Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified Konya bringing his own meal to the party

Thursday, December 7th


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Yeah has been yemen's inning and the buzz good morning 99 to buy this new kid. Bad isn't my idea and no it that bad idea. You're a person like I am and grew up in a Stanley where. There wasn't very many traditions at least traditions that are set in stone there's no waiver whatsoever and you would do something like this. It's fine yeah I only adding to the value of some of the party. You know we're talking about their feast of the seven fishes for Christmas Eve last very Kim you know big people everybody's getting together you know it's a lot of times. Christmas Eve is almost bigger and Christmas Day because as the most of the filming you do your meant Christmas Day you know everybody goes off to get kids into in this area be at home for Santa and all that stuff. So I ERR series why he became do we org. My girlfriend Stanley I guess the traditionally since I've been around for a whole two years Lola. Arm. Is on Christmas Eve is to have only appetizers. And now guys getting beat and the big guy like 260 pounds. And it's just not enough just appetizers you know bullet Chilean. And you know celery and ran stressed saying and. Yes meaning meat balls and stuff like that if you went to fill your tummy there's other ways to do it your idea. A what you want to deal on Chris deceive. Is ludicrous. Oak mine. That sounds like it's offense how can beats it once you just slap in my future mother on the face how this is all over at year. Girlfriend's parents right. You know the three sisters. From their kids. An hour from an army people toll thing. A quick count probably look and listen no less than one. Oh aria. It is an audience that are even you know why it's a better reason as opposed crazy kid knows I can only so many little Swedish people things there. The April toothpicks. Way that you aren't this is this is wrong and so many levels there but especially become manager only the boyfriend. You are having even achieved family status yeah. So you're still friends also before before I can contribute. To this party yet I have to buy had to spend ten dollars honoring an act that's a good night. Now yeah. You hear it's makes suggestions. Of altering their tradition there saying only trip to that and you suggest he doesn't know he doesn't have to make a suggestion that should be sad to add to the party. Actually. A tradition when you're not family he's he's pretty much families. Now. Him he picks is there stuff. Yeah takes care of the ball accurately it's like it it's like a recipe right who wants to add a new ingredient like many on the new ingredient on the Patrick yeah yeah the rest of did you sit on the top that you can take it or leave it yeah. He's he's more like. He says the more like the dice scallions on top of Chile kind of guy Percy yeah. Understand them say no you can just yep wipe it off but how delay issues are dice scallions on top of actually just figured that. It in ads and do it Ali Abdullah and his attitude contribution. I say we need to take this on the judgments now. Iran you know now risk on you after what you wanted zero for how you want it would just. Christmas Eve traditions at your girlfriend's family's house you my friend are taking in the stand you're going to be untried and an easy one yeah I agree it's. There was no. Dimension is faster space and as timeless as infinity. Since the middle ground between the evaluation and criticism. Are you which we call. All didn't. Sure it's. Crimea. Six. I'm the stand right to understand that and has since it's. Good to be sentenced. We play Chris cronje in the judgment zone you're the jury. And to teach you violence is ridiculous if you're the only way to remain open and shut case. I would let me present the case then and you be the journey and you decide to. Chris Cunningham says that he is invited every year. To his girlfriend of two years family Christmas Eve holiday party tradition. At merit it's mother's house now you said they only have appetizers right right it says. In a Swedish meatballs and and chill the and like you know the big vegetable tray and stuff like that ring and do. Walk away with your tummy still all my god it's it's just. Yeah. All day or so your playing and this year. You're adamant in Sammy you wanna do what. Cirque sold moves this is a lot Trent Lott but I just I'm just simply going to bring in contract going to make. Lasagna. And bring him to cook in the oven yes Greta do you of course it's great idea. But he stepping and then you can lead the left overs so they can have and sandwiches. At the next day. A great idea. You are going to. Bring lasagna truck. And use her into cooked ham. I mean tonight is in the of and obviously when for the past. Thirty years they've been doing just appetizers. From what I understand shark and you're gonna just. Well you're tired you're justified bringing it to you your honor we are justified the member of the family and you're adding different dimension. That's were that's that's. Definitely is a recipe and the new ingredient beanie and at a family yet. By the way you're still the boyfriend junket don't get too deep into Baghdad. United unanimous circle atrocity but if you're there at body. It it's a slap in the face to her mother saying hey you don't throw a very good party let me show you how to hold by the way I'm twenty years old and on the new boyfriend. What if her meatballs. Or or germs out there are meatballs are that's always meatballs on but is it I can't. Her meatballs. That's the star of the shall. What if her meat balls are the stars of what is her meatballs are the seemly tradition passed down and I have played a role in this day Ellison in your are we bringing. Offhand but you know elegant and look at Cunningham or whatever you buy into a spiral cut and Elena a little bone in the middle of the bomb and anyone of your hand. Out shines. What is supposed to be the start shallow when you know that's the way the cards fall. Yes I see yeah it's been justified you to bring you can bring the country to bring the ham that this is more for everybody the only people. In 1980 absolutely sure absolutely I mean you know you don't know about everybody else may not say anything about being still hungry they're just polite. So you could actually be satisfying a lot of that crowd it's not by adding key entry African. She when she doesn't lineman to at the party is everything it has it has you know there's a card game there's jokes there's little president signal because some people don't see certain people. Are an actual Christmas it just needs a little something else and that little something else is where I come. With the lasagna and the ham. If you're the jury and you are calling this a juju to buy this you are the jury not if you are the jury call us now Jerker justified IC justified your fine completely justified standing there. Mean Jared Cook it. It's so everybody likes food out badly for more food shows I thank you for the invite now can you cook this please think about one person Rogers who's gonna to amateur besides you president your birthday. A logical major without. Maximum repercussions and you don't know now to do to buy is make it so make it so 2222899. On the judgment zona that he and the bus or take this only injure all right here's your first jerk hello good morning guys Jerker justify what's going on. Were you surprised a little lanes. And logical line. And change it up Laura Berry trying to Europe Africa. And systems yeah club. Yeah. I know Goodell let the. Boyfriend use her up if you excusing the you don't have to sit there and title in order to make the oven happened you turn on throwing in all of. It's yeah. It's like you never hosted a party you know she's gonna have to hover over the stove to make sure coaxed right you don't know which are doing. To do Morris thank you sure anyone justify the higher the buzz is huge market justified. Jerk. You know a lot of credit hour. I don't know why did you just what you said don't bring the whole meal to a party won a whole meal at a party. Only appetite Matt I. Think human rights not sanity all right itemize jerk or justified. YE. Why do you in Oklahoma despite edit you're worried about not having an empty eat. Or you go you and outposts. I was looking far it is insulting if you okay line up at her. I loved to cook and if you brought a lasagna or handle the party I would actually welcome more than you have on there in the in the I'll slogan. Hi Jerker justified. Geary got that kind. In practice and he's telling them you Ali you're here he of their. Started this whole time on short Iraq. Right the host club and a holiday the posters. Are out there and he now by the by has Jirga justified. Okay that's an easy easy native of everybody wants our vote it's it's the holidays. I repeat it maybe not oh environment but I didn't want the other not object. At the consideration. I don't I don't think ham because you have a lot of stories and Sam urges him it's the judgments are on the rise of the Jerker justified. Picture. Ways that you do you recall. Now right yeah. Read it. Sounds yeah. Seemingly happy or you got it there. I. Al outs yeah. Or Utah or get rid of our party app there. Are all out. Why here. It. Yeah you pretty much telling her mom you don't know what you're doing. Thank you for call her judgment on the buzz by the buzz Jerker justified. We are writing then did he won. I don't get it if I don't understand why somebody would say it's just decide to make them host cook and a day she doesn't by the buys circuit justified. Oh I can about accusation that's is happening and it's a hit. Hit the bar as you're on the judgments on Jerker justified. It all. Again and all these people hands salesman maybe that's a. Lasagna notice. Yeah I noticed the only route as though most loving wonderful heard and cheap anyway. You are. Are you sure that her meat balls aren't the star of the show and I'm just trying to do like a stage anything else. And you know my current you can put him in a crock pot. And lake could be warming up through there though he Carty cannot be used her honor. Kind of hard means it really jerk because money used online order. I don't care and yeah. It are you. Thank you very. And we did we get close enough for a hung jury. I. The news also look at her. The social norm that it you're going to a party with appetizers only you could bring an ultra. Just how. You're younger than him are happily. Judge it's all in the games tomorrow morning runs they've done here I'm 98 now.