Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified Holding up the line to talk to a friend

Friday, November 17th


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It's come home. Start to feel like. Season an hour ahead in the all the warmth and and being around people involved once and cousins and Alex grateful. All know that with this time of the year with the holiday shopping time comes a lot of stress right would you agree with that. Now bullets this just as stressful as much to do its work did but there's so much to do the right room. So what if someone in your life. Added even more stress to hedge how would you feel about that person. I economic children. Who has had been it did it. How would you feel about their purse. May get why you aren't just well. You don't have enough time in the day during the normal time a year to get stuff done. And this time of year it's even worse. That would hear whether you're shopping. Half and half online in in the NC in the store whatever. It's a pain. You know it not pain but it's like it's little busier extra care. Extra lines in the storks of Bristol and it's in time and web sites are crashing because everybody is doing at the same time. So. It's obvious or going here muscle just do it now Scott. Save our government to pass judgment. What's your size mommy how we're getting this. Jumpsuit please select an orange and I know that we had that establishes the public at all. An eyewitness to the stand you destructive and to judge in zone someone saw sandy. I committing a crime yet. Recently. Mike I did a traffic director and say in my you're a man. Good get just taking a little break from you know reporting near accidents and stuff like that pound guys stand now. The near accident sounds pretty it's pretty bad but. What's even worse is something else you saw recently please take the stand up until the court he's got Michael -- what you witnessed lately I just. I ran in the same media today. And storing Greece brand from someone. Recognized her as. As she was checking now. In the line was. Extremely line I mean it was it was like a fifteen minute wait I. I'm not this. Or at all you know sorry saying he's checking now and this person. Recognize her and hugs and kisses against movie this. So. You know I just it added to the flanks that time. We're. He wasn't a horrible nobody just you know I've. And Elaine for fifteen minutes and then. I feel like he's exaggerating. Sustain oh. You're going. And then the person. I knew that you know seeing that same person and then that delayed me even more as they wanted to get into it now. And trials Fuller giving out hot sandy waters is in the judgment zone. For. Pulled up the line and he's actually held the line right that the fact. This is the worst time of year I may have held up the line okay that's yet RD it and not even realize and recognize is a bunch of people. Behind you tamper their well well what their hand and their way. A second why 9 July Michael Baldwin is and but I am still Joseph Jackson got eyewitness. It. Still justify. I have good reasoning for. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity yeah. Valuation and criticism yeah. Which we call didn't. Show us. Candy orange is the new black you look wonderful. Maybe I'd advise you get a steady in the judgment zones every waters once again. In the hot. I seats to be sure Turk due to do us part. How selfish you. To take your personal relationship and put it away above the 35 people behind you how to area especially he's shopping time you know holidays. As. Exactly who went to do it. You should beat you should just know I'm going to the smaller I'm gonna pick up something and just be in the mood of the holidays be happy. There's not can get me down when I go to the mile. Along this line. Ever an app I love it you wanna see. He's seen people like to beat each other up on black Fridays this could have happened to you don't have enough holiday cheer aligned terrorist. We are your teacher your mind 910. Yes hey advised. Should the line could you hold. Align its high stress time this is the time you know those twelve gains of Christmas we go to all the time it's already started. Yeah well I I understand completely. However. There are two and I think we are waiting to see your number and this is the most I wonder but I don't eager wherever expressions. And EU. He had bendable and set all your computers and I don't usually. Not be ready each year as this thing is that you're all racial person he's beaten and unique people. Spots now are examining Ireland since that's been able to. I ask. I mean Kathy. At marshalls is the sweetest woman in the world and we have notre since I started. In radio that long ago off course stopping giver hotly little line here your love and Kathy your affecting 3540 other people to now. Lover afterwards kubert Kong when she's off word you want to justify. You have brought up. When you go travel for Thanksgiving actually you know stop for a ticket that mobile operator get our car. It's a mile. Yellow Emma that's running your her you know when you go to marshals they did that sound good. I just off to ray yeah it was. Register five but the woman was at register one and she noticed me so I kind of. Skewed all of the way to register when you hear a lot to Iran you're trusting eyes I didn't hire during the judging soon you can't hold the line up Jerker justified at 2222899. By the buzz. Our homeland guide app. The F beanie here aren't real bright that avalanche started issue didn't stop to say hello you'd still be in the dirt Rendell that Spain hello. You need to say hello to everybody you know during the amnesty to an end or victory in your. And when your playlist look like Lionel Richie and Adele because the whole lowest. By art. By the buzz is any Jerker justified. She's. Men are just low and listened to the lows against everybody loves each other so we know what line you're not going to be insular. How many need that you should be happy that you're out. You have to wait why am I don't I don't do it. Why the buzz jerk or justified. I know but I. You still talked. I'm popular or she is all done and I don't. People like Eric you know now that I'm a little. Yeah but but I'm standing in line behind you I have to pee your. That what you don't just just CP or later you're busy. Now island again and she's cut Connor give me a hug I will give you now chat line you out of line for being in line up. You can do bars let's go to the next and I Jerker or justified. He is people went let me add. Yeah. I'll Barrett and football and out of the moment. That people get out and men at that they're yeah but they could be darn it. You've got way too many bigger problem in your. Really you and putting me trafford giving someone a hog know when slugger cry nothing learned in the heart. And you Mary. NASCAR do you Weinstein. That connect to hide some. This is mere declaration and believe that we have a verdict yeah unfortunately as we do. These are looking at this world the verdict says that in a social setting if someone is holding up the line for giving me cashier hunger is look at this season. There completely justified. And started to yeah Monday night same time here.