey and all of a bunch of crap that all of my belief in open might bite me and bettering your book yeah. This is heartbreaking. How do you make her keep this heavier and apply hey you're happy you jerk. How did a devastating for a child's. Cop because kids look up to adults and in in May see adults as you now. That O'Malley but you know and look up to what they steady wind is older guy which I teach my children respect your elderly Amy no more there miser now I get is old guy saying and don't believe in Santa he would. It's a tough one right. Hung jury if I as it yet already licensed with our votes and the votes from a the jury were Hong cell now were still in back to justify who gets the who gets the closing state. If this becomes justified it. Can Christmas is canceled I'm serious you cannot get on the side of the road and scream at cars anger is no Santa Claus it's and it doesn't exist just can't I believe in two. 222299. But it can't do that the Jerker justified the jury out. Journal thank you go through these thank you I'd I'd advise jerk or justified. Are all I'm saying yeah and more itemize Jerker justifies its. Jarrett. I'll Y 11. Out in their eyes ears and at one. Yeah. I yeah. You. Said. Albert asks what are who you know one is don't ever. They are. There is Asean's you know it I know to be to all NAFTA Christmas spirit is alive for celebrating more than just Santa but yet we are also celebrating sands the most. And zero C congratulations we have we have a verdict sheriff Joseph. Yeah. Since then gets back tomorrow the judgments are right here on the most.