Judgment Zone- Jerk or Justified Giving a free gift for Christmas

Friday, December 8th


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There was no. Dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the evaluation and criticism. Are you which we. All but didn't. Sure it's. When you give a gift or Christmas. A lot of value goes into it right a lot of time to move whether it's a dollar per thousand dollars. While spending money on gifts right. So what's the sales doing. What a lot of people do do. Has landed him in the judgment sudden. Seventeen shopping days till Christmas by the way I'm ready now and the buzz is in and significantly putting the Germans on for something. So amazing so special so thoughtful. That I'm driving out to Dalai ago casino to get a MacKenzie Childs. Christmas ornament for free yeah I mean while supplies last so you're going to get it I got an email invited me up to get it. Is the person slash is now a Jerker justified when they pass off like something they got for free. At no cost of them. As a gift for the holidays are Christmas. Did didn't. It didn't matter. That it's his wife does that make it any different. Ours that enhances its char but. They hit an enhanced the severity in your eyes. Is when you give your spouse or those who are closest to you something free is aghast. That makes it worse in your eyes. Yet that does does does everything get them. Generally speaking if you have a life he beats her sister maybe it's someone close to tune in your significant other could but generally speaking because that's what were ruling here for society where figure out the soulful norm of this situation and giving something Uga for freedom. As as a gift. Here's why figured your. We'll check it's this expensive. Thing. A McKenzie child ornament is probably a cup probably expensive or at least it looks expensive. Or it's got the look it's got the MacKenzie Childs one right you sell your wife's going to think he spent a lot of money on it. You're getting a free pass. That's right it doesn't matter again it's how. No no it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it's MacKenzie Childs ads of the collection we already have an ornament on the tree from like last year. So why keep this up as a tradition and then this is an opportunity get. Another Christmas ornament little different it's exclusive. Why not. I might have to decide what's happened here Kanye total U I think it's justified. I see you as of right. Do you need it. To spend a lot of money if I were to give you would get to where is it wouldn't only be thoughtful if I spent a lot of money. Lot of money now some money yes whether it's money on the materials to make it that just may not anecdote that's fine. But to spend zero dollars. And pretend. Or maybe a baby epidemic and take that back who. Omit the fact that it was for free. That's just downright wrong way and is anyone say that hey. I spent 78 dollars on idol Carrie Christian theology is fine so yes and no funds don't used coupons kind of forget for eagle coupon three yes three is wrong if it's three for is that Q is that it is the kicker object. Absolutely free zero dollars weak argument child my caddie Eric goes out of our. Our we have to justify Wright's guy and I say justified in and Tonya is seen as standalone bright now. With the juror but you are the official juries so we need to get a pool of jurors 2222899. The buzz. Jerk or justified. Actually happen but I think you can cut in the I. Personal letter I don't or. Won't I've got on it that ultimately. Apple won't act or not. It's a warm kind and I have to go stand in line at the drive you know importance urged use. This is not a. And aren't even if it gets cost more than this in the getting the materials and so this is ridiculous. I don't I don't think I am a holiday. That. About they're giving it an unappealing and and don't you Libya. It doesn't matter we lost a long time ago is on commercializing Christmas there's no way we're gonna pay back thank her testified thank you. As jerk or just a side. Kept up I. Not story. Hillary piece that you can you know get the Riordan thank. And when he did purchased or something else commit at the track. Out Egypt that they did it get you ordered it and ample. Yeah I did tell us setting comes this slow yeah. I millionaire. I'm just in the in his life. I think she really well. And air or is that the. Let's just put it this way I might dig down remarks that were new machine ever make any money and we know he's an answer finish. Think you don't buy you still get all that weight at her and she truly on yeah. Yeah. But we also supposedly. We do it but not account. Thank you yeah justify. Uncut guys your outlook isn't so far. It's early it's I'm not I'm not worried. Think people realize that this is a jerk move it's a justified move. MacKenzie Childs here and the rest of the jury you are calling up 2222899. Days missed as an aisle a jerk for passing off. A free gift to his wife or is he justified hot buzz dirt but right now my god it's. You give us a techie. And. We're there route Mitt. You didn't do it taught you mom. But it's still kind of there that's a rules on how hard it regard them probably twenty years thirty bark and yeah the blow. If. Is that had committed on the hair tomb raiding the prize closet on the east or TP XY yeah how. Is yet PXY stuff absolutely main street in a way he's got gives kids loved it is perfectly. In her. The PX shirt by the buzz dirt or justified. People there and if I feel like we need closing arguments. I can't keep up yeah exempted flags and thank you. With joy still not worried people will see that this is a jerk move ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Wanna make it clear that. Yes you are ruling for the people who give gifts for when you do give gifts and maybe this seems like the easy way out to go. And get something for free. Media wins something at bingo or maybe you win a raffle at a spaghetti dinner. And pass a lot as it gets fine if it checks of the populist easily this year but don't forget. What goes around comes around we also received gets. And by making this socially acceptable to get something for free. You are in turn screw yourself. Cell please role in the favor of jerk for all gift giving and receiving. For all eternity. To. The phones are lit period purely. Jerker justified on the judgments on guys. But the buzzer to justified. Or not. But it might cut the buzz Jerker justified. Or time. Jerk. Just 20 I don't wanna think from an adult and he'll take anything I. Good to get David yeah. That justified a. Well I'm gonna portraiture is do you think doubt. Who would get them. When I mean no it wasn't it is from is it that you got a letter I guess if I'm out there on yeah I'll read your bureau right here re gifting it. You feel great yeah. Supplied. Yeah. But as a program it is yeah it doesn't take much. Bless us everyone I'm Chris Smith stated that it shows. From now on to it a few minutes on the periphery he could pass left to give them what they. You know why would. My luck to give up their goods sold out that it's got him guards said he would begin Monday morning our judges saw them about.