Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified Leaving price tag on an expensive gift

Monday, November 13th


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Humbled really doesn't exist anymore as far as I'm concerned that with FaceBook in its social media and all as validation in the whole world. Being or knowing someone who is humble. Is super rare isn't it had a great time at the guilders club on event on Saturday. The art's unique opportunity heroes ball. There's a conversation at the table. Should he be do the polio the puppy dog like our. I think. It's every man the buzz by the way and that went well we're raise a lot of money but tons wants tens of thousands of dollars short. On. But speaking of money. When you go to your Thanksgiving this year or if your host. When people come to your house. Everybody kind of bring something right whether its a dish. Or. Something for the host or maybe even a bottle line. Right now what is did do is always a budget for the bottle line of gift it will but. And unless you're OK let's they'll loyalists are lying person I would atom all the difference between. A ninety dollar bottle line or an eight dollar bottle wine them and others the goat too is that my girl forgets he gets the end of the wood bridge over the guilt. Act now I don't either I really don't feel bad that you not. If you lined up a glasses. A point two glasses of wine. Instead pick out the ninety dollar all you need a good taste as Stephen I'm talking to label test I don't know who if there is. It somewhere between yellow tail it's a big island you know I can even name inexpensive one but it besides yellow pill basically and up. Four bottles like you said and one's a hundred dollars one's twelve. I don't know that if I don't think I think it's safe to say a lot of us have no idea yeah you're right unless your complete wine snob true and Amy next burnt toast you know loving way. In other ones that that has then have the that that little wired crisscross around like chicken wire the Coppola. That would seem more expensive I don't know of one even though yeah Mike that's pretty more expensive you know but other than that here's re still. You wanna be. If you wanna be. Good gift giver and you wanna be a good line differ as a gift. What if there was a way for everyone to know exactly how much. You spent on the wine was out act saying it out loud without saying here's here's an 89 dollar bottle wine thanks for having me yeah. Appreciate those bottle someone told the story at the table up Eagles club event on Saturday that. Not insured. That the house that they went to the host and all the guests who knew how much. Money they spent on a bottle wine hidden. And for what they did. This person. Today. As one way ticket. To. I didn't bow. Good to ensure that their party guests for their cope party errors knew how much the wind was. There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the valuation. Criticism. Between common sense and we. And it lost. Does have some of the this is the solution in Obama. We call. We didn't didn't show it's. It's all about the line that he spent about your money on a good bottle flying. Been brought to Thanksgiving would you do something. To ensure that everybody knew exactly how much is spent to pick and that why. Are you not brave enough beds as evidence Andy we're in the judgments on where you pick up the phone and you see the jury 222 applies. K prosecutor presented case sold. I heard a story that over the weekend where it. There's a guy who likes to buy expensive line and he likes to buy it for himself. And four other people when he goes to a party like Thanksgiving dinner let's say he's an aficionado Bret. But every time he brings. An expensive bottle while we're talking like over fifty dollars. To a party keep purposely. Leaves the price tag on it at all the clearest day. On the bottle so everybody knows exactly how much you spent that it bought it 85 dollar bottle wine is 6510. Dollar bottle. This didn't cheer for doing that or is he justified. For leaving the price tag all of bottled watt. You're lying if you say if anybody says he's the chair. You come you are lying because we used spend a lot of money on something. I'll own up to it vice a lot of money on something that. I'm not sure if you're gonna appreciate the value of it. And a accidentally delete everything got that step and. Justified and it's a jerk move like it here it is at once says two things one. I'm better than you numbered all eyes how much unbeaten at the right. Number two. It says. I may not only and that the U I can afford this and you should appreciate me more I didn't think of it and I just out of it is I want you to know the value of that like how good. Of one missive accuse everybody shows up with sound that rain and chilly. I will confess I have done this job. My husband out to the store if we're invited to a party now we usually post Thanksgiving so I can't you know and never been to someone else's house for Thanksgiving specifically my. For a holiday party yes. And my husband will run to did that this store and get wine. I'm expecting him to come back with 1499. Tops. Yeah he is back with like a fifty dollar bottle of why should I know my friends they don't appreciate. That doesn't mean I know he just tell wine in their system they don't care what kind of line and is writing blank. First and and kill you for spending fifty dollars unwind for a friend that does it really appreciate that. You better either leave the priest got it or some how dropping it in the comfort think she should but that's really expense of why my. My 81 C validation is dean and they don't put it would be other bottle of yellow tail cheap goal line. I want to give the credit. It's very hard for me to spend a lot of money and things I want to get credit when I do. If you buy a nice justified expensive bottle of wine and you'd take it to somebody's house. I mean if it's arranger and it's like people during keg stands. Probably dumb of you in the first place to do so but if you bring it around for people are. Fairly thanks knowledgeable like at Thanksgiving would be the perfect place to bring in decent. Blake wondered what because look at. You're not gonna get a fifty dollar Boller flip flop okay that doesn't exist cupcake a case he is fifty dollars again. Right so. What I'm saying is when you bring a bottle of chateau on the way as of the bush who was in the ball on the idea from my English. Then people be like whoa what's that that's when you tell the story. You have ever seen how much cost but if you put if you leave the sticker. On that I don't care either it's Christmas gift your jerk in jerk I I vote jerk on Jerker justified to to to buzz you're the jury. You say. Justified completely just want to one look at perjury at 2222899. 222 by the side Jerker justified and. Materialistic in respect. Didn't tell harsh you have to declare your here and there. The governor jerk it back Islam by the buzz Jerker justified. It's a really justify it. Under the weight people aren't there always are being in a unit of bright idealistic bit of the I don't at all he brought that you've worn again. That's deploy it is not. Assume that I'm gonna bring the cheap wine I want mine to CNN Atlanta new new oh good that I just care about you know I I and I spent money on your car. You did you it's the judgments on but I am dead and it's a worst judge or you can actually expect I mean. Would you wanna be judged like dance. Right now jerk and justified hung jury by the buys Jerker justified. I don't hear them in oh. Yeah frontier. So you can show off it's just silly thing dole how expensive the wind is that everybody understands the value of a good bottle of. Yeah you're showing on. Yeah. I had a juror just decide which one is it. And it. The buzz Jerker justified tiebreaker. I. In the old days I spent my. Verdict it's. Dragged believable. Is Robert. If you did about the Thanksgiving with the president on an expensive well. That's that's a good justifying her. Nothing else. Yes they are.